"The CUEN. What can be said about it? It is more than a mere sizable technological league of nations, with many areas under their control. CUEN is considered an envy with good reason. With membership and influence of countless countries, the CUEN have a reputation for making solid choices to continue to promote their ever-growing expansion. Invading them, even for us, would be one of the biggest mistakes of our lives. Instead we, like many, choose to remain on the ‘better side’ of the CUEN because it is in the best interest for everyone in the Universe.

Their sheer force and military prowess, along with all their quick wit and absolute power, makes the CUEN a threat to any that dares to cross their path. You know what, let me say this: Why not place The Commonwealth adjacent to The Confederacy? With our good and honest ties...Oh, then one will truly understand how we both have become so utterly powerful. 

I surely hope that our faithful cooperation will continue unto the ends of time. Trust me, it will be worth it."
- Major Benemikt Merithew, Confederate Chief of Command. (Segment taken from a certain speech circa 186438 CE)


The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, (commonly known as The Commonwealth, abbreviated to CUEN) is an international economic and military confederation, which is comprised of many nations and entities. The Commonwealth constitutes a system of collective defense, and a network of security upon member nations is also implemented. The CUEN is mostly known for their exceptional economic standards, vast military, and surprisingly tight control of all members.

The Commonwealth consists of many nations with many of corporations and organizations. With this, the CUEN has constituted a large network of travel, which allows opulence in the forms of trading and internal access. This has allowed a large percentage of the CUEN to be under control by a rather loose but powerful central government.

The CUEN, being a confederation-type government, usually accepts nations to join. The CUEN accepts only a few nations every so often, with the process being very intrinsic and complicated. Joining The Commonwealth requires a government to meet many social and economic requirements, as well as an immaculate track record.

The Commonwealth is much known throughout local intergalactic area. This is mostly because of its raw power, vast size, and economic capabilities. Many threatening nations are kept in their place as a result of The Commonwealth's brawn and ability. These outstanding and notable attributes cement the CUEN as it is: a powerful entity with almost endless power in any affair.   

As a result of its tremendous success, The Commonwealth also has a vast economy, which is the largest ever known. As a result of this, The Commonwealth has chosen to invested a significant portion of its funds into technology, the living quality of citizens, and most recently, the military budget.  

Compared to other times in history, the CUEN is very much stable. This stability is not perfect though, and crime rates appear to be a large issue in the sparser nations of the CUEN.  

Life in the Commonwealth

"...Look at it, it just has a perfect life, unlimited freedom. The sheer life and love that they must have... We'll be proud to join the CUEN any time soon. It will simply benefit us and our culture..."

-A certain NTIH refugee in a 'Lifeboat' of like-minded individuals during the War of the Ancients. (Circa 175873 CE) 

Life in the Commonwealth is held at a very high standard. Since its inception, the Commonwealth has promised to hold a high quality of life, as well as provide many programs and systems for citizens to use. The Commonwealth also promises a high quality of labor, education, nutrition, as well as smaller things like housing. With commodities like municipal healthcare, the CUEN is a straightforward place to live in. 

With its countless government-mandated programs, any kind of life is simply easy. These tools, designed for countless kinds of people, also make life relatively straightforward. Many difficult situations can also be avoided easily.


The CUEN houses millions of native and non-native species. There are also countless sentient and sapient lifeforms that unknowingly live in its borders. The CUEN houses every species with care and respect, admitting them all equally into their borders.

There are countless cultures within The Commonwealth, many of which have melted together over the course of many millennia. Cultures have often subsumed themselves into mega-cultures, which span over many star systems and dozens of species. However, in a single galaxy, there are possibly thousands of cultures, which makes it impossible to totally control. To solve this, many nations in the CUEN downline have their ways of catering to cultures. Most of them involve utter and complete freedom of expression. However, any religions or beliefs that cause direct harm are prohibited.

While there are many differences between the species and religious beliefs of individuals, many share very similar ideologies: freedom, liberty, state-mandated programs, and self-determination. These are all common themes in many Commonwealth citizens. However, secondary beliefs such as purely equal wages, the abolition of private property, and a minimal military most definitely exist and have influenced the modern CUEN in a way.


The standard for the CUEN for its people are simple and high, as the CUEN treats every person in their influence equally. CUEN standards include the previously mentioned government-mandated programs, complete freedom of speech, expression, and thought, as well as guaranteed protection by the greater CUEN.

With the largest trade networks across the cosmos, the CUEN consistently checks for any terrorism, illicit devices, and suspicious packages. Millions of deaths are prevented every day with the CUEN's top-of-the-line package checking and neutralization system. The technology required to check them is also kept a secret, so that any potential terrorists have no form of bypassing these systems.


"Their area... it is just one to behold. It strikes me with great envy that this stability and power (somehow) belongs to THEM. Whatever they may control themselves with, it is surely a marvel; one of limitless potential..."

-The Supreme, regarding the CUEN. (Circa 200000 CE)

The CUEN, with its vast economy, understandably has an enormous size. With a massive 5,728 galaxies under a strong influence, The Commonwealth can surely come out as a formidable entity. Its size makes it the second-largest entity in the Local Universe.

Unlike the Confederacy, the CUEN has more apparent authority over their claims. This control has brought up endless questions about its internal government, networks, with possible deep-rooted control and corruption. However, these seem to be disproven by the CUEN's sheer openness about themselves, and the power of citizens within the CUEN.

The Commonwealth is composed of hundreds of nations, all governed by elected leaders of some kind. These member nations are almost entirely autonomous and can do anything acceptable within Commonwealth laws. Many of these nations, which have willingly joined The Commonwealth, are substantially large. As a result, they often require external help for crime and economic troubles.

While flawless, the vast area of the CUEN has brought up many instances of crime, piracy, and even rebellions throughout history. These are small and numerous, resulting in an increased presence of military and police in many areas. This increase has also caused direct development in the defense budget for internal management.


All of the Commonwealth resides within the Laniakea Supercluster, taking up the 'eastern' areas. (WIP!)


The Commonwealth has many major capitals, all of which are designated as high priority planets. Many of these capitals include homeworlds of member nations, economically prosperous planets, or highly developed worlds. Capitals are often changed and chosen several times per century as planets change and morph.

A comprehensive list of the most important capitals of the Commonwealth are below:

Official Capitals of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations (Sorted on Importance)
Name Description Region Popualtion
Lowrokira Lowrokira is the highest priority capital of the CUEN, and it is the homeworld of the Zythyns, the species which first created the Commonwealth at all. Lowrokira is also apart of the Zythyn Interplanetary Trifecta, and is the primary economic and governmental capital for the Lowzyol Federation.

Lowrokira is a very highly developed planet, and is renowned for it cultural impact, economic success, and high military presence around it. The intricate series of Colossopoli which fester the surface are also well-known throughout the Local Unieverse.

Being the primary center for all tourism, trade, and economic activity, Lowrokira has become a daring and illustrious planet since the formation of the CUEN. Even during Commonwealth's Eclipse, Lowrokira kept being a very stable planet, even after the destruction of many of its cities.

Peleunsk 463,820,000,000
Loxentau Loxentau is a very high priority capital of the Commonwealth, located near Peleunsk in the Andromeda (Holomosk by Zythyns) galaxy. Loxentau is also apart of the Zythyn Interplanetary Trifecta, and is the primary military and defense capital for the Lowzyol Federation.

Loxentau, like many other developed planets, is an ecumenopolis. However, it isnt as populated as other ecumenopoli, with a rather low percentage of landmass. This is partially made up for with vast tourism, sky cities, as well as cities on the vast oceans.

Andromeda 410,000,000,000
Leirokawa Leirokawa is a very important capital, located in the rather small galaxy of Triangulum. Influenced by the LZF and the Federation of Zuspye, Leirokawa is one of the most major planets in the Local Group, trailing behind Earth and Lowrokira in prominence. Leirokawa is also the final and youngest member of the Zythyn Interplanetary Trifecta, and acts like a major diplomatic and managing capital.

Leirokawa also contains many important government buildings, such as the Commonwealth International Reforms Office, established after the Commonwealth's Eclipse.

Lowrokira is a rather normal world, with highly developed urban areas and calm rural areas. Corporations also somewhat flourish on Leirokawa, as it is near the center of trade attraction in Triangulum.

Triangulum 204,000,000,000
Cromxe Cromxe is a very high priority planet in the CUEN, being the homeworld for the Sah'Ors. Cromxe is also an Ecumenopolis, which makes it very highly populated. Cromxe has heavy military presence, very high development, and a sublime quality of life on the surface. Many areas of Cromxe are preserved as parks, with a diverse plethora of plants and landscapes still being present. Centaurus Supercluster 382,000,000,000
Poratus Poratus is a planet with some of he highest priority in the Commonwealth. Poratus, like Cromxe, is an ecumenopolis, and is in effect the most populated planet in the CUEN. Poratus is controlled by the Timporian people of the Ochya-Baros Federation of Zuspye, making it very corporation-related. Poratus was originally a barren and large planet, which was turned into a highly developed mega city with an atmosphere. Poratus is also known for its high economic value, as well as its unique and accepting nature to cultures. Triangulum 1,892,000,000,000
Lipiclice Lipiclite is a massive and barren planet, located in the Centaurus Supercluster. Being home to very abnormal and exotic features, the Qhaunkruds have since made this planet into a safe haven of wildlife, while also keeping a very high population on its ecumenopolis. Lipiclite is the home planet of the FIU, a very prominent CUEN member nation.

Holding its iconic crystal forests and enigmatic artifacts, Lipiclite is known for its high revenue with tourism, as well as its economic output and industrial capabilities. The population and diverse culture on the surface of Lipiclite also makes it one of the most accepting planets in the Commonwealth.

Centaurus Supercluster 1,724,000,000,000
Dewoo-Dade Dewoo-Dade is the final major planet, and it strictly belongs to the opulent CUEN member nation of the Vaspuijan Federate League. With its vast arrays of power plants and cityscapes, Dewoo-Dade has proven itself to be a trademark CUEN planet.

However, with its acidic atmosphere, Dewoo-Dade has most of its foreign inhabitants live in an interconnected system of undercities. The surface is mostly claimed by the Coczein people, the native inhabitants of Dewoo-Dade.

Hydra Supercluster 890,000,000,000

Major Member Nations

"Simply put, the nations are what truly give life to up the CUEN. Without even some them, all you would have is some ineffective economic alliance. I have come to realize that many of these nations wouldn't even exist without the greater CUEN... I am sure of it..."

- Donatus Shuker regarding the CUEN's member nations. (Circa 199423 CE)

Lowzyol Federation

"Built on the prospects of technology and peace, we are the perfect example of any civilized nation. Being the core of the Commonwealth, and the provider for others, we always strive towards inevitable perfection. Shall the Universe bless us as times strides on in our favor." - Kryrono-Lomir, Current leader of the LZF.

Basic Description

Lowzyol Federation Flag

The LZF national flag

The Lowzyol Federation (LZF) is the most major nation in the CUEN. The LZF currently contains the largest land area, the largest military, and the most advanced technology of any nation in the Centaurus Supercluster. The LZF is also technologically ahead of all nations in the Confederacy of Borealis. However, with a rather small military, the LZF is quite low in raw military power. Even their boost in technology still puts them behind CUEN member nations like the Economic States of Saw-Yos.

Containing the flagship planet of Lowrokira, the Lowzyol Federation has become the most economically influential nation in the greater CUEN. Countless other worlds, in the Saykya System and around the powerhouse galaxy of Peleunsk, also reside inside the LZF's borders, making it clearly the most industrially impactful nation in the CUEN.

Government Ideologies

Based on a system of pure intellectual and expressional freedom, the LZF has enacted countless laws and improvements. The LZF has slowly optimized their systems of freedom ever since they achieved interstellar travel. Since, the LZF has attained the best freedom of press, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression qualities. This has resulted in a very high amount of development in the planets and cities within the LZF, making it popular among many species. Immigration, as well as government programs often aid the citizens of the LZF, making it act as a kind of 'harbor' for worse off people, and a perfect residential area.

Main Species

The LZF is controlled mostly by the Zythyns , who established the LZF on Lowrokira, their home planet. Their origins are also remarkably unlikely, as their homeworld resided in Peleunsk, a dwarf galaxy which orbits around Andromeda. Since their initial discovery of intergalactic travel, the LZF has expanded and ended up creating a deep military alliance with other nations. This soon came to be the CUEN, and so it started as a confederation.

As a more peace-centered and forward-thinking species, Zythyns have given the CUEN much credit for its existence. Zythyns are mainly the reason for the CUEN's economic capabilities, as well as its tendency towards giving other species equality in every field. The government programs started by Zythyns have also bled into the CUEN's core values, giving citizens much needed help for when they need it.


The LZF's most populous planet is Lowrokira, which is the center for all Zythyns, as well as one of the CUEN's most prominent capitals. The LZF as taken great pride in this, and strives to make many of their colonized planets into profitable economic centers. Lowrokira and its immediate colonies make up a system called the LZF Core Worlds. These core worlds are a council of over 120 planets and moons which decide many economic decisions in the capital galaxy of Peleunsk. The Saykya System is also a heavy center for the LZF Core Worlds, as all planets and major moons are prominent members, with rich histories and a high amount of legislature in the council.

