The CUEN. What can I say about it? A large technological league of nations, which has much of the Borealis Cluster under its belt. With heavy influence over countless nations, they surely know a thing or two about what is right and what is wrong. Invading them would simply be the biggest mistake of anyone's lives. It would be vital to stay on this alliance's good side, for the betterment of everyone in the room.

Their sheer force and military power, along with all of their quick wit and absolute power makes it a threat to anything that can cross its path. You know what? Why not place The Commonwealth adjacent to the primary soldier of The Borealis, The Confederacy? Oh, then one will truly understand how these two great pacts became this powerful.

I surely hope that this faithful alliance will continue until the end of time. Trust me, it'll be worth it.

- Major Osiris, Confederate Chief of Command


The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, (commonly known as The Commonwealth, abbreviated to CUEN) is an international economic and military alliance, which is comprised of hundreds of nations and entities. The Commonwealth constitutes a system of collective defense, and a system of defense upon member nations is also implemented.

The Commonwealth consists of over 200 nations, and thousands of corporations, organizations, and of course the individuals. While there are many differences between the species of individuals, they share very similar ideologies: freedom, democracy, free markets, individualism and self-determination. These are all common themes in Commonwealth citizens.

Most of the Commonwealth resides within the Borealis Cluster, with some of it peeking near The Salis Cluster. With a colossal 85,100 galaxies under its belt, The Commonwealth can surely come out as a formidable entity. Its large size makes it the second largest alliance in the Borealis Cluster.

Ever since its founding, the Commonwealth has exploded from its original four nations. There are many regulations, rules, and standards have been systematically put into place to make sure that all nations in the Commonwealth are treated fairly.

The Commonwealth is greatly known throughout The Borealis Cluster, mostly because of its power and size. Many empires know their place as a result of The Commonwealth's brawn and ability. The outstanding and notable attributes cement The Commonwealth an immense and powerful alliance, comprised of hundreds of intergalactic nations. As a result of its large success, The Commonwealth also has a vast economy, which is the largest in The Borealis Cluster. As a result of this, The Commonwealth has invested a large portion of its funds into technology, the living quality of citizens, and most recently the military budget. The nations inside The Commonwealth are also given high amounts of care from the upper nations, with internal trading happening everywhere.

Territory and Information

The Commonwealth influences much of the eastern hemisphere of The Borealis Cluster, and accepts only a few nations per century to join. Joining The Commonwealth is also a very long and complicated process, where a nation has to meet many requirements, along with having a very clean track record.

The Commonwealth is comprised of hundreds of nations, all governed by their own leaders. These member nations are entirely autonomous, and can do anything that is acceptable within Commonwealth laws. Many of these nations, which have willingly joined The Commonwealth, are substantially large in size. As a result, they often require external help for crime and economic troubles. The member nations have their own nation's flag, usually with a three-pointed star, signifying membership.

There are countless cultures within The Commonwealth, which are very diverse, and are constantly contrasting to other surrounding cultures. Within a single galaxy, there are likely millions of cultures, which makes it impossible to control. Luckily, The Commonwealth has a freedom of religion and customs, which has been a standard for about 200,000 years.

The growth of the Commonwealth has shows just how steadfast and efficient that they have become. Over the years, many nations have sworn their allegiance to the Commonwealth, giving the alliance more and more dominance.


The main capitals of The Commonwealth are Lo'Kira, Loxentau, and Lorokwa. All three of these capitals are very diverse and filled to the brim with alien life. This is likely a tactic to garner more visitors and business opportunities. In fact, not many other worlds in The Commonwealth come close to their sheer power and ornate quality.

However, there used to be four capitals in the CUEN. The former fourth capital, Logreon, was destroyed in the War for All by the Alliance of Five.

Lo'Kira is the original capital, and contains the Mansions of Imir,the primary Intergalactic Council building, as well as The Holy Capitol. Lo'Kira is also the home to countless corporations and businesses, as well as dozens of tourist attractions. Lo'Kira also has many wormhole ports, which function by taking in visitors, as well as a form of travel to other parts of M110.

Loxentau, on the other hand, have the primary Xa'Thin buildings of the Holy Senate, as well as many monuments dedicated to The Commonwealth's long and harsh history. Lo'Nuk'Wa is largely revered for its high development index, which is at approximately 0.999. Crime has also been at an all time low since the War for All, making it a relatively crime-free area to live in. Lo'Nuk'Wa is also located in the Andromeda galaxy, and it is the second oldest capital.

Lorokwa is the third and newest capital, which is located in the Triangulum galaxy. Lo'Xent is also the least populated capital, but it definitely does not make it any less notable than the others. Countless trading hubs, foreign embassy buildings, and checkpoints have been located here. The primary buildings for the Commonwealth economy are also stationed here, one of them being the Commonwealth Foreign and Homeland Economic Embassy


General Xa'Thin12%
General Human10%
General Timporian5%
General Cheris3%
General Rhicksha2%

The complete population of The Commonwealth is very high, coming in to roughly 518 Septillion residents. The population of the Commonwealth has stayed at a stagnant growth rate, which is just barely above 0. The reason for the slow growth rate is because cloning labs and couples mainly do not wish to create any more people. This is the case because of the already high population is very cumbersome to manage.

If a person decides to create an offspring, let it be a couple, they must report to their city mayor's office. The resident in charge of the child must sign many wavers, making sure that they will care for the child until they mature at around 3 days via Neural Linkage. Some nations in The Commonwealth do not need for anyone to talk to their mayor, instead being mostly free to make their own children. The rules for the cloning labs below still apply.

