The Confederacy of Humanity is the current governing system that loosely holds the entirety of the human settled worlds together after the fall of the URSS.

Government Edit

The Confederacy is decentralized but has kept in touch with all human worlds through a fast FTL communications link that can send and receive messages almost instantly across entire galaxies. It has a small army, with the majority of the Confederacy's ships being part of a large fleet of minimally armed exploration vessels. ExploreCorp is the name of the organization that trains and sends out exploration teams to map the stars.

In times of emergency or dispute and if asked for help, relief or mediation will be sent to wherever there is need. Because of the lack of advanced alien cultures, feared by previous governments, humanity has spread across the entire galaxy and its nearby neighbors.

The capital world of this loose galactic alliance is located on planet Earth. There are major government buildings all over the world and even cities in the oceans.

The official document of the Confederacy are the Articles of Confederation.

History Edit

Third Age Edit

Founded in 3000 after the war-filled Second Age and after humans had settled many extrasolar worlds like Terranova and Twilight, this government is the only thing that has kept the worlds of humanity somewhat connected and at peace.

After the Eastern Galactic Rebellions, humanity realized that with the distance between worlds and the limited "speed" of the Warp Drive, then the only form of FTL, forming something akin to either the USSR or USA government (like the URSS) would be impractical. They had learned that the hard way, during the many rebellions of the outer colony worlds. Many representatives gathered together on Terrasphere Alpha, one of humanity's oldest space based orbiting biospheres, in 2991 to try and devise a way to make a government that would both unite humanity and their worlds, and give them the freedom that had been long fought for. After months of debate the Treaty of Terrasphere Alpha was drafted and the Confederacy was born.

Fourth Age Edit

In 10032 CE, the Confederacy gained more space by the joining of their galaxy with that of Triangulum. The two powerful galactic civilizations joined together, still carrying the Confederacy's name. Colonies sprang up in Triangulum and the Milky Way through many galaxy species inter-exchange programs.

Split Edit

See War of the Decamillenial Transition and Split of the Confederacy of Humanity

Rebirth Edit

After the split, the Confederacy was smaller than before but still a major power within the area surrounding Sol as well as most of. The powers that were in control took a look at the Articles of Confederacy in 21000 and decided to put the original intentions back into place.

With power in the central government becoming decentralized again, the first government to rejoin was the Thulcandran Federation, which had distanced itself from the fighting.

With the Federation, nearly half of the worlds that had split decided to begin talks with the Confederacy in regards to becoming members and/or close allies. Over the next hundred years, world after world began to rejoin, putting old past wounds aside.

The government also admitted their many mistakes and released previously classified documents that showed some of the Confederacy's more heinous war crimes during the Split. The government made formal apologies to everyone harmed and made reparations as needed.

Territory Edit

The Confederacy currently governs over the majority of the Milky Way, most of Triangulum, and many planets within the Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud as well as many of the other satellite galaxies orbiting the Milky Way.