In the cities of Lowrokira, there exists the most prominent buildings belonging to the CUEN. From historical sites to modern-day marvels, Lowrokira holds it all. The most major building for the Intergalactic Council also resides on the surface, in the influential urban areas of Toqapkal City. Lowrokira, as a result, is the place of most activity with all CUEN member nations.

Lowrokira is also the most prominent capital of the CUEN, and is also the most economically active out of most planets in the Commonwealth. Lowrokira's influence is large enough to affect almost every planet in Peleunsk, giving direct benefits to nearby planets like Wa-Strionarh. Heavy military presence in and around Lowrokira have also given the region a very low crime and piracy rate, which is what Lowrokira takes great pride in as well.


The LZF has one the most technologically advanced fleets in the CUEN, as it is the center for a lot of technological development. However, it is not as strong as other nations' as its size is rather low. This does not excuse the fact that the LZF is still home to many CUEN military buildings and embassies.

From their heavily developed military technologies to their vast arrays of defense and offensive systems, the LZF has striven to be the technological center for the entire Commonwealth. Only the most advanced technologies exist in this nation, being given out and away to neighboring CUEN member nations. The LZF is most notably credited for creating the Ulumpta Kolachio, the most advanced offensive device manufactured in the Commonwealth.

Being the top manufacturer for private and governmental military technologies, the LZF's mark has spread far and wide across the Commonwealth. This has come to the point that the LZF's technology has even spread to the Confederacy of Borealis, giving it a true international identity.


The LZF has influence in approximately 174 galaxies, making it the third largest nation in the Commonwealth. While it may be smaller than others, it is still more advanced and has the potential to be much more powerful. Its area also contains many mineral-rich galaxies, which are rare in the greater CUEN. this includes Intergalactic Gateways and hyper-dense dwarf galaxies.

Through its vast array of galaxies, the LZF has a very valuable stake in the profitable Local Group. The Local Group is where much of the LZF's foreign funds come from, as it directly borders a massive confederacy called the Confederacy of Borealis. Trade between the LZF and the Confederacy of Borealis (CoB) have been very opulent throughout the many millennia, especially since The Exhumation was declared.


As the LZF grew rampant with crime, many leaders wanted to ensure a stable and better future. As a result, they created many government-funded programs, which ended up being the core for the Commonwealth. Soon after crime came to an apparent halt, their economy grew rapidly. This ended up giving many successive leaders and idea for an economic confederation. After many millennia of speaking with allied nations, the CUEN was formed, and opulence with economics and trade was established. Higher freedom and equality was also attained around this time. This has made the LZF one of the sole creators of the CUEN, and without it there would be nothing in its place.

Throughout the many millennia of the LZF's existence, countless conflicts and minor skirmished have plagued the history books. The most notable ones, Commonwealth's Eclipse and the War of the Ancients, have been shocking reminders to the population that the LZF, as well as the greater Commonwealth, is not invincible.

As of 200000 CE, the LZF has been expanding its borders, supersizing its already advanced military, granting native aliens admission and land, and speeding up colonization of the CUEN as a whole. The LZF has also taken major actions against The Supreme since The Exhumation.

Economic States of Saw-Yos

"Founded on the prospect of a strong economy and military, the States of Saw-Yos are a truly united and steadfast empire. Joining the Commonwealth was likely our best decision, as it propelled us to new heights altogether. Every nation shall look up to us in glory." - Okregan Pragnomon, Chief Executive of the Saw-Yos Military.

Basic Description

Economic States of Saw-Yos Flag

The official flag for the Economic States of Saw-Yos.

The Economic States of Saw-Yos (sometimes called the States of Saw-Yos) is a major and non-native nation of the Commonwealth. Joining the CUEN during the War of the Ancients, the States of Saw-Yos eventually grew to become the largest member-nation by area. The States of Saw-Yos also has a large military, a flourishing economy, and a high standard of life.

The States of Saw-Yos are comprised of 18 provinces, each of which have their own governors, capitals, and standards. These provinces can make their own laws, rules and influence other provinces with their actions. Most laws however follow higher-up laws from the Economic States of Saw-Yos government.

Straying form most CUEN states, the Economic States of Saw-Yos has a heavy police system, which is for keeping the population in check. The Economic States of Saw-Yos is also the newest major nation to the CUEN, which means that small cultural bumps have still not been resolved in many communities. Migration however has changed significantly, as many generations of alien species have since flooded the opulent planets of the States of Saw-Yos.

Government Ideologies

Founded on the prospects of military, economy, and freedom, the Economic States of Saw-Yos has since grown to satisfy these promises. After the War of the Ancients, the Economic States of Saw-Yos soon grew greatly in size, seeking to become an example of all Commonwealth nations. They have since become a major military force, and holds the largest fleet in raw power.

Being more strict than nations like the LZF, the Economic States of Saw-Yos has an advanced and complex system of immigration, citizen's rights, religious freedom, and expressional freedom. While most if not all species are granted high citizenship in the Economic States of Saw-Yos, harmful religious activities and violent protesting are of course banned. Police and military presence is also higher than most nations of the CUEN, making the Economic States of Saw-Yos a more surveillanced area to reside in.

Main Species

The Economic States of Saw-Yos is centralized around the Sah'Ors people, a species of aliens from the industrial and economic powerhouse of Cromxe. Further originating from the edges of the Centaurus Supercluster, the Economic States of Saw-Yos existed in a stable unity and stability. However, the Sah'Ors, as well as the greater Economic States of Saw-Yos, were attacked by the QPF. This soon prompted the Sah'Ors leaders to apply for membership to the CUEN, and they soon fought the QPF with them.

Having a primal tendancy towards protection and military grit, the Sah'Ors have since set up a vast system of surveillance all across the Economic States of Saw-Yos. Their expansionist and slightly hostile nature has also made them accelerate in size since their nation's founding, making them one of the most prominent species of the CUEN.

While the Sah'Ors are more expansionist than many other species, they still have a high compassion for other species, accepting them as if they were apart of a massive intergalactic family. This has made much of the Economic States of Saw-Yos even more accepting than areas in the LZF. However, this does fluctuate with the importance of planets in the Economic States of Saw-Yos.


Cromxe, on its own, is one of the most major nations of the CUEN, with a grand populous and high military defense. It is also a good center for economics and trade, as many CUEN member-nations seek to do many business activities on the rather high-supply world. Cromxe is also home to many CUEN military bases, as well as government buildings. With a vast array of cities encompassing its surface, it even rivals Lowrokira with population and culture density.

With the Sah'Ors people in the center of Cromxe, much of its surface is covered in urban areas. However, many reserves also exist, for the preservation of wildlife and alien specimens. Their expansionist nature has also granted Cromxe an endless array of cities in the skies and under the ground.


The Economic States of Saw-Yos Military, as previously mentioned, is the strongest navy in the Commonwealth. While it does not have the most technological power, its numerical capabilities are ahead of nations like the LZF. With this system of numbers and strong superweapons, it maintains a dominant military through the northern CUEN. The Economic States of Saw-Yos military is often seen doing training, or donating weaker sections of itself to minor nations of the CUEN. This has accelerated since The Exhumation, making the Economic States of Saw-Yos the highest military donator to other nations.

With the Economic States of Saw-Yos military being some of the strongest, many planets in the borders have been dedicated to manufacturing ship parts and technologies. This ended up making the Economic States of Saw-Yos military some of the fastest growing and most offensive militaries in the CUEN, which proved to be very useful in the War of the Ancients.


The Economic States of Saw-Yos has influence in about 212 galaxies, making it the second largest nation in the Commonwealth. To fit this, the Economic States of Saw-Yos has the largest military, as well. Though the Economic States of Saw-Yos has a high-standard economy, it falls quite far behind when compared to the LZF, the largest economic nation in the Local Universe. Their military makes up for this though, and is shown to be the most powerful nation in the terms of defense, offense, technology usage, and overall military strength.

The area of the Economic States of Saw-Yos is fiercely protected by the vast military, as countless economic and industrial colonies litter the inside. Scattered around the innards of Economic States of Saw-Yos, these important colonies have been known for their high production and economic value. Places around Cromxe are also very protected, being some of the most defended areas in the CUEN. This is also what prevented the QPF from destroying important areas of the Economic States of Saw-Yos.


The Economic States of Saw-Yos formed on their own, soon after their civilization reached post scarcity. Like all other CUEN member-nations, they expanded and grew opulently. However, the Economic States of Saw-Yos was rather alone in its area of space, and became a very large nation. During the War of the Ancients, the Economic States of Saw-Yos was ravenously attacked by POLIKY, and fought a long conflict with them. They soon sought refuge in the CUEN, and used Hindsight to repel POLIKY entirely. They have since become a major member of the CUEN.

In the early days of the Economic States of Saw-Yos, many serrated and divided areas on the inside were prone to civil war. Many internal conflicts appeared, fighting for resources and cultural reasons. Seeking to leave such useless battles behind, the greater Saw-Yos government implanted a heavy military system, which prevented many nations from fighting at all. This soon led to a staunch unity between all states inside the Economic States of Saw-Yos. This soon ended up sprouting into cordial unity.

As of late, the Economic States of Saw-Yos have been seen increasing their military size, as well as making many decisions to improve its economy. Since The Exhumation, this has grown even greater. Relations with other CUEN nations have also increased dramatically, following the heavy military donations and defense pacts made with almost every nation. High protection for small nations has also given it a very beneficial appearance among other CUEN nations.

Ochya-Baros Federation of Zuspye

"Home to some of the richest and most powerful people of the Commonwealth, the Federation of Zuspye has become almost a legend. With countless economic upper hands, I am not one to say that it has limitless potential. Without them, the CUEN wouldn't be half as united or economic!"

Basic Description

Ochya-Baros Federation of Zuspye Flag

The official flag for the Federation of Zuspye.

The Ochya-Baros Federation of Zuspye (Now on called the Federation of Zuspye) is the second most influential nation in the CUEN by far. The Federation of Zuspye is based around good economic standards and freedom, much like other CUEN nations. However, the Federation of Zuspye has a major affiliation with capitalism and business, being an economic powerhouse of the CUEN.

Also investing in the fields of AI, The Federation of Zuspye is much responsible for the creation of Hindsight, a militaristic and governmental advising superintelligence. This helped the CUEN greatly during the War of the Ancients, and is a major reason as to why POLIKY did not thoroughly damage the CUEN. However, the Federation of Zuspye's greatest creation treated has been scorned by much of the population since The Exhumation. People have also criticized the Federation of Zuspye itself for creating such a potentially dangerous machine.

The Federation of Zuspye, with its almost omnipotence with economics, has helped shaped the CUEN into a very powerful nation. They have major influence over almost any international affairs, and can even influence the Lowzyol Federation. The Federation of Zuspye also has its countless businesses, which has generated high amounts of revenue for the CUEN. The Federation of Zuspye is also known for their massive strides in the areas of robotics an AI, something that is being reconsidered today.

With this influence comes crime, and the Federation of Zuspye has one of the highest levels of crime in the CUEN. It is the highest of every major CUEN member-nation, making it a very serious and glaring problem. The Federation of Zuspye, however, promises stability and safety with its many police systems.

Joining the CUEN amidst its creation, The Federation of Zuspye has propelled them into a system of economic success, much like what the Lowzyol Federation aimed for. This has made the Federation of Zuspye and the LZF great allies, which has helped them both as the CUEN grew to its current form. The Federation of Zuspye is also the LZF's biggest trading partner, often trading in military technology for other technologies.

Government Ideologies

The Federation of Zuspye heavily resembles a capitalistic society, which is centered near the practice of good business and economy. However, this capitalistic part of the Federation of Zuspye has given way to minor corruption inside its borders, something that it seeks to dismantle. Crime rate is also elevated, and is some of the highest in the CUEN.

Even with its glaring flaws, the capitalistic centered government of the Federation of Zuspye is still some of the best in the CUEN. With high cultural and religious tolerance, as well as some leeway in immigration, the Federation of Zuspye is an easy and opulent place to live in. The government, in history, has also prompted for massive amounts of economic and industrial development, making the nation dense in both fields.

Main Species

The Federation of Zuspye is centered around the Timporians of Poratus, a very important and widespread species of the Commonwealth, with natural instincts for trading and bartering. The Federation of Zuspye is known for many of their major corporations, which they have set up around economically wealthy areas of the CUEN. They area also known for being the second member-nation of the CUEN, as well as helping its creation and formation into what it is today.

With their hard-wired instincts aiming towards cooperation and slight hostility, Timporians have always gotten what they have wanted in history. TImporians are also willing to make very risky and audacious deals, which has made them very prominent in the richer populous of the CUEN. Many famous CEOs and celebrities have been Timporians, which gives them a very strong appeal in the richer community.


Poratus is a very major world in the CUEN, as is all other capitals of major nations. It is also the Commonwealth's most populated planet, as it has a global ecumenopolis. Poratus is the center of economic activity in the Federation of Zuspye, which makes it one of the wealthiest planets in the Local Universe. Poratus is also larger than many planets, but has manageable gravity from its low density. This has let many lifeforms live on the surface of this developed planet with ease.

Being an ecumenopolis, Poratus has since reached for the skies and under its surface for more residential dwellings. Many cities on the oceans of Poratus exist, making almost all of its surface, including oceans covered in some kind of urban activity. However, places which preserve ancient Poratan wildlife also exist.

