A late Type IV - early Type V civilisation, the Conqrix hail from the planet Idaris in the Ida Galaxy, and have established themselves as the dominant (and only) power in their home galaxy. A remarkably violent species, they have wiped out countless civilisations across Ida, and have an established presence in at least a dozen other galaxies.

If their actions in Ida are anything to go by, they are well on their way to dominating their local cluster.


Standing 10ft tall on average, and possessing six limbs (two arms, four legs), this race is truly alien. A repto-mammalian race, they possess both scales and fur, and are warm blooded creatures. Their hands have two thumbs and two fingers, with their legs being comprised of a mostly chitin-like material covering softer flesh. Their feet are quite big in comparison to a human's, and have three toes (two on the front, one on the back).

They have a hunched posture, though why this is, no-one can guess. They have a short tail dominated by scales, tapering to a rounded point.

An incredibly strong race, there have been rumours of them breaking others and tearing them apart with their bare hands, a shocking feat, to say the least.


Truly, very little is known of their history, save that they warred against themselves consistently, and developed spaceflight when humans were still hunter-gatherers. What happened between the dawn of their Space Age and their current position as the dominant species of the Ida Galaxy is anyone's guess, but what is known is that they hosted hundreds of crusades, sent out to cleanse the galaxy of any sentient races other than them. These crusades brought on the fledgling Dominion, forming in the wake of their conquests.

When this crusading era had come to an end, and the Dominion held sway over all of Ida, the Conqrix turned their collective eye towards the nearby dwarf galaxy, Oberon's Shield. A galaxy that had been a source of wonder and awe for the Conqrix people was finally within their grasp, and so, massive fleets of colony ships and heavily armed cruisers departed from Ida using wormhole drives, arriving in the Shield a week later. In a relatively short amount of time, the small galaxy was made into a nearly impenetrable fortress.

The Shield was not the only dwarf galaxy to come under their control. Later that same year, Dominion battlefleets entered the dwarf galaxy Oberon's Eye, only to find a galaxy devoid of sentient life. Informing the High Council of the Dominion, vast fleets of colony ships were assembled and sent out toward the dwarf galaxy. Within the following year, halted only by natural phenomena such as rogue black holes or minor spatial distortions, the Eye had become a major population centre for the Dominion, and represented its own sector.

Brief Encounter

The Confederacy have sent a few probes to their galaxy in the past, though none have returned. What did return was confirmation of an alien presence, and its astounding hostility. The Confederacy has made a colossal mistake, one that will reverberate across the universe: The Conqrix Dominion know where they are, and they are coming.

Somewhere, in the depths of the Ida Galaxy, the Conqrix are gathering the bulk of their fleets, preparing for a new crusade........


Having existed for well over 900,000 years, the technology of the Dominion is far more superior compared to the Confederacy's. Having discovered wormhole technology millennia before the Confederacy ever existed, the Conqrix expanded far more rapidly, claiming at least ten galaxies, with a dozen more well on the way to being brought under heel.

Conqrix Dreadnought

In addition, their military power is immense, with numerous fleets of dreadnought class capital ships, armed with plasma lance weaponry and standard, yet still incredibly powerful, laser batteries. (The image displayed is a probe's capture of a dreadnought, sent moments before its destruction)


Due to the fact that they are an incredibly hostile and warlike species, it can be assumed that theirs is a culture dedicated solely to warfare, but this is mere speculation. What is certain, however, is that they have a fanatical zeal in the belief that they are the only race in the universe deserving of existence, and as such, have wiped out countless civilisations.

Other Information

Until recently, the Confederacy had no knowledge of the Conqrix' existence, leading to the belief that humans were the most technologically advanced race in the known universe, and the only modern race to develop wormhole technology. Cleary, this is false, though the upper echelons of the Confederacy were not willing to release this information to the public upon learning it. It remains highly classified.

Furthermore, before Probe 08 was destroyed by the dreadnought, it received a burst of code and fired that back to the Milky Way, to Sol. The message was decoded within a month, and it was a simple one: "The weak shall perish"

Finally, there have been ruins discovered by explorer vessels in galaxies closer to Ida that have hieroglyphics depicting a race eerily similar in form to the Conqrix. They also depict ships of similar design to those encountered by Probe 08. Further information is pending, but it can be assumed that the Conqrix spread further than was originally expected.


  • The author of this article and those directly linked is aware and understands that the Conqrix originally come from Spore. The reference was intentional
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