If a cloning lab wants to create any more citizens, the owner/operator must go to the mayor's office as well. They will sign wavers to make sure that they will not maliciously use the cloning machine to do any harm. Neural Linkage is also a requirement, as any people who aren't taught quickly are seen as useless, commonly seen as a mere buffer, as well as a waste of time and resources.

Citizen Class / Society

Classes of citizens within The Commonwealth are stretched greatly, and is very complicated to an outsider's perspective. The ranks go as follows:

The Elite

  • President & Surrounding Family / Relatives

The leaders of the nations, as well as their families are one of the most powerful beings in The Commonwealth, if not the entire Borealis Cluster. Most of these people have worked hard to come up the ranks, and as a result have a very high quality of life. These people also have much control over what lifestyles they may choose. Of course, the president can't just state any laws that they want, though. That would be very corrupt, and the lower branched of the government keep the leaders in check.

The president of the Lo'Xal Federation, for example, and their family come down from a long line of leaders, all granted the last name 'Imir, which means the word 'Mayor', or 'Leader'. Relatives of the president's family are also given high nobility within The Commonwealth. The lower people in this ranking, like secretaries and governors, are optionally granted the last name 'Tela, which means 'watcher'.

  • The 1%

The 1% of The Commonwealth are unfathomably rich. They have the highest sheer wealth in The Commonwealth, and they have access to countless goods and services. These people also have a high ranking in The Commonwealth, which gives them a great chance to involve them in government activities. Many people belonging to the 1% are also capable of building private starbases, colonies, and even star clusters if their wealth is really up there.

Only a small fraction of the 1%, called the 0.01%, are so rich that they may even surpass the 'Imir family in sheer wealth. These people live in a lavish and grand luxury, seemingly with no care for others. This makes them unpopular within the middle class and lower people.

Most people in this wealth class has at least one or two colossal successful businesses located anywhere in The Borealis Cluster. A large fraction of these are located in The Confederacy of Borealis, as a result of foreign trade boons.

  • Quadrillionaires

These citizens hold a grand amount of wealth, and are unchallenged by most people in The Commonwealth. These people are like CEOs of large companies, or have high rankings within them. Most quadrillionaires live in a lavish lifestyle, also making them scorned upon by the lower class, and unemployed. However, a few notable quadrillionaires are hoping to solve large problems in The Commonwealth. A prime example of these people are Til'Nim-tin, a Timporian who manages the ship-producing company named 'Nim-tin Space Foundries. 'Nim-tin also is the lower manager of many more companies, which all strive to help The Commonwealth in many ways.

Middle Citizens

  • Wealthy Citizens

Most of these citizens are those who have obtained a large amount of money through hard work. Most of these people have an association with major companies, and have claimed to work their way through the ranks. Some wealthy citizens are merely born well off, as a result of noble couples willing to mate and have children. These children have been noted to be remarkably cocky about their wealth status, once again making them disliked by a large fraction of people.

  • Middle Class

Stepping down to the majority of people, the Middle Class is introduced. The Middle Class is known to be the 'backbone' of The Commonwealth, with many of them working 2-4 hour shifts per day. Most of these people manage AI and building conditions, as the bygone prospect of mass office working has been replaced by AI. The workload and time of work has decreased dramatically since the inception of modern labor, and it seems to be going down ever so more. This is also the case because of the rising popularity of synthetic workers, which act more or less like servitors to most people. The Middle class has also been reported to have much more free time in the past few millennia, as a result of the less work that blots their day.

  • Immigrants

All immigrants that have come to The Commonwealth legally are automatically given Immigrant status. Currently, many immigrants are unemployed, and are looking for work. All legal immigrants who can not speak Xeno are given the ability to speak said language with neural linkage. This makes their social lives much easier in The Commonwealth.

  • Lower Class

Even in 200000 CE, The Commonwealth has the poor people. Fortunately, the unemployed people have a remarkably low percentage. There are also countless programs that help them get Middle Class status. Most of the unemployed aren't even fully-fledged citizens, either. Most of the unemployed people are criminals that are in self-improvement facilities.

  • Refugees (Neutral)

With many nations having poor living qualities, there are many refugees that have fled to the Commonwealth. Notable examples are people from the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Entente, the Xorthon empire, and occasionally from small nations, who seek to leave their harsh and crude lifestyles. These people are given a high priority in help, and are usually given neural linkage if need be.

  • Refugees (Enemies)

There are the refugees, and there are the refugees coming from enemy nations. These unfortunate people are usually drafted into many programs, streamlined to help them integrate into Commonwealth society. Most Refugees from enemy nations are not treated well in public, as their reputation has been tarnished as a result of the ongoing war. Currently, there are no Refugees from enemy nations at the moment, the closest thing being the Xorthons of M110.

Lower People

  • Prisoners of War

One of the only forms of lower people in The Commonwealth are POWs, mostly captured from The Outer Wars or The War for All. Most of these people originate from The Outer Wars, as most POWs from The War for All have served proper time for their crimes.

Unlike most prisoners, these groups of people are subjected to crude forms of prison, kept alive with modern medicine over hundreds, if not thousands of years. Also different from most prisoners, many POWs hold a low quality of life. This is intended to punish them for their choices over the course of the war they fought. Low conditions are usually given to the most genocidal individuals, as well.