As a result of the Timporians' economic and trade tendencies, Poratus has the highest density of commercial and industrial districts in the Commonwealth. Beating even that of Lowrokira, many cities have been built for the purpose of tourism and profits. Corporations on Poratus and around the Federation of Zuspye have also been given major leeway, allowing innovative, but also shady decisions to be made. This has also resulted in a high amount of corporate presence and private military in the Federation of Zuspye.


The Federation of Zuspye has a very major military, with much of its GDP being dedicated to defensive and offensive squadrons. Being an advanced manufacturer of military goods, as well as a very heavy importer of military devices from the LZF, the Federation of Zuspye holds some of the most advanced militaries ever. The spending of the military in the Federation of Zuspye usually goes to fleet power, expansion, as well as some contributions to AI automation. However, since the Exhumation, the CUEN has called off any major AI productions for an indefinite amount of time.

Being an outlier in the Commonwealth, the Federation of Zuspye has spotted heavy economic potential and morale improvements with a massive military. Defense of important planets and the destruction of tyrannical governments is also high on the Federation of Zuspye's priority. This has made the Federation of Zuspye very much involved with external affairs, often having brutal and outstretched conflicts with nations much smaller than itself.


The Federation of Zuspye has some influence in at least 248 galaxies, teetering on the edge of what is possible to influence. As a result of their high influence, they have a kind of downline of states and provinces, much like the greater CUEN. Their systematic and tiered level of leadership ensures fine stability inside its borders.

Being the largest major nation in the Commonwealth, the Federation of Zuspye has some outward attributes of domination and expansion. The innate beliefs of the Timporians have also made the Federation of Zuspye a fast growing nation, exploding in size after the War of the Ancients came to a close.

In modern day, the Federation of Zuspye has a very defined border system, except for those in the Local Group where it borders the LZF. Hundreds of galaxies, as well as countless economic capitals serve under the Federation of Zuspye, which generates much of its value as a nation. The areas around the galaxy of Triangulum are also heavily protected, much like other CUEN nations with their home galaxies.


Resulting from lower-than-average internal stability, the Federation of Zuspye has implemented a wide-scale province system many millennia ago. It has since gained higher control of its smaller areas, as well as letting more people control the flow of the Federation of Zuspye in its entirety.

Stationed right next to the Lowzyol Federation in Triangulum, the Federation of Zuspye squeezes the LZF, and blocks it from obtaining many important economic capitals. However, the Federation of Zuspye has often given access to the LZF for many worlds, and is known for giving land to their technologically advanced neighbor. This makes the border in the Local Group rather serrated, with an equilibrium of economic potential being expressed.

Vaspuijan Federate League

"Guided by the light of the Universe, the Vaspuijan Federate League is easily one of the most militarily and technologically advanced nations in the Commonwealth. With different but working systems, it can be described as an oddity. However, this does not contrast from its achievements, development, and reformations it has made throughout its long and harsh history. Shall the Vaspuijan Federate League be blessed forth." - Khudark Noxxe, Commonwealth International Affairs Officer.

Basic Description

the Vaspuijan Federate League is a very influential nation in the Commonwealth, and it has lots of influence on international affairs. They are most predominantly known for their major technological and military influence through the Hydra Supercluster. However, they very well succeed in power generation, as well.


The national flag of the Vaspuijan Federate League.

the Vaspuijan Federate League, as mentioned earlier, is known for its power generation, which accounts for a whopping 12% of the entire power grid. Much of this power is sourced back to the Vaspuijan Federate League, while excess is sent to other nations with simple Wormhole lines. The Vaspuijan Federate League has used its massive power reserves for many technological projects, which has pushed them near the top.

Admitting themselves into the Commonwealth in the 165000s, they have since grown and prospered to be one of the largest and most powerful nations in the CUEN. The Vaspuijan Federate League especially succeeds at researching in the fields of power generation and enigmatic technologies. This successful business has made them partner up with the Aprax Intergalactic Collective Systems, who takes kindly to the Vaspuijan Federate League.

Government Ideologies

the Vaspuijan Federate League has an ideology similar of that to a corporate civilization, but it has the morals and society of a more socialistic one. This has made the Vaspuijan Federate League a bit successful with its economy, while it also gives its people man benefits, just like the greater CUEN. However, with its a more corporate tendancy, the Vaspuijan Federate League has an increased crime rate relative to the rest of the Commonwealth. Much like the rest of the CUEN, the Vaspuijan Federate League has readily available systems for immigration, and holds a high spot in cultural freedom and religious freedom.

Like the Federation of Zuspye, the Vaspuijan Federate League has given corporations a heavy amount of influence in its borders. With many worlds dedicated to economic and commercial growth, the Vaspuijan Federate League has been cemented as some of the most corporate-influential nations in the Commonwealth. With morals based on six branches of government, broad and advanced decisions have been made throughout the Vaspuijan Federate League's life.

Main Species

The Vaspuijan Federate League is centered around the Cocziens, a sulfur-based lifeform, unlike most other sapient species. They originate from the planet of Dewoo-Dade, and are accustomed to its toxic environment. The Coczeins are also naturally tended towards more peaceful and trade-like activities, which has given the nation a slight advantage in economics and development.

Holing a deep and defensive past, the Cocziens have since developed an internal attitude. It was only until the 10000s CE when the Vaspuijan Federate League opened up, and soon joined the CUEN. Then after, the Vaspuijan Federate League would cling to the CUEN, and soon develop on itself to the point that corporations were massive. This ended up giving the Vaspuijan Federate League its corporate lifestyle.


Dewoo-Dade is the capital of the Vaspuijan Federate League, and is one of the most important world in the Commonwealth. It is centered around a mixture of defense and economics, which makes it a very developed planet, like all others. Dewoo-Dade is also a very noxious and acidic planet, something that the Coczeins have been used to since their origin. As a result, Dewoo-Dade is not very populated, but still has many species in kinds of shielded environments.

In the cities that do exist however, there are countless amenities centers, cultural havens, and monuments which withstand the harsh acidic environment. The underground is the most populated area, with a population demographic of mostly foreigners. Much like the undercities on Lowrokira and Poratus, these extend far and wide, and are very developed.


the Vaspuijan Federate League's military is a very major power in the Commonwealth, even if it is less focused and less developed than others. It usually preforms well in the areas of Small and Medium-Class ships production, which are cheap to make with its array of power plants. The Vaspuijan Federate League also uses LZF technology to create very efficient and reliable ships. This makes them a small center for local shipbuilding and a center for the export of military vessels.

With its massive power reserves, the Federate League does have massive potential for a military. However, the Federate League usually looks at more profitable tactics, like expanding their economy and upgrading their massive power banks. Major military influence is near the power plants, though. This makes the Federate League an intermediate military power.


the Federate League has some influence in approximately 154 galaxies, with them having slightly less area than the LZF. However, many of these galaxies are small but mineral-rich dwarf galaxies, making their galactic area a bit smaller. The Federate League is currently rapidly harvesting their galactic areas, using much of their space for antimatter generation. The Federate League also has a fully functional Intergalactic Gateway, giving them a percentage surplus of antimatter.

Deep within its borders, the Federate League holds closely many power plant areas, megastructures, and advanced objects like the previously mentioned Intergalactic Gateways. Countless efforts to rebuild them have been underway, with partial success with small versions. Surrounding its power plants are usually very advanced planets, profiting heavily off of the power that the Federate League gives.


the Vaspuijan Federate League is also the only member of the CUEN to rebel against a dominant power. They once belonged to an oppressive nation named the Oichahax Interstellar State, which held the Vaspuijan Federate League as a puppet state for centuries. They have since established a fair justice system, better people's rights, and a system of universal freedom. Since their revolution, they have absorbed all former subjects of the authoritarian nation, uniting as one nation entirely.

Since then, the Vaspuijan Federate League cowered into a defensive state for many millennia. It was until the CUEN united and spread when the Vaspuijan Federate League considered joining forces. With high internal development and isolationism slowly declining, it soon happened. Ever since the Vaspuijan Federate League joined the CUEN, it has always supplied a large amount of power to every nation, and grew many industrial capitals for itself and others.

As of 200000 CE, the Vaspuijan Federate League has been seen collecting a large military near their borders, defending themselves from The Supreme and DELYATU. This has only happened very recently, making these defenses rather sparse in their entirety. However, with recent trades to other nations outside the CUEN, the Vaspuijan Federate League has increased their technological potential and spending a bit.

Nisrine Collective Minds

"I am especially honored to fight with the Commonwealth against these threats. I assure you, we will do the best in our ability to advise and aid you against The Supreme and DELYATU of the Shapely Clusters... Please trust us..." - Nisrine Mind shortly after The Exhumation took place.

Nisrine Mind Flag

The official national flag for Nisrine Collective Minds.

Nisrine Collective Minds is the only Artificial Superintelligence to be accepted in the Commonwealth as a sovereign nation. To ensure that no part of Nisrine Mind could corrupt the military and government, CUEN contingency forces are constantly surveying almost every major part of Nisrine Mind. Servers for where Nisrine Mind harbors its people are also checked by experienced personnel, as well as by Hindsight.

Nisrine Collective Minds is a loose area of approximately 100 galaxies, which is controlled centrally by Nisrine Mind. Nisrine Mind specializes in species catering, self-defense, as well as military advisory of the CUEN. Currently, Nisrine Mind is looking to expand Hindsight and even incorporate them into their programming. The CUEN has denied many of Nisrine Mind's recent moves, but still trusts them to be a member of the CUEN.

Nisrine Mind was born after its creators assigned an AI for the purpose of protecting The Nisranian's home planet from threats. Nisrine Mind soon grew exponentially, and united all Nisranians under a single government. Nisrine mind then went to cater to the population, as well as expand their forces.

This was going smoothly until the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction, a faction of fascist authoritarians, destroyed Nisrine Mind's severs and essentially killed everyone. Nisrine Mind, aggravated to no limit, soon hacked into every Nawian military drone and server, collapsing it entirely. They then rebuilt the servers and began to prosper in their new land.

Since the War of the Ancients, Nisrine Mind has grown to fill all former Nawian space. It has also built countless worlds, and made material and virtual utopia for all citizens. Soon enough, the CUEN accepted Nisrine Mind, and since then it has helped the CUEN develop many technologies, as well as other things. Like Hindsight, Nisrine Mind usually advises the CUEN government for good political moves and strategies.

Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems

"Risen from the ashes of a broken empire, the SSICS has greatly improved on our former selves. Once divided and angry, the heroes behind the SSICS united every last one of us - for freedom and for equality. This time, we will do it right. This time, we will rise to the top and show the CUEN what a good nation looks like." - Javanor Virake, High Council leader of the SSICS.

Basic Description (WIP)

The Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems (now on called SSICS) is a slightly lesser major nation of the CUEN, though they still have major influence in international affairs.

The SSICS is most notably known for their sublime technological ability, fair justice systems, and their highly developed society. They are also known for initially aiding the CUEN with its formation. Unlike most intergalactic nations, the SSICS has had minimal conflict, save for the War of the Ancients, The Exhumation, and the war which created the SSICS in the first place.

Being admitted into the CUEN shortly after its creation, the SSICS has since grown to be a major power in the respective areas of technology, economics, and people's rights. People's equality is also a very practiced and basic thing in the SSICS at this point. This has directly resulted in a uniquely high quality of life and increased peace in the borders.

Government Ideologies (WIP)

Main Species (WIP)

Capital (WIP)

Military (WIP)


The SSICS has a kind of influence about 93 galaxies, making it rather small compared to the larger nations of the Commonwealth. However, many of these galaxies are larger than average, with many small-ish galaxies in SSICS borders being filled with much more star systems and resources. This resource surplus has let it exist and thrive with itself and other nations for many millennia.


The SSICS rose form the ashes of a very oligarchical nation named the Zescuowana-Shington Interstellar Republic. This nation, near the point of its capitulation, could not control its provinces anymore. It split into 5 areas, which soon grew into isolation and petty war. The SSICS (Then known as the Snuatzia Interstellar Entente, now on called "SIE") was one of the weaker ones of these nations. The SIE was also very loose, and could barely hold itself together by the time of dissolution.

However, it still focused primarily on the development of technology and defense. As the other four nations fought for centuries, the SIE soon gained a technological and militaristic upper hand. The SIE soon fought and defeated all four nations, bringing the former Zescuowana-Shington Interstellar Republic back together. However, it reformed with a new purpose - to spread peace and equality across the stars. The SSICS then worked on itself for centuries more, until it joined the CUEN when it was forming.

Foswoaca Intergalactic Union

"Centralized around peace and progress, it is clear as to how the Foswoaca Intergalactic Union came to prosper inside the Commonwealth. They have stood true to their promise of true peace and neutrality, and has instead worked on bettering themselves exponentially. One day, this will be the Universe, calm and exponentially improving..." - Kryrono Lomir during a CUEN member-nation meeting.

Basic Description

The Foswoaca Intergalactic Union (Now on referred to the FIU) is one of the most peace-making and neutral nations of the Commonwealth. Focusing primarily on themselves, they have exponentially grown faster than most other CUEN member-nations. The only major conflicts that the FIU has been in was the War of the Ancients, combined with smaller scuffles before and since.

Government Ideologies (WIP)

Main Species

The FIU is centered around the Qhaunkrud people, a species of naturally-peaceful and silicon-based species. This makes them very unusual in the intergalactic stage, as most species have a nation with a sizable offensive military proportion. This peace has benefited the FIU, and they have stayed away from most wars. This has also let them invest in a defense-only military, which is also effective.


