The Conqrix Dominion is the main, and only, power of the Ida Galaxy, its place of origin. It is thought to have the entirety of Ida under its control, and has at least ten other galaxies within its grip, with a dozen more undergoing invasion. It is an immense government, controlling upwards of 30 billion stars, more than enough to challenge the Confederacy of Humanity in size alone.


None but the Conqrix themselves know how the Dominion truly started, but some have speculated that it began as a minor political party on the Conqrix homeworld of Idaris, and somehow rose to control the planet, and every subsequent mission into space.

Dominion Expansion

What is known is that they expanded quickly after developing Warp Drive, quickly seizing control of a dozen star systems. During this expansion phase, they encountered many races of similar technological levels. Instead of allying with, or outright ignoring them, the Conqrix quickly armed their early warp ships with primitive ballistic weaponry, including a weapon analogous to the railgun and nuclear missiles. After this, they brutally subjugated and subsequently exterminated many alien races. Those that hid from them were also found, and immediately obliterated. By the time they achieved total dominance over their galaxy, they had developed wormhole technology and eagerly set their sights on neighbouring galaxies.

Inter-galactic Expansion

The Conqrix Dominion has been expanding to other galaxies for hundreds of thousands of years. In that time, they have exterminated countless races, burnt worlds to ash and destroyed entire star systems. This expansion phase is still ongoing, but shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, after discovering Probe 08 and many of its brethren entering their galaxy, the Dominion tracked their flight path and found the Local Group, including the Milky Way and, subsequently, the Confederacy.

Now they are preparing a massive crusading force, one that will cross the gulf of space and invade the Local Group, determined to exterminate all before them. All the while, they will blast a message across the cosmos: "The weak shall perish"


  • The author of this article and those directly linked to it is aware that the Conqrix originally come from Spore. The reference was intentional
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