Cinesra is a WArSt (warm arid superterra) class planet located within the Etile system. It is named after the Sreppari word for "dusty sky".


Cinesra is a barren sandy wasteland. Mountain ranges dot the regions, along with metallic ruins. These ruins appear to be the leftovers of massive cities left over from a past civilization. It is unknown what prompted the owners to leave, rather it be anthropogenic disaster or nuclear war, or perhaps the rapid expansion of the system's home star. Whatever happened, the planet is now completely inhospitable to life. The night side is frozen, cold enough for the various sulfur compounds in the atmosphere to condense into various ponds and lakes of acid. It can even get cold enough for it to convert to sulfuric ice.


Climate is typically fair and has little variation. The tidal locking keeps the sun baking down on the planet's surface, and rising air creates a gentle cyclone covering the entire day hemisphere. Hot air rushing in from the day side mixes with the cold, high pressure air of the night side, creating dramatic thunderstorms all across the night side. Acid rain and storm surges creates a hostile environment of sulfur and lightning across the frozen hemisphere.


Across the planet, a network of buildings and skyscrapers forms a picture of a past civilization. It appears they were called the Cinesrians, and were on the verge of coming a type 1 civilization. They had outposts on other worlds within their system, but it seems a combined disaster of war between various factions and the expanse of their sun prompted them their end approximately 554 million years ago.

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