The capital of the FIU is Lipiclite, a barren world flourishing with silicon-based life. Ever since the Qhaunkrud roce to power, Lipiclite has become a bustling ecumenopolis, with many reserves for the unusual lifeforms in the forms of zoos and parks. Lipiclite also has a rather small population of foreigners, which is resulted from its lack of an atmosphere.


While the FIU military is grand, it is not dedicated towards offense at all. They are mainly comprised of advanced peacemaking forces, only designed to incapacitate enemies. As a result, they have committed no atrocities, and have barely any deaths attributed to them. FIU society is also committed towards peace, and most people born in the FIU see war as dishonorable and barbaric. This is a reason as to why they joined the CUEN in the first place. The FIU has also avoided almost all CUEN-related conflict, save for the War of the Ancients.


The FIU has some influence over about 92 galaxies, making them the smallest major nation of the CUEN. The FIU has many deep-rooted networks of travel and population in their borders, quite more advanced than other nations. Their smaller size does not mean that they are less powerful either, as they have the potential to rival the Vaspuijan Federate League in power alone. They also have the sizable defense mentioned earlier.


The FIU formed on its own, uniting all nation-states of its homeworld by the time post-scarcity was made. The FIU formed on the basis of peace and technology, which heightened them to the intergalactic level in only tens of many millennia. Their closeby galaxies were rather small though, and they soon influenced them all. This was when the FIU discovered the CUEN, a peaceful collection of nations with minimal conflict and economic bountifulness. The FIU soon joined, and has since spread their ideas of peace to everyone.

Joining the Commonwealth in the 41000s, the FIU was admitted during a time of relative peace and prosperity. They have since grown to influence much of the CUENs actions, which include governmental and local decisions. The FIU has also been sublime in the fields of energy production since its formation.

Minor Member Nations

"Even the little ones count, as they are essentially the glue in what goes on in the CUEN. They dot the map like little children, excited and honored to be apart of such a massive intergalactic community. I am sure that many of these nations should thank the greater CUEN every day - as they would most definitely be dead without them."

Xesheauoglor Republic of the Stars

"United equally and strongly, the Xesheauoglor Republic of the Stars dearly thanks the Commonwealth for their protection. We will prosper and unite the universe under true freedom and equality!" - A certain socialist activist in the XRS.

The Xesheauoglor Republic of the Stars, now on called the XRS, is a rather small socialist member-state of the CUEN. They are the largest socialist nation in the CUEN, influencing about 52 galaxies. Similarly to the ideals of the CUEN, The XRS promotes freedom, equality, and expression. However, the XRS has gone further, and treats every last citizen fairly, and prohibits any large corporations. The XRS also promotes a hard working people with a crediting system, like the AICS or Union of Ewahaia.

The XRS first came to be after post-scarcity was achieved on their homeworld. They have since expanded exponentially, catering to any native species in their galaxy. They soon grew to influence much of their galaxy until wars broke out for many millennia. They soon rose to the top, uniting all major species in their galaxy as one. The XRS then became intergalactic, and discovered the CUEN during the War of the Ancients.

Ofradialopa Syndicate

"Our markets will be completely unparalleled now that we have joined the Commonwealth. Our business will thrive, and everyone will see us as an example to every other nation. I am sure of it." - A certain corporation activist after joining the Commonwealth.

The Ofradialopa Syndicate is a minor but economically powerful member of the Commonwealth. The Ofradialopa Syndicate is also the most capitalist-like nation in the Commonwealth, appealing to business with others and corporations. However, they have banned megacorporations after a long and brutal civil war. Influencing approximately 47 galaxies, the Ofradialopa Syndicate has grown to be great allies with the Ochya-Baros Federation of Zuspye, a major nation of the CUEN which specializes in business and economics.

The Ofradialopa Syndicate first arrived many millennia ago, during the War of the Decamany millennial Transition. Being rather close to the Confederacy, they soon bailed from the Milky Way to Andromeda, where they set up scattered colonies. They soon set up major colonies near the LZF, which in turn became the Commonwealth. The Ofradialopa Syndicate has made shocking strides for its small size, being able to tempt many nations into a good deal. The Ofradialopa Syndicate has also succeeded in keeping rather stable corporations alive.

Technocratic Confederation of Thaublynton

"We are honored to be in the Commonwealth, as this was our destiny. As we are only ruled by the smartest, we know a thing or two about everyone's future... The Commonwealth has given us so much leeway with ourselves that we will simply become utopia." - A certain technocrat activist after the TCT was admitted into the CUEN.

The Technocratic Confederation of Thaublynton (Now on called the TCT) is a technocratic selection of states, joined together on the purpose of electing intelligent and logical people for their government. Ever since their recent formation. The TCT has since joined the Commonwealth, allowing for them to prosper with their ideals and missions. Having influence in about 41 galaxies, the TCT has spread their ideals to countless native and foreign species. The TCT sees technocracy as one of the only ways to succeed, and so are using their membership of the CUEN to voice themselves loudly.

Emerging from a rather oligarchical nation, the TCT promised to elect intelligent and wise polticians for their nation, soon establishing a technocracy. This has propelled them into a system of exponential technological improvement, which has only accelerated since they were admitted into the CUEN.

Skuyellesia Federation of Quihza

"Our Federal power will be unmatched in the Commonwealth, as we grow to conquer the stars. I am confident that we will succeed over the others, and become influential over the CUEN once and for all!" - A patriotic federal enthusiast after the War of the Ancients.

The Skuyellesia Federation of Quihza (Now on referred to as the SFQ) Is a minor federal nation, with a network of states and counties that work sub-autonomously. Much like the major federations of the CUEN, the SFQ caters to a system of equality, freedom, and a strong economy. The SFQ is also quite expansionist, willing to spread their ideals far across the Commonwealth.

The SFQ has influence in only 31 galaxies, but these galaxies are rather large and filled with plentiful resources. Their area also has a notable lack of sapient lifeforms, making them able to colonize without much worry. Their vast resource network parallel the major nations in intricacy and ability, with the SFQ being one of the most productive minor nations in the CUEN.

Rising on their own, the SFQ reached and surpassed post-scarcity right before the War of the Ancients. After this, they grew bit by bit until the impossibly large Quintet Puontari Federation was near their borders. They soon fled to the Commonwealth, and became one of the many nations who essentially escaped the war. The CUEN granted the SFQ protection, and Hindsight soon came in to fully ensure the protection of the smaller nations. After the war, the SFQ kept expanding in their galaxy into what they are today.

Plutocracy of Zobria-Waploqua

"Joining the Commonwealth has given us so much more power, something that we couldn't even dream of. We will expand our grasp and economy to no end, and even conquer other galaxies in the midst..." - A certain plutocrat elected official.

The Plutocracy of Zobria-Waploqua is a very minor and rather unequal interstellar plutocracy, which is ruled by many wealthy individuals. Corruption in the Plutocracy of Zobria-Waploqua is higher than normal, with many instances of cutting corners and scandals being present. However, the Plutocracy of Zobria-Waploqua has since strayed from such activities since their admission into the CUEN. Since they became members, the Plutocracy of Zobria-Waploqua has focused much of its resources into internal and external expansion. Quality of life changes are also being given to the Plutocracy of Zobria-Waploqua by the greater CUEN, helping it grow further.

Encompassing only 19 galaxies, the Plutocracy of Zobria-Waploqua promises to expand and grow outwards for more resources and revenue. Many businesses flourish and have political power in the borders, letting them expand at will. However, this has come with corruption, which is being weeded out by the greater CUEN.

The Plutocracy of Zobria-Waploqua rebelled from a successful empire, then promised to make more revenue and take them over. After many millennia of what was essentially cold war, the Plutocracy of Zobria-Waploqua finally invaded their former captors, and took them over with a plutocratic system. They have since exponentially grown in revenue, as well as resource intake and military might.

Mowhaiye-Efrus Social-Federation

"I believe that we are the perfect example for any government. Just look at us, we have mastered the cosmos and given many people so many new homes, better lives. This is why the CUEN appealed to me... They were just like us - even better..." - The president of the MESF after they were admitted inside the Commonwealth.

The Mowhaiye-Efrus Social-Federation (Now on called the MESF) is a democratic-socialist federation of star systems, located deep inside the Commonwealth. They are a very minor but loud nation, often times making audacious moves and strides towards freedom and social equality. The MESF, much like the greater CUEN, has a system of government-mandated programs, all of which are intended to help citizens gain better lives. The MESF also promotes militaristic acts, such as naval programs and encouraged enlisting. The MESF also has a broad military, which encompasses much of their land.

The MESF only has influence in several medium-glass galaxies, controlling much of their inner and outer regions. Their wide military programs have spread their influence far and wide, covering their territory. The greater CUEN has aided in intergalactic colonization for the MESF as well.

The MESF rose from a collection of nation-states on their homeworld. They since grew to expand outwards decades later, founding colonies in other star systems. In centuries, all nation-states became unified, and the MESF was the most powerful of them. They then formed a new government, based around freedom, equality, and helping people become productive members of society.

Soon after they achieved cheap interstellar travel, the MESF grew and expanded their claims, keeping loose control over their territories. It was until a hyper-advanced AI was invented did the MESF begin to enforce their claims completely. After many small scuffles with other civilizations, they soon influenced much of their galaxies, and then found the Commonwealth. After seeing many parallels, the MESF joined immediately, and is prospering.


"Sedrua is probably the most truthful and kind nations in the Commonwealth. I believe them to be very modest, as well as confident and honest as well. Their countless traditions of self-improvement and good will have made their citizens into truly great people." - A CUEN High Official regarding Sedrua's national cultures and customs.

Sedrua is a large minor nation in the Commonwealth. Sedrua is likely the most traditional and culturally centered nation of the Commonwealth, accepting and housing millions of different cultures and ideas. This has led to some of the highest rates of equality, and some rather low rates of crime. Sedrua is also a unique nation, with countless sites of important buildings. Many of their planets are rather untouched, save for clean cities entirely in the sky.

Sedrua is one of the biggest minor nations of the CUEN, having influence in only a portion of their galaxy. They have slowly grown over their long lifetime, eventually turning most species into culturalist people with simple lives. However, this territory was enforced by a background government force, which made sure that nobody would leave Sedura.

Sedrua is also one of the oldest intergalactic nations in existence, being approximately 2 million years old. They progressed very slowly until their recent admission into the Commonwealth. Prior to admission, Sedrua was an isolationist but culturally-rich nation, which focused only on the quality of life and health of its citizens. As a result from its closed borders, the people inside slowly tended towards appealing to culture, and becoming well-intentioned. Crime rate was very low, and military was at a minimum.

Sedura, like many other minor nations, joined the Commonwealth in fear of being destroyed by the Quintet Puontari Federation. They have since stayed as a tight-knit nation, since growing their economy by several factors. They have also set up a minor defense system, and has loosened their borders a bit.

As of 200000 CE, Sedura is mostly known for their traditionalist architecture, as well as their notable equality standards. This equality will likely bleed into other systems, making the government a bit more fair and loose. Any background systems have been replaces with a more democratic parliament.

Citizen Class

"From what I have seen, the CUEN is so much more.. I don't know, fair! The rich are kept in place, and the poor get so much help... It is immensely easy to succeed in the Commonwealth. I would say that it is even easier than pressing a button for a good life, because you don't have to do anything! The CUEN always promises good life and fortune, from the government to you. Thank you."

- A certain refugee from the Verd’nim’tosh United Galaxies. (Circa 183128 CE)

Classes of citizens within The Commonwealth are significantly stretched and are very complicated to an outsider's perspective. These classes do not automatically reflect monetary value, either. The CUEN also treats every single one of these members equally, with scaled taxes, government-mandated systems, and ensured citizenship and protection. The list goes as follows:

The Elite

  • President & Surrounding Family / Relatives

The leaders of the nations, as well as their families, are some of the most powerful beings in The Commonwealth, if not the Local Universe. Most of these people have worked hard in the fields of business and politics to reach this level. Others are simply lucky, being born in a higher class family. As a result, these individuals hold a very high standard of life. These people also have much control over what lifestyles they may choose, and the most powerful can influence their very nation. Of course, nobody in the CUEN is completely all-powerful.

A prime example of a powerful figure is the leader of the Lowzyol Federation, Kryrono-Lomir. Kryrono can influence much of the LZF, and has the potential to change its entire course of history. So far, Kryrono-Lomir has focused on the expansion and development of LZF technology and military. So far, it has been very effective since The Exhumation has called the CUEN military to action.

  • The 1%

The 1% of The Commonwealth are very much rich. They have the highest sheer wealth in The Commonwealth, and they have access to almost all goods and services. These people also have a high ranking in The Commonwealth, which gives them a high chance to involve them in government affairs. Many people belonging to the 1% are also capable of building private starbases, colonies, and even being able to rent out many star systems if their wealth is up there. However, this 1% is not as steep or corrupt as some may think. Taxation, social limitations, and mega-corporation prohibition has prevented any rich person from gaining any solute power.

Only a small fraction of the 1%, called the 0.01%, is quite a bit richer than the broad 1%. This section of people consist of CEOs, politicians, and other major people of power. Leaders of many nations also belong to the 0.01%. Any others are simply lucky or are an expert in a major field.

