The Clospet are a feloidea species and inhabitants of Belef.

Physical Description

They are a feloidea species with four limbs which they primarily use for walking. However, if necessary, they can walk upright like bipedal beings so they can use the two limbs on the front as hands. They are usually around 1.8 meters long, have 2 eyes and communicate through a mouth. They breathe oxygen, like humans. Most plants on the surface are poisonous to them, so they hunt their food. Their lifespan varies between 40 and 70 years.


A stranger wouldn't think it when he saw a Clospet, but they are very advanced. They breached FTL 2 million years ago and are natural explorers. As soon as they breached FTL, their age of interstellar exploration begun. However, with that intelligence there comes arrogance. Strangely enough, the government has forbidden religions 4 billion years ago. The reasons behind that are classified. Females are the leading gender of their race, but the males control the economy.

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