Compound SU is a German chemical company located in Berlin, Earth. The company is based and operates only in the Milky Way. The company has over 2 million production sites in over 300 star systems and supplies products to various companies in the Milky Way.


Compound Berlin was founded by Phillipp Fleiss on 3 March 1882 in Berlin, Germany. The company was set up in 1883 with the goal to produce and supply Germany's demands for oil and gas during that time.

World War II

After the rise of the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler's seizure of power in 1932-33 as the chancellor, Compound SU supplied most of Germany's chemical and oil demands. The company, however, did not produce and supply the chemical Zyklon B, a lethal gas used to gas prisoners inside the gas chambers.

Compound production sites and warehouses were major military targets during the war because of the strategic importance it imposed to the Allies because the German military needed much of the products the company produced such as synthetic oil, rubber and gasoline for vehicles.

Air raids virtually destroyed much of the company's production sites and warehouses. Synthetic oil and rubber production stopped in 1944 altogether.

In the following years after the war, the Allies seized and dissolved the company until the 1st of January 1953 after its reinstatement.


In 1953, Compound SU was re-founded and renamed after its war counterpart Compound Berlin. With the Germany economically booming in the 1950s the company started to recoup their losses and develop new compounds to its chemical product ranges.


Compound SU produces and operates various markets ranging from chemicals, synthetics, performance chemicals, planetary and terrestrial gas extraction.


Compound SU plastic products range from military to consumer grade urethanes, thermoplastics, foam, nano plastics, and carbon plastics


Compound SU produces and supplies chemicals such as military adhesives, resins, consumer glues, industrial grade adhesives, industrial gases, nebulae gas, etc.

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