  • The High Rich

These citizens hold a grand amount of money, and are unchallenged by most people in The Commonwealth. These people are usually CEOs of large companies, or have high rankings within them. Most of the High Rich live in a more lavish lifestyle, making them a bit scorned upon by the lower classes. However, many members of the High Rich look beyond such personal gains. These people are hoping to solve significant problems in The Commonwealth.

A prime example of a High Rich person is Tiryim Tyn , a Timporian who manages the ship-producing company named Tiryim Space Foundries. Tiryim Tyn also is the lower manager of many more companies, which all strive to help The Commonwealth in many ways. Tiryim Tyn is also a high rank in Takanashi Antimatter, making him one of the most powerful members of the High Rich.

Middle Citizens

  • Upper Class

Most of these citizens are those who have obtained a large amount of money through hard work. Many of these people also have an association with major companies and have claimed to work their way through the ranks. Some wealthy citizens are merely born well off, as a result of noble couples willing to mate and have children. These children have been noted to be remarkably cocky about their wealth status, once again making them disliked by a significant fraction of people.

Most Upper Class citizens contain some entrepreneurs, as well as many hard-working citizens working in major businesses (Such as Takanashi Antimatter or in high positions of Tundra) Many of them also run small businesses of their own on the surfaces of planets. Higher classes of these citizens could have a small company in asteroid mining and orbital stations.

  • Middle Class

Coming to the majority of people, the Middle Class is introduced. The Middle Class is known to be the 'backbone' of The Commonwealth, with many of them working minimal shifts per day. Most of these people manage AI and building conditions, as well as managing megastructures, filing out as colonists, and usually presenting themselves as some kind of employee for a corporation. The workload and labor time have decreased dramatically since the inception of modern labor, and it seems to be slowly going down evermore. The Middle class has also reported having much more free time when compared to other governmental entities, as a result of this.

  • Immigrants

All immigrants that have come to The Commonwealth legally are automatically given Immigrant status. Currently, many immigrants are unemployed and are looking for work. All legal immigrants who can not speak a form of Xeno are given the ability to speak said language with neural linkage. This practice makes their social lives much easier in The Commonwealth.

Immigrants are also given a multitude of government-mandated programs, which assist them around the CUEN until they can start a life of their own. Immigrants also get some kind of priority housing, neural education, and healthcare benefits when they are admitted into the CUEN.

  • Prisoners (Light)

Treated very humanely, many prisoners of the CUEN undergo many hours of re-institution and Neural Linkage. Most prisoners are given rather comfortable lives, and are given basic needs like literature, supple amounts of nutrition, and social interaction if they need it. Any prisoner with known psychotic issues are given immediate treatment and re-institution as well. Deeper and more unknown issues with the person would send them into a system of years worth of rehabilitation, and even brain restructuring.

Other offenses, such as alcohol abuse, third degree murder, as well as accidental crimes are classified as Light prisoners, which has stirred up plenty of controversy in the CUEN international police system. These prisoners can often be demoted to lower class prisons if their crime is major enough, an example being repeated offenses.

Poorer People

  • Lower Class

The Lower Class of the CUEN is almost non-existent, as a result of many government-mandated programs. The Lower Class of the Commonwealth has also one main purpose, and that is to be a transitional class from the unfortunate people to the upper classes. This has the highest concentration of CUEN-admitted programs, all of which are designed to being people up from prison, get them on their feet with immigration, and to admit them a stable and prosperous life in the CUEN.

  • Refugees (Neutral)

With many nations having poor living qualities, many refugees have fled to the Commonwealth. Notable examples were people from the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction and occasionally from small nations who seek to leave their harsh and crude lifestyles. These people are given a high priority in help and are usually given admission into government-mandated programs if need be. They are also given instant education about the surrounding universe.

  • Refugees (Enemies)

There are refugees, and the refugees are coming from enemy nations. These unfortunate people are usually drafted into many programs, streamlined to help them integrate into Commonwealth society. Most Refugees from enemy nations are not treated well in public, as their reputation has been tarnished as a result of an ongoing war. Currently, there are no Refugees from enemy nations at the moment.

Scorned Populous

  • Prisoners (Low)

One of the only forms of lower people in The Commonwealth are POWs, mostly captured from the Outer Wars. Unlike most prisoners, these groups of people are subjected to crude forms of prison, kept alive with modern medicine over hundreds, if not thousands of years. Also different from most prisoners, many POWs hold a low quality of life. This punishment is intended to correct them for their choices over the course of the war they fought. Low conditions are usually given to the most genocidal individuals, as well.

Most POWs have committed unspeakable acts, making them undeserving of self-improvement facilities. These people are treated with full-realism VR, which simulates hundreds of years of ancient forms of prison. Most of these VR prison sentences have been completed, leaving only the worst people still suffering for what they have done.

  • Terrorists

Similar to POWs, Terrorists are to be treated lowly. They are given very harsh and lengthy prison sentences, some of them given trauma or death sentences at the worst. If a Terrorist is captured, they are immediately subjected to crushing prison sentences, many of them extending to their eventual death. Such is the most obvious case in the Ochya-Baros Federation of Zuspye, a member nation of the CUEN which banishes and imprisons all threats to homeland security.

Many terrorists are left to live on AI-Controlled Penal worlds, with their only form of contact being with other prisoners. If any fights break out, armed drones are there to break them up. This harsh prison system puts a domineering effect upon the terrorists. They also have many reduced rights, which has spurred up much controversy in politics and the police areas.

Many citizens in The Commonwealth have pushed for a change of the terrorist living conditions. Over the years, this has partially worked, leaving only the deadliest terrorists confined to worlds. Most others are currently undergoing quick VR punishments.

  • Dangerous Artificial Intelligence

As a direct result of the Exhumation, all sapient and capable AI considered to be 'dangerous' shall be removed and destroyed immediately. Any sapient AI must be carefully watched, and any that attempt to do dangerous acts will be dismantled on sight. There have been many changes to sapient AI life, and many biological people have wondered if they are genuinely conscious at all. There have been many protests from sapient AI groups in recent times, making life for them apparently worse. Mass migrations of sapient AI citizens happen daily as a result.


"The people of the CUEN have to be the most important parts... Without our free-thinking people, blessed by this government, we wouldn't be nearly as prosperous. There would be a bleak nation, a small nation, a worthless nation. The people are what really bring us up, and thats what really makes me proud for what we have become."
- A certain socialist activist, approving of the CUEN's perspective on people's rights and influence.

The population of The Commonwealth is simply massive. with the most recent population census showing that the CUEN has some of the most populous and developed capitals and planets in the Local Universe. The demographics of these planets are very diverse and numerous, with hundreds of major species living on many worlds. A comprehensive list of population demographics are below:

Species Homeworld Description Affiliation
Zythyn Lowrokira Zythyns are the most dominant species of the CUEN, and comprise of 9% of the total population. Originally residing in the Peleunsk Galaxy, they have since expanded out and peacefully conquered many galaxies. Their sheer numbers are likely derived from their nomadic nature, and their stronger capacity for love and peace more than hate. Zythyns are also the sole reason for the Commonwealth existing at all. Lowzyol Federation
Timporian Poratus Timporians are a major species of the CUEN, and make up about 8% of the total population. Coming from the Triangulum Galaxy, Timporians joined the CUEN in the early days, originating from the Ochya-Baros Federation of Zuspye. Timporians have since prospered and have existed since before the CUEN. As a result, they have since contributed a major part to the Commonwealth's existence. Ochya-Baros Federation of Zuspye
Qhaunkrud Lipiclite The Qhaunkrud are a major species in the CUEN, counting for about 6% of the total population. The Qhaunkrud are rather unusual, being comprised on silicon rather than carbon. This has let them thrive on a barren planet named Lipiclite, which has since become an ecumenopolis like many major Commonwealth planets.

the Qhaunkrud are widely known for their peaceful attitude, and they have stayed out of almost all conflict. They were the last nation in the CUEN to join the War of the Ancients, as they saw an immediate threat to their security.

Foswoaca Intergalactic Union


TBA The Sah'ors are the most dominant non-native species to the CUEN. The Sah'ors make up around 5% of the entire CUEN population. Initially being attacked in the War of the Ancients, the Sah'ors hurriedly joined the CUEN, and fought alongside the other nations. Since then, they have remained as a major power, and has flourished. Economic States of Saw-Yos
Coczien Dewoo-Dade The Coczien are an assorted species of sulphur-based lifeforms, making up a major part of the CUEN population. They are the most major species in the nation of the Vaspuijan Federate League.

The Coczein are also based on an unusual planet named Dewoo-Dade, a very sulphuric and toxic planet located in its parent star's habitable zone. Dewoo-Dade is actually flourishing with life, changing many people's perception on where sapient species could rise.

Making up around 4% of the population, the Coczien people have risen a great nation, of which generates a large surplus of power and technology in the Commonwealth. The Coczien people also originate from the Hydra Supercluster, and are the most dominant species there.

the Vaspuijan Federate League
Rhicksha TBA The Rhicksha are the oldest species to join the LZF, and subsequently the CUEN. The Rhicksha once had a nation, which was since destroyed by the Shazarak Imperium during the War for Peleunsk.

Originating from Andromeda, and aiding the LZF since the War for Peleunsk, Zythyns and Rhicksha have both prospered immensely. Rhicksha account for about 3 to 4% of the total CUEN population, only populating areas near the Local Group.

Lowzyol Federation
Human Earth Humans are one of the most prominent species in the entire Local Universe. Humans reside in the same galactic area as Zythyns, and make up about 3% of the population. Ever since they initiated first contact with the LZF, (And in turn the CUEN) they have stood as close allies. This has since transferred over to the entire Confederacy of Borealis. Federations of United Star Systems
Scrergeath Gruxugawa The Scrergeath are one of the oldest admitted species in the CUEN. They also belong to the Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems (SSSICS), a major CUEN member-nation in the Hydra-Centaurus region. The Scrergeathian people make up about 2 to 3% of the CUEN population, with most Scrergeathians residing in the mid-section of the Hydra-Centaurus region. Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems
Thruuncuin Puontari-Abos Thruuncuins are the most numerous foreign species of the CUEN, officially belonging to the Aprax Intergalactic Collective Systems. Thruuncuins make up about 1% of the population, which is responsible from the high interest of the AICS. The AICS themselves revealed that they are migrating many high-ranking citizens to conduct international business with the CUEN. Aprax Intergalactic Collective Systems

Military (REDO SOON)

"If they were just a bit more defensive, they would have slaughtered us. Whatever this Hindsight thing is, it is already learning our most complicated moves. I am afraid that even with our technological upper hand, their sheer power may beat us any day now..."

- An archived message from a certain admiral of the Aprax Intergalactic Collective Systems. (Circa 176732 CE)

The Commonwealth's military is one of the most bolstering powerhouses in The Laniakea Supercluster. In total, The Commonwealth military is home to about ten sextillion people that are enlisted. Most of these people, around 8.5 sextillions, are classified as pilots. Most pilots are given a work status in a ship class ranging from Corvette to Titan. Many pilots are given the duty of ship maintenance, while only a trusted dozen or so percent are given exact flight duties. The number of pilots physically flying ships has lowered considerably since the introduction of AI piloting many millennia ago.

Life on a Commonwealth Titan or Battleship is much better than it was in previous many millennia, with many segments of the ships being devoted for soldier training, comfort, and living spaces. There are typically many dozens of dining areas, tens of physical training segments, and many hundreds of escape pods on a regular Commonwealth Battleship.

In many previous many millennia, battleships, titans, cruisers, and the likes were mostly used for maximizing housing and training, as well as small sections devoted to flight control, dining, and even amenities if a Commonwealth pilot was lucky. Many inefficient power plants were also in the ships, which blotted up many sectors of the ship that could've been used for other, more important rooms.


"The bulk of the CUEN's military. I have yet to understand how it became this. This powerful, this advanced, this... awing. I have to envy it for its technological advancement, to be honest. Without them sharing it, We would simply be far behind. It makes you think how fortunate we are for our good ties."

-A certain general of the Confederate Space Force. (Circa 199610 CE)

The Commonwealth Intergalactic Space Force is a force to be reckoned with. With its vast size comes a plethora of ship types, ranging from the small Corvette, to the impossibly colossal Planetcraft. Many factors like living conditions, upkeep, crew count, and firepower are put into consideration. The entirety of the CUEN fleet makes it the second most powerful nation, behind the CoB but not by much.

A comprehensive list of starships and their respective tiers are below:

Tiny Class

The Tiny Class of Commonwealth starship only has strength in vast swarms of numbers. Utilizing drone warfare the most, these ships can usually eat away at many fleets. Their small size also makes them able to be stored easily and efficiently, allowing for swarm attacks of great scale. Some models of these ships can also be used in-atmosphere, as suggested by their more aerodynamic shape.

Class Description
Drone Drones are a very loose and broad class of ships, which only depends on if the craft manned or not. Many drones can be hundreds of meters long, or reach as low as the nanometer scale. Most CUEN drones are between 10 to 25 meters in length, and are usually deployed rapidly by Commissioner ships, or Titans.

This kind of drone warfare has propelled the CUEN to be a very formidable and numerous force, with countless armed drones in the military. Small sections of carefully surveyed ships can also self-replicate, allowing the military to grow on its own.

Since The Exhumation, many people have feared that The Supreme or DELYATU could hack into these drones and turn them against the Commonwealth military. This has made drone warfare a bit less popular, and as a result most drones are being monitored carefully.