Most POWs have committed unspeakable acts, making them undeserving of self-improvement facilities. These people are treated with full-realism VR, which simulates hundreds of years of ancient forms of prison. Most of these VR prison sentences have been completed, leaving only the worst people still suffering for what they have done.

  • Terrorists

Similar to POWs, Terrorists are to be treated lowly. They are given very harsh and long prison sentences, some of them given trauma or death sentences at the worst. If a Terrorist is captured, they are immediately subjected to crushing prison sentences, many of them extending to their eventual death.

Many terrorists are left to live on AI-Controlled Penal worlds, with their only form of contact being with other prisoners. If any fights break out, armed drones are there to break them up. This puts a domineering effect upon the terrorists.

Many citizens in The Commonwealth have pushed for a change of the terrorists' living conditions. Over the years, this has partially worked, leaving only the deadliest terrorists confined to worlds. Most others are currently undergoing quick VR punishments.

  • Dangerous Artificial Intelligence

As a direct result of the Exhumation, any and all AI considered to be 'dangerous' shall be removed and imprisoned immediately. Any sapient AI must be carefully watched, and any that attempt to do dangerous acts will be dismantled on sight. There have been many changes to sapient AI life, and many biological people have wondered if they are truly conscious at all. There have been many protests from sapient AI groups in the last few days, making matters worse.

Military / Ship Types

The Commonwealth's military is one of the most bolstering powerhouses in The Borealis Cluster. In total, The Commonwealth military is home to about 10 sextillion people that are enlisted. Most of these people, around 8.5 sextillion, are classified as pilots. Most pilots are given a work status in a ship class ranging from Corvette to Titan. Many pilots are given the duty of ship maintenance, while only a trusted dozen or so percent are given true flight duties. The number of pilots physically flying ships has lowered considerably since the introduction of AI piloting millennia ago.

Life on a Commonwealth Titan or Battleship is much better than it was in previous millennia, with many segments of the ships being devoted for soldier training, comfort, and living spaces. There are typically many dozens of dining areas, tens of physical training segments, and many hundreds of escape pods on a regular Commonwealth Battleship.

In many previous millennia, battleships, titans, cruisers and the likes were mostly used for maximizing housing and training, as well as small sections devoted to flight control, dining, and even amenities if a Commonwealth pilot was lucky. Many inefficient power plants were also in the ships, which blotted up many sectors of the ship that could've been used for other, more important rooms.

Ground Troopers

Ground troops, on the other hand, live in a quick lifestyle. As operations change between planets frequently, There becomes no time to make a permanent residence. As a result, ground troops have a substantial amount less comfort. However, many people have reported that this gives them a more serious attitude, which helps them during ongoing operations.

A smaller branch of the military the Ground Troopers, contain about 1.5 sextillion people. Many incoming personnel also have no choice but to be a ground troop as a result of the fleets and spacecraft being overcrowded. The cost of consumer goods and minerals for the fleets are also rising dramatically, and many foresee a future where ships are only meant for AI overseeing, assistant piloting and training. This has already been implemented in many sectors of the military, as well.

Standard Troopers

  • Ground Troop Tankers

Tankers are a class of soldier that are given a great amount of protection and power. They usually are bolstered with large and heavy suits made of nanocomposite material. Exoskeletons are also located within this suit, as well as a temperature regulation system, impulse thrusters for short-distance flight, and a contained AI system that can show a soldier where they are going.

Tanker suits, called P.O.T.S. (Power Overcharge Transmitting Suit) for short, have many more abilities than a scout suit for example. All P.O.T.S. are centered around garnering and using the power that is in the suit. The suit can concentrate energy into small areas, allowing the ground troop to do things that many people and troopers can't. This may include smashing boulders apart in up to 4 G's of gravity, traversing far distances in a single bound, and allowing for a new weapon named power blasts. Power blasts are possible with some bits of technology, but are more like puffs of smoke without a P.O.T.S. A power blast can disintegrate many materials, and explode roughly 10 centimeters of durasteel in a single use. However, a power blast takes roughly half a minute to recharge as a result of the suit losing energy. Many abilities are also turned off in this period.

  • Ground Troop Scouts

Scouts are essentially the opposite of Tankers. Instead of moving slowly, they move quickly with ease. Scouts are granted medium amounts of suit power, which they can transmit to a device located in the legs. This lets them travel very fast, and lets them survey the areas that they go to, hence the name.

Scouts are equipped with light suits, which include thermal padding, sensors, and a pre-sapient AI that suggests points of interest, calculates where to be, what to do, and can move the suit to avoid danger. The AI can also charge the suit with energy, granting large boosts of speed. Many scout soldiers have reported that their speedometers read over 320 kilometers per hour while these boosts are active.

  • Pilots

Pilots are the staple of The Commonwealth army. They comprise most army officials, making up over 90%. It has been rising ever since The Outer Wars, as a result of more people wanting to fly into combat, instead of being stuck on murky war-torn planets.

Pilots are most renowned for doing the heavy lifting and surveying in many star systems. Most pilots are equipped with a standard single-manned corvette, which contains a sapient AI assistant. Most corvettes have many interchangeable parts on them, which are explained in the Military section. To simplify it, most corvettes have a close-range laser weapon, with a medium-range kinetic battery, or a single section devoted to missiles.

  • Intergalactic Pilots

Interstellar pilots are those who burden the voyage between galaxies. This is mainly to prevent piracy and crime, but it is also done to improve trade in nearby galaxies. It is also done to prevent the spreading of any empire which attempts to destroy anything to a large degree.

