The Confederacy of Borealis, (often abbreviated as CoB, and mainly called The Confederacy or just Confederacy)  is a military alliance, which is located in the western Laniakea and the eastern Pavo-Indus Superclusters. The Confederacy is known for its sheer strength, and it's strong bonds with all of the nations in it. The CoB is made up of many countries, which have chosen to join for protection and economic aid.

With a massive size of around 10,000 galaxies under its belt, The Confederacy is one of the largest entities in the Local Universe. The size makes the Confederacy a well-known superpower. As a result of the protection, it offers, many sub-galactic and intergalactic nations have sought to join in recent times.

Most nations in the Confederacy are medium-class, or intergalactic. These nations account for over 99% of the total area of the CoB. They are also the only ones visible on the CoB map.


The Confederacy is connected to almost all worlds in its territory. This communication feat is direct a result of its impressive size and strength. Many of its travels are mainly achieved with FTL wormhole transmission links and with routine checkups on the many states located within the Confederacy.

The Confederacy, being an alliance, is made up of many nations. The first-ever, and most notable is The Federations of United Star Systems, a Human-controlled country. Its capital is Earth, and it is one of the founding nations of the CoB.

The current advisor and leader of The Confederacy, Donatus Shuker, is currently trying to aim for more trade with other nations and improve relationships with the Quintet Puontari Federation.

The Confederate Council

Often called the CC, the Confederate Council is an essential overarching body in the CoB: passing laws, managing currency, and managing the military. The council president is also Donatus Shuker.


The Economy of the Confederacy is the second largest in the known universe, only surpassed by that of the Commonwealth. At the staggeringly large 12 nonillion people, it is still a force to be reckoned.

There are countless Human and Alien corporations in the CoB, with the first significant corporations coming from the FUSS. However, Humans having a better knowledge of Mega-Corporations decided to make their corporations in the CoB. Soon after, they shot up to be one of the largest corporations in the Borealis Supercluster.

Population Strata

The population of The Confederacy is varied widely, with a majority of the population being Human. Even with the sizeable human presence, there are only two major Human-centric nations in the CoB. All other countries, mostly the ones near The Local Group, have a substantial human population as well. The different communities of the CoB are varied, with the second-highest being Zythyns at 7%.

General Human 15%
General Zythyn 7%
(Species here) 5%
(Species here) 3%
(Species here) 2%
Others 68%

Diplomatic Relationships

Commonwealth of United Economic Nations

The Confederacy is often noted as being the most cordial to The Commonwealth. This is likely derived from their large amount of similarities. They both have large size, many nations, and follow roughly the same principles. These two entities are also sort of symbiotic, with The CoB gaining funds, and exporting many valuable resources for low prices.

The Administrator

Ever since the Exhumation, the Confederacy has shown great mistrust and suspicion towards The Administrator. However, there are many researching teams and companies that show great curiosity towards them.


Similar to The Administrator, many CoB officials view DELYATU as a strange, and perhaps deadly empire. However, this is lessened because DELYATU is much more aligned to caring and uplifting their species, rather than destruction.

The Alkan Intendancy

Much like The Administrator and DELYATU, The Confederacy has treated the Intendancy with a level of mistrust. This derives from its good relations with The Administrator and DELYATU. Currently, the Intendancy and Confederacy are on neutral terms with each other.


The Confederacy's Inception

After the fall of The URSS, The FUSS had started to expand across the cosmos. After colonizing many star systems, they began to worry about all of the alien natives in said systems. After many conferences with their many allies, the FUSS decided to start an alliance, which would unite all Human and Alien races under a single flag. This would hopefully promote stability and prosperity in the native foreign regions, as well.

After the Eastern Galactic Rebellions, the FUSS realized that with the distance between worlds and the limited range of the Warp Drive that forming a tightly-knit alliance was almost impossible. They had learned that the hard way, during the many rebellions of the outer alien homeworlds and old Human colonies. Many representatives gathered together on Terrasphere Alpha in 3991 to try and devise a way to make a new alliance government. This government would be the solution to the outbreaks, and the crime that was happening all across the FUSS and alien space. Following months of debate, the Treaty of Terrasphere Alpha was drafted, and the Confederacy was born on the symbolic year of 4000.