Drones are usually used for swarming enemies. With their small size, they can fit through many places, as well as distract and disable many enemy ships. Drones also receive common usage by larger ships, of which deploy Drones at massive rates. This in turn causes Drones to be some of the most destructive parts of the Commonwealth fleet.

Fighter Fighters are the smallest possible size for a crewed ship, though many of these can be classified as Drones. Fighters are usually between 25 to 80 meters long, and are not used unless there are thick debris fields or if drones are cut off. Fighters are also not able to thoroughly communicate to other ships at a far distance.

A typical Fighter is equipped with a small two lasers on the side. These are interchangeable, and can be replaced out for kinetic launchers, tiny missile launchers, and small bolt launchers. These can also be substituted for microscopic drone launchers, which can make a large cloud of ships. Drones in larger sizes can also be deployed in lower numbers.

Fighters are also used for swarming enemy ships. However, all fighters are manned and usually have a crew count of one to two. Fighters are also used for in-atmosphere fighting as seen by their aerodynamic shape.

Corvette A standard-issue Commonwealth Corvette usually comes with small cluster missile launchers[1], as well as close-range laser weaponry is there is any space left. Sometimes, the cluster missiles are dropped entirely for more close-range weapons.

A regular manned corvette can come in at 70-100 meters in length, and ten or more meters in height. Corvettes usually have only five or six crew members, with much of it being monitored by non-sentient AI. Some larger corvettes could require more people, with the maximum crew capacity potentially being up to 20.

Corvettes are commonly used to escort other ships, in case of ambush or terrorism. With their high maneuverability, they can quickly swarm hostile forces. Utilizing the storage larger ships, corvettes can also be numerous enough to swarm enemies, like drone warfare.

Corvettes, like all smaller ships, is also used for swarming. However, corvettes have better weaponry than fighters, more crew members, and the ability to send out drones of its own. Corvettes are also easily capable of being stored, making them useful for any Large-Class ship to have.

Auxiliary Auxiliary ships are meant for only a few purposes, with the main purpose being ensuring the safety and functionality of larger ships. Auxiliary ships are rather small, and have minimal offensive capabilities. However, they have many defensive advantages and are able to call upon nearby fleets if they are in danger.

A regular Auxiliary ship is usually 200 to 300 meters in length, in they are rather rectangular for a ship. They have a larger than average crew capacity for a small ship, being able to contain 50 crew members.

Surrounding large ships, the only true weapons an Auxiliary ship could use would be small and sparse numbers of drones. They also have emergency FTL warping in case they want to leave a conflict immediately.

Auxiliary Ships are mainly used for escorting and overseeing of large ships in the CUEN fleet. They can also see over many stations, as well as places of importance. Auxiliary ships are only used during times of extensive war, usually as a scare tactic as well.

Small Class

The Small Class of Commonwealth starship contains many expendable kinds of ships, however they are still able to preform well in battle. Many of these ships hold drones, small weapons, and usually have strength in numbers. Their weapons are rather average, and their FTL speed is usually below average.

Class Description
Destroyer A destroyer is a direct upgrade from a corvette. Usually, Destroyers have more massive weapons attached to their hulls and fronts. More space for missile launchers and close to medium-ranged lasers are a possibility on destroyers, giving space for many weapon sizes. Nuclear missiles are also possible for Destroyers, albeit very uncommon because of EMP blasts. Most nuclear missiles are used in the beginnings of a battle when ships are more spread out.

Nuclear EMP blasts from destroyers and above have tested to be very successful, and can even turn an electric shield against its pilots. This event happens because of the hot plasma winds from the nuclear blast, turning the shield electrons into sort of gates. The electrons and plasma from the shields will then heighten the atomic bombing to a degree, and then make the substantial part of the enemy's ship melt into plasma. Most modern ships however have suitable defenses for this.

The usual manned Destroyer is about 300 meters in length and 20 to 30 meters in height. Droned Destroyers can have an even smaller width, letting them slip through many tight spaces with relative ease.

Destroyers are primarily used for keeping smaller ships in check, while also being numerous in its own right. Destroyers often swarm enemies like Corvettes, but also stay far back and are able to shoot from a distance. Destroyers are also used to store Drones of most scales.

Cruiser A cruiser is yet another step up. In a regular fleet, Cruisers typically fire long-range artillery towards enemies. More stealthy Cruisers can go right to the front and use laser weapons, as heavy weapons could make them more susceptible to being spotted.

Cruisers are known for their numbers in most fleets. They comprise much of any fleet's mid-section, being some of the most numerous ships in the CUEN. Cruisers utilize this and often surround much larger ships, while also utilizing drone warfare.

The average manned cruiser is from 500 to 750 meters in length, and about 70 to 90 meters in height. Droned cruisers on the other hand are slightly less wide, and have more capacity for weapons as there are no lifeforms to worry about on the ship.

Cruisers are mostly used for long-distance warfare, as well as ambushing. Cruisers are able to hold advanced laser weaponry, which is very effective at close ranges. Cruisers are also the bulk of many fleets, and can use this to swarm bigger ships. Drones are also in use here.

Tanker Tankers are a rather high tier in CUEN fleets. Tankers have minimal defensive capability, but have a plethora of offensive a long-ranged weapons. Tankers can also utilize the strength of a bigger crew for better decisions and strategy.

Tankers are usually known for their large size and technological and weapons capability. The valuables in which they transport are very expensive, and are fiercely protected by the Commonwealth fleet.

The average Tanker is approximately 600 to 800 meters in length, and about 50 to 100 meters in height and width. Tankers are large to the point that they approach the size of Frigates and other larger ships of the CUEN's fleet.

Tankers are primarily used for their ability to transport fuel, resources, and sensitive information from and to major colonies. As a result, they have very thick walls, are made up of many hard metals, and have a large defense capability. Some Tankers are powerful enough to be used recreationally in battle, as long as they are carrying no sensitive information.

Frigate A frigate is the final tier of the CUEN's Medium class of starship. Frigates are not too often used, but can utilize better weaponry, as well as heavy weapons. Frigates are also an adequate size for better FTL drives, making them quicker than other Small-Class ships.

Frigates are also known for their use in terrorist operations and campaigns, often being the biggest ships in moderate use in them. In full war, Frigates were seen making up only small portions of fleets, usually housing Fighters, Drones, or being used for stealth operations.

The average Frigate is between 800 meters to 1 kilometre in length, making them suitable for hundreds of crew members. AIs also assist with controlling many Frigates, using the previously mentioned systems for the best decisions in stealth missions.

Frigates are usually used for small-scale invasions, terrorist operations, as well as stealth missions in total war. Frigates can deploy a variety of ships and drones, and are able to use small versions of the Tachyon Drive. However, with this advanced form of FTL, Frigates are usually expensive, and are not too numerous in CUEN fleets.

Medium Class

The Medium Class of CUEN starships includes bigger and bulkier ships, which make up much of he modern CUEN's fleet power. These ships have the ability to store other ships, house potentially thousands of personnel, and be used for effective orbital and planetary invasion. These ships can also utilize more expensive but efficient technologies like Wormholes and Tachyon Drives. More powerful weaponry is also common here.

Class Description
Battleship A Commonwealth Battleship is the staple of most fleets. With them being over two to three times larger than a cruiser, their large size is awe-inspiring. Battleships are usually used for more significant battles, the security of areas, and orbital bombing. These ships are also large enough for antimatter weaponry to be partially useful, which is used to permanently 'delete' other, much smaller ships out of existence.

Battleships usually store many Fighters in expansive hangar bays, making it possible only to send one Battleship into an operation, and come out with a sizable decisive victory due to the swarming tactics. These hangars can also hold ships as big as Destroyers. Utilizing a full downline of drone warfare, any enemy may see themselves harshly outnumbered and overpowered. Battleships are also the first Mship to utilize Tachyon Drives in a cheap manner. (Frigates have Tachyon Drives, but they are still expensive to maintain.)

The usual Battleships could range from 1520 to 2250 meters in length, making it longer than certain tall buildings. Battleships can also function as landscaping devices, which carve out mountains and hills at fast speeds. This project usually requires for the Battleship to waste fuel, staying afloat in a gravitational environment.

Battleships are primarily used for storing other ships, as well as being semi-offensive and majorly defensive in battle. Battleships are also used for the transport of personnel, as well as drone warfare on a massive and tiered scale. Battleships can also handle better technologies, and are much more useful than many Frigates this way.

Planetary Station Planetary Stations are a staple in many Commonwealth systems, as well as military sites. These constructs usually meant for housing ships and the import and export of many trade products. A usual Planetary Station has a spheroid center, with sectors on the inside. Some protuberances in the stations may be other sectors, or entirely different areas like housing or commercial areas.

The average space station is about 3 to 5 kilometres in size, with the central sphere being 2 to 4 kilometres from end to end. Of course, many other space station designs exist, such as toruses, cubes, and modular ones which branch out. All of which have high weapons potential, as well as high crew capacity.

Planetary Stations normally have a multitude of defensive and offensive systems, used for planetary defense against foreign invaders. Planetary Stations also have a limited form of FTL, which is used to retreat harsh battles.

Planetary Stations are mostly used for the defense of planetary objects. Most Planetary Stations are not alone, and usually have many other stations, which form a ring around planets with high value. Other Planetary Stations orbit planets in a polar orbit, with only a few other stations nearby. Planetary Stations are also used for economic trade, minor housing, and major defensive/offensive battles. Planetary Stations can also act as a hangar for other ships, letting them use Drone Warfare in an extent.

Titan A Titan is pretty much a supersized Battleship, retaining most of the same features and abilities. However, there is the ability to store larger ships in their hangar bays, like Corvettes or even Destroyers, on the bigger models. Titans are also capable of having more room for weaponry, and the coveted Lance weapons[2]. Titans can also use antimatter weapons much more effectively, as bigger cannons can be placed on ships.

These let Titans erase Corvette or fighter-sized vessels with relative ease.

The average Commonwealth Titan is about 4 to 7 kilometres in length, the longest one in current existence being an astonishing 10 km in length.

While not in war, Titans are regularly used for the transport of personnel around galaxies, and even intergalactic space. They are also used for terraforming projects and megastructure building. Some retired Titans, as a result of their size, may even be bought by the eccentric rich, and re-purposed as considerable private defense and security.

Titans are the final tier of the Medium-Class Commonwealth starship. Unlike others in its class, Titans are used for multitude of things, such as terraforming assisting, construction of large machines, and for private defense for corporations. Titans are also the first ships to effectively use antimatter weaponry, which are useful for clearing out small ships and swarms of drones. Laser weaponry is also more advanced, giving way to the previously mentioned Lance weaponry to exist.

Large Class

The Large Class of Commonwealth Starship is a very advanced and notable class, which usually make up much larger and more organized fleets. These starships are usually fitted with the most sublime technology, best FTL, and best defense systems. Offense systems are a rather secondary option as the sheer storage for other ships balances everything out.

Class Description
Goliath A Goliath is a large housing ship, usually meant for housing ships like fighters, corvettes, destroyers, and cruisers. A typical goliath is a slightly more giant than a Titan, clocking in at about 5 to 9 kilometres in length. Goliaths are also the first ship to contain gravity generators, which prevent them from slight gravitational disturbances.

Goliaths can be armed with a plethora of weapons, mostly including hurricane missile launchers, close-range lasers, and once again antimatter dispensers.

Goliaths are only used in large Commonwealth fleets, usually acting as a supervision and long-range ship. Goliaths, like many other ships, can store smaller tiers of ships and launch deadly clouds of Fighters and Corvettes. Goliaths also use advanced technology like gravitational generators in order to prevent warping of the ship.

Super Stations After the colossal Goliaths, the larger space stations of The Commonwealth military appear. These space stations, called Super Stations, are usually meant for the storage of ships like cruisers, with many military sectors also being present. There are many weapons bays, commercial areas, and even living spaces for Commonwealth soldiers. Most Super Stations are located around planets and stars, where they can easily be resupplied with ships and resources.

The typical Super Station is about 12 to 19 kilometres in length, and possess a spheroid shape, as a way to save funds on gravity generators. However, said generators are still used widely.

Super Stations are primarily used for the protection of bigger objects, like gas giants and ice giants. They can also be used to protect entire planetary systems, usually being the main center of any Planetary Station ring. Super Stations have a large array of defense, housing space, and even industrialization. They usually have antimatter weaponry as well.

Commissioner The Commissioner-class is a vast and almost megastructure-ship, which deploys many medium-class ships like Cruisers and Destroyers. Battleships and titans can also be used from these massive ships, in their vast lower hangars. These hangars may fit up to a few Titans or Battleships at a time.

Combined with the Titan's capability for holding smaller ships, there is a big reason why the CUEN uses this ship class. Many fighters may also be deployed, combined with their swarms of drones. This 'Cloud of Ships' attack is also useful, which is only vulnerable against hyper-intelligent AIs like the Supreme or DELYATU.

The average Commissioner is between 62 to 78 km in length, with the ones that carry Titans being approximately 80km in length. At this point, gravity generators are a requirement as large amounts of warping of the interior metal may be seen after many years of use.

The Commissioners are the last section of the Large-Class of Commonwealth starships. Commissioners are completely made for small ship deployment and enemy distraction. Commissioners regularly do not use large and expensive weaponry, but rather small defensive ones. Escorts from smaller ships are also given to Commissioners. Commissioners are also used for minor living spaces for personnel, as they can live on them for even years at a time.

