The dominant species of Eeyttir.

Physical Description

Descended from the Troodon, this remarkably humanoid species are now the dominant race of their homeworld. They have three fingers, one resembling a thumb. They have three toes on their strong hind legs and they still possess a tail. Their heads are more rounded than their ancestors and their eyes now face more forward as they had to evolve to become hunters on their new world. Their languages have all resembled bird song.


Originally evolving as the Troodon on Earth, the Conyth were part of the species that were transplanted to Eeyttir over 65 million years ago by the First Civilization and were introduced to their new environment after the planet was terraformed.

After the First Civilization took it upon themselves to transplant what species they could to Eeyttir, the dinosaurs began to spread around their new world. However, they almost faced extinction a second time approximately 49 million years ago. An asteroid impacted the southern hemisphere, sending dust into the air. Many species went extinct at this point. This became known to the Conyth as the Tergada Extinction Event.

However, the Troodon managed to survive, for by this time they'd evolved larger and more complex brains. After the impact winter ash and dust cleared, the first proto-Conyth began to evolve more complex brains. Over the next 46 million years, the Conyth slowly continued to evolve until they first achieved sentience three million years ago.

Reasons behind why they evolved so slowly are unknown, but it is theorized that the Troodon evolved the ability to hibernate due to their time in the caves. The lack of mating during those months mixed with the violent nature of proto-Conyth caused their civilization to remain stagnant in a hunter-gatherer society for millions of years.

As the planet began to warm up once again, the Conyth began to develop a primitive form of agriculture. Due to the world having one massive landlocked ocean and two smaller freshwater seas, most of the proto-cities. By this time they'd also evolved the ability to become omnivorous. They set up large fishing towns as well as farming villages. Around 100,000 BCE, the first major civilizations began to appear around the more fertile areas.

As with most civilizations on Earth, the Conyth were a violent and warlike species, fighting for the best land and supplies along with holy wars. As their technology grew, so did the means of killing. By the year 3000 CE the planet had reached a medieval level of technology, but had barely seen any of their world due to it being mostly a thick forest. However, as time went on, their violent tendencies began to slowly grow less. They began to focus more on developing the technology to reach the sky and stars.

In the year 3521 CE, the Conyth made their first journey to their moon and Driio Fal became the first Conyth to set foot on another world. They returned nine times before setting up a permanent research station on the lunar surface.

in 3569 they sent a probe to the fifth planet in the system, a gas giant they'd named Felda. They discovered that the gas giant itself was full of unusual lifeforms. This discovery pushed forward their development of their own version of warp drive. On august 1, 3581, they successfully tested a warp capable ship, and this was when they came into contact with the Confederacy. Diplomatic relations were soon established and the Conyth and Humans have remained staunch allies ever since. Currently there are over 100 billion Conyth in the galaxy, 12.5 located on their homeworld.

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