Intergalactic ships are much larger than corvettes, and go off on longer periods. As a result, people in this field get larger paychecks. They can also apply to larger benefits if they need to. Pilots that survey intergalactic spaces are also equipped with stronger weapons, also explained in the MIlitary section.

Ship Types

The Commonwealth Intergalactic Space Force is one to be reckoned with. With its vast size comes a plethora of ship types, ranging from the small Corvette, to the impossibly large Planetcraft. Many factors like living conditions, upkeep, crew count, and firepower are put into play.

  • Drone

The Drone class of ship is a pretty loose one, which depends on if the craft manned or not. Many drones can be hundreds of meters long, or as small as nanites. Most CUEN drones are 10 to 25 meters in length, and are usually deployed en masse by Commissioner ships, or Titans.

Drones have become rapidly unpopular as of recent times, soon after The Exhumation had changed everyone's beliefs about the Supreme and DELYATU. Countless people were worried about hacking, and forcing the CUEN's own military against them. Most drones have since been carefully watched, and even the smallest suspicions may have the drone be recalled.

  • Fighter

The usual fighter comes in many shapes and sizes, usually coming in at 25 meters long. These are the smallest manned Commonwealth spacecraft used for battle.

A typical Fighter is equipped with a mere two lasers on the side. These can be swapped out for kinetic launchers, tiny missile launchers, and miniature bolt launchers. This can also be substituted for tiny drone launchers, which can make a large cloud of ships. Drones in various sizes can also be deployed in lower numbers.

  • Corvette

A standard drone corvette. Note the heavy amounts of machinery on the top, and wear on the left and right wings. This corvette happens to have a large laser its front end, removing some space for other weapons.

A standard issue Commonwealth Corvette usually comes with small cluster missile launchers[1], as well as close-range laser weaponry is there is any space left. Sometimes, the cluster missiles are dropped entirely for more close-range weapons.

A regular manned corvette can come in at 100 meters in length, and 10 or more meters in height. The corvette on the right is extra narrow, being only a few meters in height. As a result of the small amount space, a contained AI is chosen to pilot the corvette. This removes any and all needs for food, water, and consumer goods on the ship.

Corvettes are also commonly used to escort other ships, in case of a surprise attack. With their high maneuverability, they can easily swarm incoming hostile forces.

  • Destroyer

A destroyer is a step up from a corvette. Usually, destroyers have heavier weapons attached to their hulls and fronts. More space for missile launchers and close to medium-ranged lasers are a possibility on destroyers, giving space for many weapon sizes. Nuclear missiles are also possible for destroyers, albeit very uncommon because of EMP blasts. Most nuclear missiles are used in the beginnings of a battle, when ships are more spread out.

Nuclear EMP blasts from destroyers and above have tested to be very successful, and can even turn an electric shield against its pilots. This happens because of the hot plasma winds from the nuclear blast, turning the shield electrons into sort of gates. The electrons and plasma from the shields will then heighten the nuclear blast to a degree, and then make the solid part of the enemy's ship hull, well, not so solid.

The usual manned Destroyer is about 300 meters in length, and 20 to 30 meters in height. AI destroyers can have an even smaller width, letting them slip through many tight spaces with relative ease.

  • Cruiser

A cruiser is yet another step up. In a regular fleet, Cruisers typically sat back and fire long-range artillery towards enemies. Some sneaky cruisers can go right to the front and use light weapons, as heavy weapons could make them more susceptible to being spotted.

Cruisers are mostly known for being the brunt of most fleets, resulting in many ships being destroyed belonging to the Cruiser class. Cruisers are also known for protecting the frail Corvettes, and also helping larger ships in teams.

The average manned cruiser is about 750 meters in length, and about 70 to 90 meters in height. AI cruisers, once again, are quite smaller as a result of there being no lifeforms to take care of.

  • Battleship

A Commonwealth Battleship is the staple of most fleets. With them being over two to three times larger than a cruiser, their tremendous size is definitely awe-inspiring. Battleships are usually used for larger battles, the securement of areas, and for orbital bombing. Battleships are also large enough for antimatter weaponry to be partially useful, which is used to essentially 'delete' other, much smaller ships out of existence.

Battleships usually store many Fighters in hangar bays, making it possible to only send one battleship into an operation, and come out with a large decisive victory, due to the swarming tactics.

The usual Battleships could range from 1500 to 2250 meters in length, making it longer than many tall buildings on Lo'Kira. Battleships may also be used for landscaping, slowly carving a mountains and hills in lightning speed. This requires for the battleship to constantly waste fuel, as it is trying to stay afloat. This has made many landscaping expeditions done in orbit, albeit at a much slower pace.

  • Small Space Station

Small space stations are a staple in many Commonwealth systems, as well as military sites. Small space stations are usually meant for housing ships, and the import and export of many trade products. A usual small space station has a spheroid center, with sectors on the inside. Some protuberances in the stations may be other sectors, or entirely different areas, like living or commercial areas.

The average small space station is about 3 to 5 kilometers in size, with the sphere being 2 to 4 kilometers from end to end.

  • Titan

A Titan is pretty much a supersized Battleship, retaining most of the same features and abilities. However, there is the ability to store larger ships in their hangar bays, like Corvettes or even Destroyers on the bigger models. Titans are also capable of having more room for weaponry, and the coveted Lance weapons[2]. Titans can also use antimatter weapons much more effectively, as bigger cannons can be placed on ships. This lets Titans erase corvette or fighter-sized ships with relative ease.