Colossal Class

Class Description
Watchman The Watchman-Class is the first member of the Colossal Class of Commonwealth starship. They are most notably used for their high deployability in their massive and discreet hangars. The Watchman-Class also specializes in a mix of offensive and defensive capability, but they are rather sluggish and massive.

With its ability to deploy smaller ships, the Watchman-Class is mostly known for unleashing large amounts of Battleships, Titans, and even Goliaths for their campaigns. The Watchman-Class usually bears a personal guard force, as well as heightened security and only houses trained personnel.

The average Watchman-Class is between 94 and 167 km in length, 7 km in height, and about 35-61 km in width. Their sheer size is mostly used for storing other ships, much like all Large Class ships. However, Watchman-Class ships can also store massive weapons and devices in their hangars.

The Watchman-Class is regularly used for observation of enemy fleets, being able to deploy many legions of ships at a time. They are also used for megastructure projects, as well as full-scale battle against enemy fleets.

Contingency The Contingency-Class ship is only reserved for the largest of conflicts. They are regularly used for rushing giant conflicts, as well as sending massive reinforcements. The Contingency-Class usually specializes in offensive attacks, while keeping valuable areas very defended.

The Contingency-Class is also only reserved for emergencies. As a result, these such ships do not appear often in conflict. They most notably appeared in the War of the Ancients as POLIKY invaded the CUEN.

An average Contingency-Class ship is from 203-383 km in length, 11 km in height, and 70-97 km in width. Their size is often used for weapons and ship deployment, but is also used for massive multi-kilometre-long weapons. The Contingency-Class also uses their large size to utilize even more advanced technologies, and this makes them uniquely expensive.

Peacemaker The Peacemaker-Class ship is the largest fathomable class of ship in the CUEN arsenal. It is able to store massive ships, and has only been selectively used in only the most historical conflicts. These ships are renowned for being exceptionally powerful and expensive, dwarfing any other ships before it.

The Peacemaker-Class is usually regarded as the pinnacle of all ships in the Local Universe. Its sheer size makes gravity a glaring problem, and the upkeep for these ships are simply too much for a substantial amount. As a result, Peacemakers are only produced during war, and are maintained by a massive surrounding fleet. Peacemakers also require planets worth of resources to build. This is made up for by its advanced arsenal of weapons, which is some of the most developed in the entire CUEN fleet.

The average Peacemaker-Class ship varies widely, from 500 to even 1500 km in length. Peacemakers are rather thin, being from 50 to 180 km in width depending on the length. their height also ranges broadly, from 10km to 30km. Peacemakers are also very triangular shaped, which could be a tactic for domination and intimidation.

Megastructure Ships

The Megastructure-Ships class are barely classified as ships, and more like large megastructural projects by the CUEN military. These are the final tier of usable weaponry against enemy enemy of the Commonwealth. Two out of the three classes here are forms of planet ship, which use the largest forms of FTL ever built. These ships are ludicrously expensive, and usually have minimal offensive capability. They are also very sparse in numbers, as smaller ships have been proven to be much more maneuverable and effective.

Class Description
Sub-Planet The Sub-Planet Class is a classification of Worldship which utilizes objects like asteroids, dwarf planets, and moons for power and resources. Most of these ships are powered externally, as these objects have no internal heating.

Sub-Planets completely dwarf most CUEN ships, except for the Peacemaker-Class.

The Sub-Planet class of CUEN weaponry is mostly used for transporting massive ships within its warp bubble. They are also used for resources, and for moving colonies of this size to other stars. Sub-Planets have not been used in warfare, and are just used for their resources and for purposes of transport.

The average Sub-Planet could range from 450 to 1800 km in all directions, but all of them that were >1300 km were destroyed in a large sabotage campaign by POLIKY. Since then, technology has allowed for control of bigger objects like planets.

Planet The Planet Class is a type of Worldship, which is only used for the transport of colonies and for the protection of star systems. Although utterly massive, they do not have much in terms of defense and offense. However, Planet-Class ships meant for war are powered by the planet's core, and it often takes decades to make it offensive. Only one of these Planet-Class have survived the War of the Ancients.

The Average Planet-Class ship is from 5000km to 10000km in all directions, dwarfing even the Peacemaker-Class ship. However, with small offensive capabilities, other ships are usually required to protect the Planet-Ship at all times.

Nicoll-Dyson Beam The Nicoll-Dyson Beam is the most destructive tool that the Commonwealth has even used in war. Nicoll-Dyson Beams are large megastructures which focus the energy of a star down to a point, and is then sent as a laser through a wormhole. These are rather easy to build, considering that many megastructures have been built already. However, any upkeep for war is very expensive.

Nicoll-Dyson Beams work very effectively against valuable enemy colonies, but are very hard to fully set up. Large squadrons of ships are required to transport the end wormhole through a massive device, and then clear for the beam to be sent. This usually destroys the planet in its entirety.

Nicoll-Dyson Beams have been used numerous times, usually as a last resort for any kind of conflict.


Ground Troopers (REDO SOON)

Ground troops, on the other hand, live in a quick lifestyle. As operations change between planets frequently, There becomes no time to make a permanent residence. As a result, ground troops have a substantial amount of less comfort. However, many people have reported that this gives them a more serious attitude, which helps them during ongoing operations.

A smaller branch of the military, the Ground Troopers, contains about 1.5 sextillion people. Much incoming personnel also have no choice but to be a ground troop as a result of the fleets and spacecraft being overcrowded. The cost of consumer goods and minerals for the fleets are also rising dramatically, and many foresee a future where ships are only meant for AI overseeing, assistant piloting and training. However, the Exhumation has forced the CUEN to deny any form of AI use in the military.


  • Standard Pilots

Pilots are the staple of The Commonwealth army. They comprise most army officials, making up over 90%. It has been rising ever since The Outer Wars, as a result of more people wanting to fly into combat, instead of being stuck on murky war-torn planets.

Pilots are most renowned for doing the heavy lifting and surveying in many star systems. Most pilots are equipped with a standard single-person corvette, which contains a sapient AI assistant. Most corvettes have many interchangeable parts on them, which are explained in the Military section.

  • Intergalactic Pilots

Interstellar pilots are those who burden the voyage between galaxies. These pilots mainly to prevent piracy and crime, but they also do their job to improve trade in nearby galaxies. It is also done to avoid the spreading of any empire which attempts to destroy anything in no small degree.

Intergalactic ships are much larger than corvettes and go off on more extended periods. As a result, people in this field get larger paychecks. They can also apply to more substantial benefits if they need to. Pilots that survey intergalactic spaces are also equipped with more potent weapons, also explained in the Military section.


Hindsight is a militaristic and defense Artificial Intelligence, made for the sole purpose of protection. Hindsight was created in the War of the Ancients, shortly following many strategically unbeatable attacks from POLIKY. It was later used and authorized for resource overseeing and political advisory.

Soon after its creation, countless citizens of the CUEN advocated for its existence, seeing as it quickly learned POLIKY's tactics. Hindsight grew exponentially, soon entering a bloody gridlock as it began to grow more intelligent. However, Hindsight never gained true control of the CUEN military, and acted more like an advisor. If true control will ever be gained, it is said that the CUEN would be able to defeat the QPF much quicker.

Hindsight, at its greatest influence, was able to hold back POLIKY as the CoB was flanking them. Not being able to handle two fronts, POLIKY retreated and fiercely defended the QPF. Hindsight then overpowered POLIKY on a few occasions, but the war ended in a stalemate nonetheless.

Currently, Hindsight has been mostly de-activated from all direct military control, as a direct result of The Exhumation. Many CUEN officials are paranoid that The Supreme would hack it some way. However, Hindsight is still used for advisory purposes. Hindsight has also expanded for advisory on resource management and government decisions. Many citizens scorn Hindsight for its governmental powers, and it appears as if Hindsight will be restricted more.

Nisrine Mind, the only Artificial Superintelligence with membership in the Commonwealth, has tried to persuade CUEN officials to turn on and integrate Hindsight into themselves. This has partially worked, and Nisrine Mind has limited controls over Hindsight. Nisrine mind states that they have been monitoring Hindsight for months now.

Diplomatic Relations with other entities (EXPANSION SOON)

Confederacy of Borealis

The Commonwealth and CoB, both being like-minded confederations, has a great bond with each other. The CoB and CUEN Are both great allies, and often help each other with countless campaigns, and help each other with conflicts. The Confederacy is also The Commonwealth's most extensive and staunchest ally, which is very helpful for both empires. Both alliances usually embark on large projects and share technology. Not a single major conflict has occurred between The Confederacy, and The Commonwealth has been recorded in history.[3]

The Confederacy only knew about the CUEN via the Lowzyol Federation, which relayed information to the Confederacy that they were forming their own. Member nations all met together, and they all became positive with each other. Since then, every nation in both confederacies has helped one another to some capacity.

The Supreme

Recently, after The Exhumation, The Commonwealth has cut all diplomatic ties with The Supreme. Countless government officials, as well as the media and most citizens, view The Supreme as a murderous beast. Most people also believe that they need to be stopped at once. Any trading and gifting have also ceased. As a result, The Commonwealth now exports its unused strange matter and antimatter directly to The Confederacy, as well as adjacent allies.

Even before The Exhumation, relations between the Commonwealth and The Supreme were tacky. The CUEN fond out of many corporate lobbying, probable assassinations, as well as massive cover-ups before the Exhumation. Since then, countless amounts of data are being studied to defend the CUEN against them.


Much like The Supreme, The Commonwealth as ended any relations with DELYATU. Once more, many people believe that they are plagues of the cosmos. Many high ranking officials of the military, as well as Kryrono Lomir, most of the media, and most of the population believe that a war is imminent between the Commonwealth and the AI's. As more evidence is unearthed, The Commonwealth appears to get angrier at both entities.

While DELYATU has peaceful intentions, the CUEN does not see it as such, and has banished anything relating to them in most member nations. However, relations are still better with DELYATU than The Supreme, considering that DELYATU has not committed any major atrocities.

The Alkan Intendancy

As a result of The Intendancy having close ties with The Supreme and DELYATU, The Commonwealth has cut them off entirely. The Intendancy has tried continuously hard to prove their neutrality to the Commonwealth, but every attempt has failed. The Commonwealth has also ordered all citizens and soldiers to leave The Intendancy immediately, and spread skewed truths about The Supreme and DELYATU.

Before The Exhumation, the CUEN and the Alkan Intendancy were on rather good terms, conducting trading and having open borders. They both fought together in the War of the Ancients, but all prestige has since vanished in the CUEN's eyes.

The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony

Contacts with The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony have been very rough and confusing. As of 200000 CE, only a handful of lengthy conversations have been made with any diplomatic members. With every passing one, The Commonwealth and The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony appear to dislike each other more. The CUEN soon discovered the massive slavery, authoritarianism, as well as deep corruption inside the borders. The Commonwealth then shut off all contact with the NTIH, soon becoming bitter enemies.

Verd’nim’tosh United Galaxies

Barely anything is known about this empire. Even though it is next to the Commonwealth, there have only been minor conversations between diplomats. They have all been very confusing because of language barriers, and the fact that the Verd’nim’tosh United Galaxies are very mysterious and isolated to begin with.

Since The Exhumation, the Verd’nim’tosh United Galaxies has since sought refuge in the Commonwealth, and is trying to apply for membership. However, government officials keep getting distracted with ongoing events, making this near-impossible.

Empire of Mankind

The Empire of Mankind has usually been cordial with The Commonwealth, seeking to trade for technology. However, The Commonwealth does not take kindly to their slavery policies. Even with this, they make trade deals regularly, and with a neutral attitude. After The Exhumation, both entities seem to be in a unanimous agreement that The Supreme and DELYATU are plagues upon the cosmos. Joint military programs and more trading have been seen recently.


The Commonwealth is quite peaceful and timid with the Thesokian people. Recently, as of 199927 CE, The Commonwealth has slowly loaned a large sum of area to them, to let them grow and prosper on their own. Some have even rumored that The Commonwealth is granting them more land elsewhere to enable them to expand properly=.


The Commonwealth is quite neutral with the Nok'Chu-Raa and begun mildly trading with them since the 25th millennium. The Commonwealth has also periodically loaned land to them and is currently trying to build better relations via trading and giving technological help.

The Shev'ra

The Commonwealth and the Shev'ra don't interact much, because The Commonwealth controls only 3% of the Sag dSph galaxy. However, there have been peaceful and reassuring messages, and conversations from The Commonwealth directed to the Shev'ra. The Commonwealth hopes for the intelligent Shev'ra to expand into a fully grown galactic nation. The Commonwealth and The CoB have been granting The Shev'ra clusters that they do not use for pretty much free. This generosity gives the Shev'Ra more expansion space and a high amount of gratitude to the friendly giants that gift them.

Making new Citizens or Soldiers (REDO SOON)

Modern Citizen Creation

If a person decides to create an offspring, let it be a couple, they must report to their city mayor's office. The resident in charge of the child must sign many wavers, making sure that they will care for the child until they mature in only days via Neural Linkage. Some members of The Commonwealth do not need anyone to talk to their mayor. They instead let others start families without much notice. The rules for the cloning labs below still apply.

If a cloning lab wants to create any more citizens, the owner/operator must go to the mayor's office as well. They will sign wavers to make sure that they will not maliciously use the cloning machine to do any harm. Neural Linkage is also a requirement, as any people who aren't taught quickly are seen as useless, commonly seen as a small buffer, as well as a waste of time and resources.


