The Chukulakans are a race of echinodermic organisms native to the planet Cha-roth in the NGC 4725 galaxy and are part of the Cooperative Triple Alliance.


As said before, the Chukulakans resemble starfish, having five limbs, four eyes on the central part of their body and a beak-like mouth beneath it.

They have a flat-disk shaped brain in the middle of their bodies which connected a more complex nervous system that stretches across their bodies, sort of acting as a secondary brain. Their stomachs are also quote small so they can only take in a certain amount of food which is why squally grind it into a fine paste so it can be easier to consume.


Chukulakan culture is quite uniform as they all seem to have the same beliefs and ideologies. While not particularly religious, some do perform a cermemonial dance when the second sun comes into view. This “dance” was performed by their ancestors whenever the second sun risen as they believed it was evil and did the dance to protect themselves from it. This belief has long since died out but some still perform it for traditions’s sake.

Something they do admire is simplicity as nearly all their architecture and technology is simply designed. For example, their ”towns” or “communities“ have small cyclindrical and dome-shaped buildings although despite their simplistic design, they are built to withstand any passing storm.The same can be said for their ships as they are disc-shaped and featureless, being a dark bluish-purple colour.


The Chukulakans started out as Starfish-like creatures, aimlessly crawling along the sea floor until finally coming onto the Chukul continent which led to the name of their species. Gradually they became more intelligent, forming their own tribes in caves and creating a religion centred around the two suns, believing the brightest one to be good and the dimmer one to be evil.

Overtime they abandoned this belief once they started to expand beyond Chukul, exploring other continents and settling them, becoming more technological in the process, building small communities.

They were soon discovered by the Krin and the Oneru who were conducting a survey of nearby habitable worlds, being quite surprised to find how intelligent the Chukulakans seemed. Contact was made not long after which led to the Cooperative Triple Alliance being created.

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