NGC 4725, the galaxy where the CTA resides.

The Cooperative Triple Alliance, Also known as the Three Worlds Alliance or simply the CTA for short, is an interstellar government existing in the NGC 4725 galaxy.


The CTA is comprised of three species, the Oneru, the Krins and the Chukulakans. It is a 120 lightyears wide, overseeing a multitude of colonies and life bearing worlds of interest.

The CTA is governed by three emperors from each of the three civilizations. While these emperors tend to reside on their home planets for most of the time, they do have meetings aboard a space station orbiting the Oneru homeworld of Ubeleth.


The CTA was founded by the Oneru after making contact with the Krins of Telyra since they decided that an interstellar nation would be necessary in order to maintain trade and peace with the other race as well as any others they may contact such as the Chukulakans of Cha-roth, thus the Cooperative Triple Alliance was born.

Only the three species make up the CTA since no other life has been found in their region of space that would be smart or evolved enough to join. However, they did make contact with a group of Humans who entered their galaxy via wormhole. Curious of these mysterious visitors, the CTA sent a signal to the Human spacecraft and were pleasantly surprised to find another species as advanced, if not more advanced, than the CTA. The Confederacy and CTA have been on peaceful terms with each other but aside from that they don't interact much as the CTA is more or less left alone.

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