The Core Worlds Alliance (abbreviated as CWA) is an alliance founded in 4482 between three major civilizations within the galactic center of the Milky Way.

The alliance had lasted for 4574 years until 9056 when the First Galactic War broke out, involving the entire Milky Way in a galaxy-wide war.

Founded 4482 C.E

9056 C.E

  • 5th May 9056 - First Galactic War
  • January 9056 - Giokan Terrorist Attacks


First founded in 4482 by the Niolek civilization, they decided to form alliances with any civilizations willing to ally with them. They found the Ilaskans in 4479 but during this time, both civilizations were unaware of each others plans. In September 4481, both civilizations agreed to aid each other during wars and supply them with resources. In May 4482, leaders of both civilizations signed a treaty to bring peace to both civilizations. About 24 years later, in 4506, they discovered the Giokans. In 4511, the leader of the Giokans signed a treaty with the Nioleks and Ilaskans to bring peace between all three civilizations.

In 9052, almost 4 years before the First Galactic War broke out, Giokans began harnessing the power of black holes and began developing the technology to travel into black holes and discover their secrets. In 9055, they had traveled into the supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*, for the first time and discovered its ability to transport anything thousands or millions of light years away from the Milky Way. However, the first time they used black holes, it transported them to less than a thousand light years from the Sol System. Giokans soon discovered the Humans in January 9056, five months before the First Galactic War began. Giokans and Humans did not work well together and soon began a short period of terrorist attacks, mostly targeting Earth but failed to do so. The First Galactic War soon began on 5th May 9056.

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