The native intelligences of Illara. (Not to be confused with the Conyth)

Physical Description

Their appearance is that of large lion sized crystalline blobs that move around at their own pace across the land and seas of their world. They can shape themselves to imitate anything they see. Their slow metabolism allows them to live for twelve to fifteen local years, but because they rarely reproduce, there are currently only about three hundred thousand Conytr on Illana.

The Conytr reproduce asexually, splitting when they gather enough mass.


The Conytr do not have space travel, and thanks to their rather slow metabolism, they are still at a primitive stage in their development and are still at a hunter-gatherer equivalent. Their language is a series of slippery wet claps made by altering their bodies to make slippery wet sounds.

Because of their primitive understanding of the universe (some believe that the two suns in the system are two fighting gods), the Nok’Chu-Raa and the K’weeeyyuu have opted to leave them alone.

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