The average Commonwealth Titan is about 4 to 7 kilometers in length, the longest one in current existence being an astonishing 10 km in length.

While not in war, Titans are regularly used for the transport of thousands of personnel around galaxies. They are also used for terraforming projects, and megastructure building. Some retired Titans, as a result of their size, may even be bought by the eccentric rich, and re-purposed as large private defense and security.

  • Goliath

A Goliath is a colossal housing ship, usually meant for housing ships like fighters, corvettes, destroyers, and cruisers. A typical goliath is slightly larger than a Titan, clocking in at about 5 to 9 kilometers in length. Goliaths are also the first ship to contain gravity generators, which prevent them from slight gravitational disturbances.

Goliaths can be armed with a plethora of weapons, mostly including hurricane missile launchers, close-range lasers, and once again antimatter dispensers.

  • Super Stations

After the colossal Goliaths, the larger space stations of The Commonwealth military appear. These space stations, called Super Stations, are usually meant for the storage of ships like cruisers, with many military sectors also being present. There are many weapons bays, commercial areas, and even living spaces for Commonwealth soldiers. Most Super Stations are located around planets and stars, where they can easily be resupplied with ships and resources.

The typical Super Station is about 10 to 15 kilometers in length, and possess a spheroid shape, as a way to save funds on gravity generators. However, said generators are still used widely.

  • Commissioner

Taking a huge step up in size and upkeep, the Commissioner ship type is the one that deploys many medium-class ships, like cruisers and destroyers. Battleships and titans can also be deployed from these massive ships, in their huge lower hangars. These hangars may fit up to a few Titans or Battleships at a time. Combined with the Titan's capability for holding smaller ships, there is a big reason why the CUEN uses this ship class. Essentially, a commander may deploy a Commissioner, with its own portable swarm of dozens of destroyers. Many fighters may also be deployed, combined with their own swarms of drones. This 'Cloud of Ships' attack is also very effective, only vulnerable against hyper-intelligent AIs like the Supreme or DELYATU.

The average Commissioner is roughly 60 to 75 km in length, with the ones that carry Titans being approximately 80km in length. At this point, gravity generators are a requirement as large amounts of warping of the interior metal may be seen after many years of use.

Diplomatic Relations with other entities

The Confederacy

The Commonwealth has a great bond with the Confederacy of Borealis, with the both of them being great allies. The Confederacy is also The Commonwealth's largest and strongest ally, which is very helpful for both empires. Both alliances usually embark on large projects and share technology. Not a single major conflict has occurred between The Confederacy and The Commonwealth has been recorded in history.[3] They have been together since the very beginnings, and have known each other for what seems like even longer.


Commonwealth relationships with Xorthons have been spotty, at best. The Commonwealth essentially shuns the Xorthons for their infamous use of slavery, and has had minimal contact, and trade with them. The Xorthons do the same, and they just sort of exist angrily next to each other. The Commonwealth is currently trying to convince the Xorthons to phase out organic slavery, and at least use robotic helpers, instead.

Socialist Planets of Taitheia

CUEN relations with the Socialist Planets of Taitheia has been relatively opulent, especially when compared to other socialist nations. The CUEN is the main technologic trading member, and its main trading center. However, the Commonwealth is neutral towards that nation due to it's government being of a socialist type.

The Commonwealth has given many technological accessories to the Taitheian people, so they can resist the crushing pressure of their homeworld Taitheia. Currently, they are still trying to lower their homeworld's crushing atmospheric pressure.


The Commonwealth is quite peaceful and timid with the Thesokian people. Recently, as of 199927 CE, The Commonwealth has slowly loaned a large sum of area to them, in order to let them grow and prosper on their own. Some have even rumored that The Commonwealth is granting them more land elsewhere, as to let them spread better.


The Commonwealth is quite neutral with the Nok'Chu-Raa and begun mildly trading with them since the 25th millennium. The Commonwealth has also periodically loaned land to them and is currently trying to build better relations via trading and giving technological help.

The Shev'ra

The Commonwealth and the Shev'ra don't interact much, because The Commonwealth controls only 3% of the Sag dSph galaxy. However, there have been peaceful and reassuring messages and conversations from The Commonwealth directed to the Shev'ra. The Commonwealth hopes for the intelligent Shev'ra to expand into a fully grown galactic nation. The Commonwealth and The CoB have been granting The Shev'ra clusters that they do not use for pretty much free. This gives the Shev'Ra more expansion space, and a high amount of gratitude to the friendly giants that gift them.

The Supreme

Recently, after The Exhumation, The Commonwealth has cut all diplomatic ties with The Supreme. Countless government officials, as well as the media and most citizens, view The Supreme as a murderous beast. Most people also believe that they need to be stopped at once. Any attempts at giving them anything to their benefit has also ceased, and trade routed to them have ended, as well. As a result, The Commonwealth now exports its unused strange matter and antimatter directly to The Confederacy, as well as adjacent allies.


Much like The Supreme, The Commonwealth as ended any and all relations with DELYATU. Once more, many people believe that they are plagues of the cosmos. Many high ranking officials of the military, as well as Kra'Imir, most of the media, and most of the population, believe that a war is imminent between the Commonwealth and the AI's. As more evidence is unearthed, The Commonwealth appears to get angrier and angrier at both entities. (Almost completely ignoring DELYATU's good deeds)

The Alkan Intendancy

As a result of The Intendancy having close ties with The Supreme and DELYATU, The Commonwealth has cut them off entirely. The Intendancy has constantly tried hard to prove their neutrality towards both the Commonwealth and Confederacy, but every attempt has all but failled. The Commonwealth has also ordered all citizens and soldiers that are members of any Commonwealth nations to immediately leave The Intendancy.