Third Age

The CoB's initial start into the governance of the admitted alien planets was difficult. Only three years after its formation, the Confederacy had to put the planet Hercules on lockdown due to a civil war that had broken loose. Many of the alien homeworlds involved in the rebellions were hesitant to be ruled from a single entity. To assuage fears, Andrea Lomir went on her first goodwill tour, helping to rebuild many of the cities and donating a considerable sum of her salary for the use of reconstruction and speaking to the colonists. She also began to set up offices of government in many major cities. As time went on, the actions of Lomir and her successors began to put the colonists' fears to rest. The support for the Confederacy was only enforced when independent human interstellar governments were formed within the Confederacy space. The Confederacy was involved mostly in expanding territory throughout the Milky Way and the nearby dwarf galaxies.

Halfway through the Third Age, the Confederacy decided to attempt to consolidate and heavily backup all knowledge within its borders. They selected a core world named New Alexandria in honor of Earth's old city and library, terraformed it, and began constructing a massive planetwide physical and digital library. The branches of the Alexandrian Library began to interweave and formed the Alexandrian Network or A-Net. Not only did the A-Net contain all Human and alien knowledge in the past 200 millennia, but it also ended up being the hub for a new communications system. This would end up making the Confederacy much less loose in its enforcement, and it would make many things improve over the years.

After many years of this, the FUSS, or rather the CoB, wanted to unite all small alien entities further. This effort was called the Intergalactic Confederacy, and it sought to uplift small foreign nations to be members of the CoB. This ended up working to a high degree until the War of the Decamillennial Transition later rendered it useless. As a result, the Intergalactic Confederacy was fractured, and it disbanded.

However, the Confederacy wasn't entirely at peace during this time. Many small wars between its member states occurred, such as the Vanir-Aesir War, which only ended due in part to a trade embargo placed on the participating nation-states by the Confederacy. Near the end of the Third Age, the Confederacy had been involved in two galactic wars.

Fourth Age

Near the beginning of the Fourth Age, the Confederacy gained more space by the joining of their Milky Way claims with that of the Triangulum claims. The Confederacy and Glitter Territories then joined together, still carrying the Confederacy's name. Colonies slowly sprang up in each galaxy through many galaxy species inter-exchange programs.

With the discovery of the Wormhole Drive at the end of the Third Age, the Confederacy began to expand its border vastly. Many wormhole highways made communications with member-nations of the CoB all the easier.

For the Split, see War of the Decamillenial Transition and Split of the Confederacy of Borealis. This is also the time that the Intergalactic Confederacy was disbanded.


After the Split, the Confederacy was smaller than before. However, it was still a significant power within the area surrounding Sol. The authorities that were in control took a look at the Articles of Confederacy in 21000 and decided to put the original intentions back into place.

With the Federation, nearly half of the world that had split decided to begin talks with the Confederacy in regards to becoming members and close allies. Over the next hundred years, the world after the world started to rejoin, putting old past wounds aside.

The government also admitted their many mistakes and released previously classified documents that showed some of the Confederacy's more heinous war crimes during the Split. The government made formal apologies to everyone harmed and made reparations as needed.

Fifth Age

On the dawn on the Fifth age, at 100000 CE, The Confederacy decided that it was best to keep expanding its territory and raise the bar on technology and military. This not only helped many nations of The Confederacy but also allied nations to those nations.

WIOTA Segment

Exhumation Segment

These are the many member nations of the CoB. However, some may be too small to catalog on this list, and are generalized into one single part of the list.

(Many more to come.)

Old Information


The first flag of the Confederacy, used form 4000 CE to 22000 CE.

The Confederacy was formerly called the Confederacy of Humanity, as a result of the vast human presence in the alliance. However, after the War of the Decamillennial Transition, there were much more Alien people than Humans in the CoB. As a result, the name was subsequently changed to the Confederacy of the Milky Way. This name later transformed into the Confederacy of Virgo, the Confederacy of Laniakea, finally evolving to the Confederacy of Borealis in 187228 CE.
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