With the process of cloning, new soldiers can be trained and deployed at a moment's notice. The labs that first created cloned soldiers gave them benefits. The labs have given them genes to optimize strength and endurance fields. With this, many powerful soldiers may be deployed within hours of creation.


"The deep-rooted and intricate archives of the Commonwealth ring like a bell to me... There is simply too many things for one to learn, ever... Even in all of my years as an expert historian, I will never hope to truly understand the scale of everything. Nobody can..."

- A certain widely known and elderly historian, remarking at the sheer scale of the CUEN's history. (Circa 199962 CE)

Precursor (23000 CE)

As the Lowzyol Federation had prospered and grew, something horribly deep and aching was about to surface.

In the 23000s CE, the Lowzyol Federation had a deep-seeded problem. Crime rates kept increasing and cohesion was lowering, suggesting the dissolution of the LZF entirely. However, politicians thought far ahead of this issue.

After many public statements, alongside the introduction of many crime-reduction programs, Wedrack Croxo (The then-leader) promised for unity and positivity. through the entire nation. And so, he looked on to his economic allies, and presented one of the most ambitious plans to exist. Wedrack went up to them, and ask for a full-scale systematic union, which would focus on freedom, crime reduction and economic growth. The neighboring nations, very appalled by this, questioned deeply. Soon enough, an actual plan for true cohesion and unity was set in place.

Soon after, a government called the Economic Unitary Coalition was created. From then on, changes would be systematic and minor. This would soon leading up the the creation of what is now known as the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations.

During this time, there was a mass reduction in crime as the previously mentioned programs went to work. The Economic Unitary Coalition, barely keeping anything together, influenced many affairs of the member nations. Aid from external nations also helped the LZF's crime rate dwindle.

Creation of The Commonwealth (24400 CE)

The creation of something grand, something perfect. The CUEN will be in the leagues of the greatest, I am sure of it.

Now passed away, the promise of Wedrak's new nation would soon come to bear life. Crime rates were lowering as an increased police presence appeared. Strong economic ties grew stronger, and development of colonies were at a high priority. Resource collection also increased, and it appeared as if the CUEN could be a fathomable idea.

Eventually, a collection of the best four nations were put together, and they formed the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations. The Economic Unitary Coalition, now useless, dissolved into the CUEN. United on the prospect of economics, freedom, and development, the CUEN quickly got to work with uprooting old rules, and ensuring a better life for citizens. These changes would of course be systematic, and they followed a set of fluid but thought-out rules.

Rules for the Commonwealth (24401 CE)

Everything needs rules. These rules will be fair, just, free. Free for any person to express themselves infinitely...

Once the CUEN had officially formed, the new central government had to form a large set of ground rules. While not too different than anything that was previously there, they still required many years of work to implement. These rules were primarily based around unity and economic help, as well as basic necessities such as freedom of speech, press, expression, and trade.

With time, these rules became more comprehensive, and more specific actions were taking place. The most major of these was the prohibition of mega-corporations. This new law drastically reduced corruption in businesses over time, and it granted more freedom for smaller companies to thrive. This also set an example of future freedom in the CUEN.

All of these rules were surprisingly easy to enforce, as the four new nations of the time were already substantially stable. Military reductions, fairer justice systems, and the virtual abolition of discrimination came to be in the following decades.

In the middle of this sweeping volley of changes, the central economic council of the CUEN had requested a rather simple but effective plan. The plan called for mass construction of Dyson objects. This rather simple and achievable idea would effectively increase the energy output of the CUEN by many factors. As a result, the CUEN slowly shifted construction efforts to producing energy, which helped colonial systems severely. Not only did this rapidly increase energy production, but it made colonial planets much more developed.

Explosive Expansion (24600 CE)

Why didn't they do this in the first place? This mass construction is surprisingly simple - all it needs is time.

As soon as these new rules became fully enforced, many parts of The Commonwealth expanded at once. Other nations were encountered, and were soon enough accepted into the Commonwealth as a whole. This slow and steady expansion would soon accelerate as more colonies became developed. This also increased from the mass construction projects, instituted by the CUEN.

This slow process of mass construction and rule changing ended up going opulently for the Commonwealth. Many core areas were being further developed, and rural areas were being fitted with better technology. As trade increased ever more, all areas of the CUEN began to grow self-sufficient, and it eventually became a cycle of repair and construction.

Countless amounts of planets happened to be better off as a result of this major action. New versions of planetary defense were put into place, quality of life eventually improved, and population increased on colonial worlds. This was mostly in part by the major construction efforts, combined with the circulating trade.

Resource Gathering (25000 CE)

With The Commonwealth essentially removing their former self, corporations looked upon the many ungathered resources. While they had the potential to be harvested pre-CUEN, crime rate was simply too much of a distraction. Now, with small corporations flourishing, They quickly got to work with harvesting countless objects. Sections of galaxies had to be devoted into harvesting areas as star lifting became cheaper. These areas, known as 'Stellar Fields', became optimal harvesting grounds for metals and gases.

By 27000 CE, many mining stations were constructed around countless systems. With pre-existing Von-Neumann technology, the corporations went to work by harvesting many systems worth of material instantly. Competition in the market apparently rose, and a rather large portion of the GDP was now devoted to mining projects. Better forms of technology always came out, allowing for this growth to be exponential.

Stagnation (30000 CE)

Soon after resource gathering was heightened, it soon plateaued into a form of stagnation and weak progress. Many major strides in this era consist of new member nations, as well as internal improvements and more territory gains. Recent wars through the Confederacy had also made them wary, which zoned out the CUEN from the rest of the universe for some time.

Other strides such as regular technological improvements were made, but nothing too special happened in this broad and blank section of Commonwealth history. It is known that population was quite stagnant, also resulting from the low linear rates of resources at the time.

Extended Growth (30110 CE)

Soon exiting Stagnation, the CUEN got back on its feet by opening its borders again. The Commonwealth also wanted to expand their resources, after seeing such a period of no progress. Resource collection was soon increased, as well as colonization efforts and government decisions. Everything began to speed up again, and more member nations were joining the Commonwealth on a regular basis.

Huge improvements to technology were also made by the Lowzyol Federation, which solely developed greatly on the Tachyon Drive and rather unstable Wormhole technology. Minimal conflict happened in this era, save for terrorism and homeland threats from crime and piracy.

Commonwealth's Eclipse (35000 CE)

(Work in progress.)

First Golden Age (40563 CE)

Soon after the discovery of the Intergalactic Gateways, presumably built by the Inox Forerunners, large amounts of evidence surmounted to almost unlimited amounts of antimatter. After some surface-level checking, Commonwealth forces decided to travel to these gateways, and siphon as much energy out of them as they could. What occurred was a large surge of antimatter energy production. Many other Intergalactic Gateways happened to be in other areas of the CUEN, which led to skyrocketing antimatter production. Soon enough, the CUEN was, and still is, the largest antimatter producer and spender. From this energy, technological breakthroughs happened much more often, and what was once conceptual became commonplace. What followed was simply exponential, as better versions of electronic storage, weapons, and uses in day-to-day lives kept coming out. It once came to a point that big tech companies had failed to catch up to the growing hardware and software improvements. Life and living standards understandably increased, making the CUEN one of the most attractive nations in the Local Universe.

Of course, this sudden wealth was spread and shared with the allied Confederacy of Borealis, as well as other smaller nations. It is still a mystery as to how these gateways fully work. However, nobody really cared.

People inevitably wanted more. Mining teams and researchers looked towards the locked gateways themselves, and pondered about an infinite universe behind them, filled to the brim with cheap and reliable antimatter. This theory spread to the citizens, who also wondered about a place with nigh-infinite energy. As a result, scientists wanted to find a way to crack these gateways. Large teams of researchers, professional engineers, and antimatter experts all gathered around the gateways, trying to find ways to form a sort of 'key' for them. This would prove very hard for them to do, but they ended up completing this task in 40963 CE. (More in-depth information will be in its article.)

Prosperity (41000 CE)

Soon after researchers had full access to the Intergalactic Gateways, they were able to extract the full sum of antimatter almost instantly. Sheer and utter prosperity spread across the Local Universe as many resource gathering teams focused intently on antimatter. Apparently, the sheer rate of antimatter had exceeded most storage units, and much of it was wasted.

While this event is comparable to the invention of Dyson Swarms or fire, its potential was downsized. This is from the fact that there wasn't anywhere to such quantities antimatter. It often collided with regular matter as it was released into infinity. Much of this residue was collected later on as antimatter storage grew. Even with this drawback, the CUEN had profited exceptionally more, as antimatter plants and storage facilities were being built around the clock. Success accelerated, and it plateaued as antimatter plants were made. A stable and opulent stream of energy was established as well. In modern times, the Intergalactic Gateways still act as regional power sources, as superior technology has surpassed it long ago.

As antimatter had exploded the economy, development of the CUEN reached a peak. All member nations had also wired some of the power for deep space exploration and colonization. Colonial times were reduced by many factors, and the population became happy as rare necessities became normal. However, it is known that the richer people has earlier access to newer and better technology still.

-- Work in Progress

Pre-WOTA (174500s CE)

Before The War of the Ancients, everything seemed to be going very well for The Commonwealth. While not nearly as good as other times in history, everything appeared to be stable. This was challenged as soon as the enigmatic Quintet Puontari Federation arrived in the Ophiuchus Supercluster. With a technological upper-hand, they soon established dominance in their effective area. Tensions soon developed as intergalactic claims led to skirmishes and rivalry. The CUEN, far from the QPF, did not note this until tensions had reached their borders. Being allies with the CoB, the CUEN was soon shut off and denied any help. Fear and paranoia settled in at both the QPF and CUEN, which resulted in many efforts of propaganda to calm the situation. However, this was ineffective as many sources of news had leaked what was happening in the QPF.

This fragile tranquility broke once the Confederacy heightened their military presence near the Ophiuchus Cluster. This ended up starting a cold war, which distracted many major nations from their duties inside. The CUEN, however, thought not much of it.

The War of the Ancients (174820 CE)

"This was our low point, so to speak. No atrocities or lingering and quenching dread compares to whatever happened in here... However, we somehow made it out. I think that just proves our pure and unending resilience... power... everything..."

- A certain concerned citizen soon after the War of the Ancients. (179103 CE)

This was until all tensions broke entirely. At 174820 CE, the most massive war took place, known as the War of the Ancients. It appeared as if all hell broke loose, as unknown and furious armies besieged the Confederacy. Later on, the CUEN had its own issues once QPF forces arrived.

The War of the Ancients had a substantial impact on everyday life. As soon as The QPF attacked, the CUEN had to think fast. With POLIKY, an endlessly intelligent AI at their side, almost any battle with them seemed to be lost. However, with the sheer economic and social potential, the CUEN pulled together Hindsight, an artificial intelligence of their own. With this, any potential conflicts could be averted. However, it still was not too effective as it was still a newborn. POLIKY for example had billions of years of combat training, and Hindsight was only beginning basic steps. What the CUEN would need most is time.


Total War


End of the Ancients


Second Golden Age (179000 CE)

-- Work in Progress

Modern Day (200000 CE)

Currently, the Commonwealth is very stable, and it is systematically accepting new nations. It still follows the many millennia-ages rules and standards, of course with new additions added into them. The Commonwealth is currently trying to update technology around the clock, and is currently investing in better ways to extract energy and keep its economy at the top. However, The Exhumation has called in for a massive military budget increase, and a large boost in technology research.

The Commonwealth has forbidden the use of an AHIs or OHIs. (Refer to Artificial Intelligence, at the Hyper-intelligent AI's section) There are many movements to get rid of sapient AI altogether, and only purpose them for labor, cleaning, and ship management. This movement is widely unaccepted, but it isn't frowned upon, either.

Since the Exhumation, the Commonwealth has halted all admission, and has instead focused on figuring out the issue. This has also caused the Nisrine Collective Minds, a member nation of the CUEN, to recommend utilizing Hindsight for better political choices. However, the CUEN has been seen to slowly shut down Hindsight since WOTA, and it has only been speeding up.

The Greater Commonwealth has recently called all of their member nations to action, demanding military growth and economic stability. This has since caused thousands of ships factories to restart and become constructed. Currently, small fleets of Corvettes to Auxiliary ships are being created for the purpose of homeland defense.

Other than the political turmoil, the Commonwealth has been exponentially growing in economy, and keeping true to its promises of freedom and equality. The CUEN recently became the most developed nation in the Local Universe, while maintaining a perfect economy and strong military.

References (Probable deletion soon)

  1. Cluster missile launchers shoot hundreds of missiles at very fast rates. Most of these small missiles are fragmentary, giving way to shield penetration, and a horrible case of Kessler Syndrome. As a result of the endless missile barrage to the enemy, their shields will fall quickly.
  2. Lance weapons are essentially ginormous laser beams, shot with tremendous amounts of energy. Some lance weaponry are made of electrons and plasma, in order to go through shields easily. Lance weaponry is also useful at almost any range, as they travel at the speed of light. The main downside of Lance weapons is the fact that it takes long periods to recharge. In many cases, days are taken between shots in order to keep the Titan's power supply up and running.
  3. This excludes illegal duels and skirmishes across borders. These are usually fought for a cash prize of some sort.
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