The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony

Contacts with The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony have been very rough, and confusing. As of 200000 CE, only a handful of lengthy conversations have been made with any diplomatic member, and with every passing one, The Commonwealth and The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony appear to hate each other ever so more. So, to make tensions low, The Commonwealth simply trades them C-Units and supplies to a small extent. Systems have also been loaned both ways to reduce hatred a little bit.

Verd’nim’tosh United Galaxies

Barely anything is known about this empire. Even though it is right at The Commonwealth's door, there have been only a dozen lengthy conversations between diplomatic individuals. They have all been very confusing because of language barriers, and the fact that the Verd’nim’tosh United Galaxies are just very mysterious, to begin with.

Empire of Mankind

The Empire of Mankind has usually been cordial with The Commonwealth, seeking to trade for technology. However, The Commonwealth does not take kindly to their slavery policies. Even with this, they trade regularly, and with a neutral attitude. After The Exhumation, however, both entities seem to be in a unanimous agreement that The Supreme and DELYATU are plagues upon the cosmos. Joint military programs, and more trading has been seen recently.


The Intergalactic Council

The Commonwealth is a high-ranking member of the Intergalactic Council, and it can make large choices without much consent from other members. It can do things like construct Cluster portals, wage war, and start large-scale projects by itself. The Commonwealth also can allow for large-scale trade between any empire of its choice as a result of its sheer power.

Kra'Imir's Stance (WIP)

The Commonwealth and its leader, Kra'Imir strive for perfection of the people, and hope to bring down crime rates. Kra'Imir also is petitioning for more production of wormhole gates, to make the travel between galaxies much less cumbersome. Unfortunately, these gates are almost priceless in its level of cost, and are likely not to be built any time soon.

Making new Citizens or Soldiers

Modern Citizen Creation

Ever since the creation of cloning, most people have been created and taught in the lab. Most citizens are taught everything by neural linkage, and are given some unique memories of the universe to let them know their environment. Every person can be given a custom name, as well. By hour 4, most people are walked out of the lab, and pursuit a great life in front of them. The more rudimentary labs, which are located on fresh colonies, may take people a few days or even weeks to get adjusted. Some Amish-like communities have put a stop to cloning altogether, and they birth with the generally painful process.


With the process of cloning, new soldiers can be trained and deployed at a moment's notice. The labs that first created cloned soldiers gave them benefits. The labs have given them genes to optimize strength and endurance fields. With this, many powerful soldiers may be deployed within hours of creation.


Creation of The Commonwealth (24200 CE)

Soon after the Lo'Xal Federation was having trouble handling its vast size, a plan had to be thought of quickly. In the late 23000's, Crime was running rampant in many sectors, and quality of life was at an all-time-low. The leader of the Lo'Xal Federation, Go-Sik'Imir, wanted to make everything easier for the police system, trading systems, and for quality of life. This, however, was simply a farcry at the time. However, this would one day sprout an idea. This idea would be one that would change history forever.

Eventually, at around 24600 CE, the time had come. The Lo'Xal Federation simply had too much crime, and uncontrollable areas. So, the Holy Senate, as well as the Primary Congress decided to pull off their most ambitious plan. They would divide the Lo'Xal Federation into five nations, and give them all roles. The five nations would be united under a new alias. This alias would come to be the Commonwealth. This idea wouldn't be brute and upfront, but systematic and slow. This would let citizens, and upper officials know when this would happen.

As soon as the Lo'Xal Federation had split into five nations, many people had to act quickly. Worlds that were in different nations, like Portaus, had to change their missions and roles, deter any rampant crime, and follow the new set of Commonwealth rules. The four new sectors that came out of this had to crack down with crime, and improve the quality of life in the area. Citizens in the new nations also had to follow a few more laws.

Ground Rules for the Commonwealth (24201 CE)

  • The Commonwealth must tend to its crime-rampant sectors, and set on tasks for mining planets and asteroids, as well as gaining sufficient amounts of resources.
    • Some crude and unusual laws include: The forbidding of the act of terraforming celestial objects, a religious-centered government, over-expansionism, and the over-patronized use of an 'X-Credit'
  • The Commonwealth must be peaceful or neutral unless a vote for war has been initiated. In the event of a massive war, The Commonwealth must shift gears and develop spacecraft, and help member nations, no matter how small they may be.
  • The Commonwealth must gain the trust of smaller empires, and respect them rightfully so. This might include granting them the benefit of trade, or gifting them technology that would greatly help them in times of need.
  • The Commonwealth must not let other nations join until all of these requirements are met. Any gains in territory that are considered to be too cumbersome by any faction, corporation, or company must be retracted upon.
    • This may cause complications with Type II civilizations, which will be given their own reserved space, and an opportunity to join The Commonwealth.
  • The Commonwealth is required to update the technology of lower-level nations to the latest editions. This systematic operation may take up to a few decades for civilizations that are under Type-II.
  • As soon as these rules and requirements are met, The Commonwealth can expand, but not too far as to cause a massive amount of thinning and crime.

All of these rules were surprisingly easy to develop, as the four new nations of the time were mostly updated and set to go. However, the new accepted nations that came in to the Commonwealth would take much longer to have their requirements met. Even with this, the Commonwealth boldly accepted many nations per century.

