Cloderia (also knows as Vul'Eta) is a cold E-type planet and the homeworld of the technologically advanced and highly spiritual Sana civilization. It is located in the Celestara binary system, in the Negamane (RG 0-0-0-520) galaxy.


This mildly cold exoplanet is home to the Sana species, a marine/terrestrial hybrid race. They live in a perfectly harmonious society, led by Ash'tra uv'Eesars, Cloderian for «Matriarchs/Patriarchs Of The Stars», where Ash means «Matriarchs/Patriarchs», 'tra means «Of», uv' means «The» and Eesars means «Stars». Every 50th year (Earth years), four new Ash are chosen to lead the world. For one to become Asha (singular for Ash), one must have been born during the same hour and date, but not the same year, as a previous Asha and take a test not yet revealed to the public.

Albeit its cold climate and tidal locked rotation period, life has flourished, even into sentience.

The planet's civilization is a member of the Alliance Of Four, an interplanetary union between the four civilized planets of Celestara. All members are Type II civilizations and have colonized large portions of the galaxy.


Being both marine and terrestrial, the Sana civilization has built cities both under the ocean and on land. Huge domed cities dot the ocean floor, while skyscrapers and multi-leveled cities populate the surface.

From the tallest peak on the planet, Ges'tra Ash (Temple Of Matriarchs/Patriarchs), the Ash leads the harmonious society forward.

As members of the Alliance Of Four, tourism is common and a part of the planet's community. There are cirka 200 million tourists a month!


The Sana civilization populates both the sea floor and surface.

Multi-leveled cities

On the surface, tall skyscrapers and multi-leveled cities rise high into the skies. These cities are usually divided into several districts; subterranean districts (level 1-2), trade and marketing exclusive districts (level 3-5), upper districts (level 6-8) and sky districts (level 9-12). The cities are powered by solar energy sent from orbital solar converters that picks up sunlight directly from the suns and converts it to energy. While cities on the dayside of the planet can function to a degree without the solar converters, as long as it's not rainy or a solar eclipse, the cities on the nightside relies solely on the solar converters, as the sun never shines on that side. The surface cities have a transit system that can transport citizens from one side of the planet to another in under two hours through huge subterranean transit systems.

Underwater domed cities

On the ocean floor lies huge domed cities. These cities can be tall, but not as tall as surface cities, as they have a max level of 3-4 levels only. The domes are of incredibly strong glass, able to withstand tremendous impacts. The cities are powered by power converters that are connected to solar power plants on the surface and also by huge water converters in the ocean. Submarine shuttles transport people between the domes, while citizens from the surface can take subterranean transports to the cities closest to the surface and then a submarine shuttle from there to reach the deeper cities.


The civilization's culture is based on spirituality and unity. A planet free from discrimination and labeling, all people from all cultures and species feel welcome here.

The Sana people are very fond of interplanetary trading and alien artifacts, donating huge amounts of money to archeological excavations and corporations on other worlds.

Music and costume arrangements are also a huge part of Sana's culture.


Cloderia has one natural satellite, the temperate asteroid Sarkonia. It also has many artificial satellites, the most famous being Kesi Valu (Solar Wanderer). Like Earth's Hubble , Kesi Valu observes and takes high quality pictures of the universe.


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