Expansion (24400 CE)

As soon as the requirements for the new rules were met, many parts of The Commonwealth expanded at once. They did stop at the expected levels, and they set up shop in their areas. All seemed well at this period, as new colonists had a much bigger window that let them stay more grounded in their world.

This process of setting up fortifications and cities, them moving on happened to be a huge profit. For a start, things like Dyson Swarms, and mass terraforming was given more time to expand in its area, as the companies who did it weren't rushed to take a claim in new territory. This was a major fault in the XTF, and it caused many companies to go bankrupt, or for some to split off and be deformed forever.

Countless amounts of planets were developed very well off as a result of this action. New versions of planetary defense were put into place, quality of life improved, and the population increased in new worlds. This can be seen because of the population differences compared to the XTF. While an old XTF colony had mere thousands of inhabitants, a new Commonwealth colony had millions. This was a large and gaping difference, which eventually led to nearly all colonies being self-sufficient in a very short time.

Resource Breakthroughs (25000 CE)

With The Commonwealth essentially triumphing their old ways, many explorers gazed upon many ungathered resources. The reason for them being untouched was because of some wasteful and religious laws that the Lo'Xal Federation put into place. They were put into place to prevent natural order to be disrupted.

As of 25000 CE, many mining operations were constructed around countless planets. However, no actual improvements on the gathering technology had been made. People had to stick to inefficient forms of processing minerals, as there was no investment into such technology prior. This was until The Confederacy of Borealis offered The Commonwealth specialized mining technology. This eventually helped many mining corporations, and inevitably granted The Commonwealth a large boost of materials. This let them conduct even greater projects than ever before, and Dyson Swarms could be developed around the clock. Star Lifters were also unfathomably easier to create as a result of the resource gains.

(More to follow between here)

The 40000s

The Golden Age (40563 CE)

Soon after the discovery of the Intergalactic Gateways, large amounts of news came in that their power sources held colossal amounts of dark matter and dark energy. Not even batting an eye, Commonwealth forces decided to travel to these gateways, and siphon as much energy out of them as they could. What occurred was a large surge of dark matter. The same event happened in the Confederacy of Borealis, and they eventually became one of the highest holders of dark matter and dark energy in the Borealis Cluster. Technological breakthroughs also happened much more often, and dark matter technology was eventually researched by scientists. What followed was simply exponential. Better and better versions of dark matter power, weapons, and uses in day-to-day lives kept coming out, and it came to a point that tech companies had failed to catch up to the ever-growing hardware and software improvements. All of this seemed like a good dream that would never end. Utopia would be established as life would get better and better.

People inevitably wanted more. Mining teams and researchers looked towards the locked gateways themselves, and pondered about an infinite valley behind them, filled to the brim with cheap and reliable dark matter. This thought spread to the citizens, who also wondered about a place with nigh-infinite energy. So, scientists wanted to find a way to crack these gateways, seeking utopia. Large teams of researchers, professional engineers, and dark matter experts all gathered around the gateways, trying to find ways to form a sort of 'key' for them. This would prove very hard for them to do, but they ended up completing this task in 405623 CE. As soon as they applied this key to the glowing gateways, they heard loud and noisy transmissions flood their ship. What might it be? Alternate dimensions? Parallel universes? Enigmatic empires of the far-reaching past? All eyes and ears ached to know.

With the transmissions experts arriving a few hours after the gateway was cracked, they decoded the signals with relative ease. Here is the full transmission log here. (WIP)

Late 100000s

Pre-War (183000)

Before The War for All, everything seemed to be going very opulently for The Commonwealth. For one, The Commonwealth had managed hit the edge of the Borealis Cluster, and built a small colony at said location. At around 183940 CE, this first colony became the self-sustainable colony that was built at the edge of The Borealis Cluster. It would eventually be a huge pit stop for many incoming and outgoing travelers to other places, and scientific trips to different galactic clusters. This new colony was many millions of light-years away from the main Commonwealth bubble, and it was a monumental achievement. Not only for the Commonwealth but for many other places, like the Confederacy, which also profited from The Commonwealth's innovation. However, this small colony was merely temporary, and calmly disbanded at the year 184005 CE.

Another great achievement that occurred was that a breakthrough in physics had occurred. Many scientists around The Commonwealth and The CoB simulated a huge 300 km wide wormhole, nicknamed a 'Cluster portal'. This device, if created, could propel colonies out to the hard-to-reach galactic clusters in only a few millennia, which is much better than the best estimate of hundreds of thousands. and theoretically send travelers to other galactic clusters. If this were to be researched, utopia would essentially be established.

The War for All (184367 CE)

The War for All had a substantial impact on everyday life. As soon as The Seekers invaded The Borealis Cluster using crafty sneaking methods, every single empire had to act fast. Only within a few hundred years, the territory that was far from the central core had to be disbanded, and its remaining resources were taken to help the war effort. New kinds of weapons that were completely unheard of had to be devised, and funds had to go straight to technology and military development. This caused The Commonwealth to shrink by about 9% within the first few centuries, and it helped the war effort quite well. Sadly, it didn't prevent The Seekers to bombard major Commonwealth planets with the terrible dimensional-quaking bombs that The Seekers obtained. The war still crushed The Commonwealth, and it did worse for The Confederacy. Therefore, The Commonwealth had to give a huge sum of funds and technology to The Confederacy, dwindling the amount in The Commonwealth even more. These new times were trying, but most empires marched through the solemn conditions and made it.

The Second Golden Age (190000 CE)

Shortly after The War for All, a new age of discovery and technology was kickstarted from the enigmatic Seekite remains. It was eventually discovered that the remnants of ships, weapons, and buildings had advanced technology, with a soon-to-be great wonder. The devices found were described as large power cells, that could store unfathomable amounts of energy within them. How they worked was quite unknown, but re-assembling their molecules was shockingly simple. The result exponentially led to one of the greatest eras in Commonwealth history. The aftermath of this discovery led to many economies of the like to recover faster. The economy didn't stop there, though. Smaller nations became repaired in no time, and the larger ones kept improving until elite lifestyle was the norm. The only downside was that the C-Unit value went slightly down as a result of more people being able, and willing to buy more stocks.

The Outer Wars (199181 - 199313 CE)

As Commonwealth surveyors expanded through The Borealis Cluster, they accelerated to the cloudy Coma Supercluster. Many expedition forces came across some peculiar Type 3 civilizations within The Come Supercluster. These small civilizations, however, were unreasonably aggressive to Commonwealth forces, and they ended up destroying any scouting fleet that came within their area. Contact with these rouge civilizations were hopeless, as they didn't even bother translating Xeno in the first place.

Eventually, the most audacious civilization of the bunch, The Krod Marauders, sent many terrorist attacks towards Commonwealth forces. A fraction of these terrorists actually ended up bombing nearby colonies, rendering diplomacy obsolete.

As The Commonwealth's patience grew thin with these empires, The Krod Marauders sent a large warfleet to destroy starbases, which the Krodians deemed were in 'holy territory'. This was the final straw for The Commonwealth, and many nearby fleets were given permission to strike and disable any Marauder fleets nearby. Inevitably, some of The Krodian's friends took great notice to this, and ended up committing more terrorist attacks, and sneak attacks on many fleets. Many embarrassing Commonwealth defeats took place, as The Krodians and their allies knew The Coma Supercluster like the back of their hand.

After all of these events took place, the president at the time, Yump'Imir, decided to take more action. She petitioned for the military to act upon these problems, and send in their most bolstering fleets in The Coma Supercluster. These fleets ended up destroying many Krodian hubs for warships, and The Krod Marauders surrendered their arms in 196298 CE. It took 15 more years for the other nations to surrender.

Terrorist attacks from the Outer Nations have slowed considerably over the past few hundred years. However, they still happen. Many people living near The Coma Supercluster have considered abandoning their colonies. Not only because it is very far from the central areas of The Commonwealth, but there is also a high risk of terrorism from the Outer Nations.

Modern Day (200000 CE)

Currently, the Commonwealth is very stable, and it is systematically accepting new nations. It still follows the millennia-ages rules and standards, of course with new additions added into them. The Commonwealth is currently trying to update technology around the clock, and is currently investing in better ways to extract energy and keep its economy at the top. However, The Exhumation has called in for a massive military budget increase, and a large boost in technology research. Many nations in The Commonwealth simply find the AI's of the Salis Cluster as unacceptable. As a result, many ships are headed towards the Salis Cluster as of January 13th, 200000.

Current Policies

As of 200000 CE, The Commonwealth has forbidden the use of an HAI, or an OAI. (Refer to Artificial Intelligence, at the Hyper-intelligent AI's section) There are many movements to get rid of sapient AI altogether, and only purpose them for labor, cleaning, and ship management. This movement is widely unaccepted, but it isn't frowned upon, either.

Cybernetic Craze

At the turn of the 200th millennium, many people have undergone internal cybernetic implants. The reasoning for this is to heighten intelect, and decrease reaction time. This new 'trend' is still quite mixed within the Commonwealth's community. Only a fraction of people (lower than 0.001%) have a significant amount of cybernetic implants within their bodies.

The Cybernetic Craze has also allowed for the production of more sapient AI, which can mimic soldiers perfectly. They have been proven to make an inconsequential amount of mistakes on the training grounds. As a result of this, they been approved for conventional and universal warfare.


As of 200000 CE, all Commonwealth citizens near The Salis Cluster should remove their cybernetic implants immediately. Failure in following these instructions may put you at risk from The Supreme or DELYATU. They are very likely turn any person with a large amount of implants into war machines, who WILL suffer under their wrath.


Soon after the Exhumation, most Commonwealth nations and citizens immediately hated The Supreme and DELYATU. Soon enough, propaganda started to appear on television networks, and on the internet. Many statements, such as 'DELYATU, Stone Cold.', 'The Supreme and The Imperium, buddies in hell.', and 'The 200000s, The last era for The Salis Cluster. ' have been three common sightings around those places.


  1. Cluster missile launchers shoot hundreds of missiles at very fast rates. Most of these small missiles are fragmentary, giving way to shield penetration, and a horrible case of Kessler Syndrome. As a result of the endless missile barrage to the enemy, their shields will fall quickly.
  2. Lance weapons are essentially ginormous laser beams, shot with tremendous amounts of energy. Some lance weaponry are made of electrons and plasma, in order to go through shields easily. Lance weaponry is also useful at almost any range, as they travel at the speed of light. The main downside of Lance weapons is the fact that it takes long periods to recharge. In many cases, days are taken between shots in order to keep the Titan's power supply up and running.
  3. This excludes illegal duels and skirmishes across borders. These are usually fought for a cash prize of some sort.
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