Corphius is a small M-Class planet located within a trinary star system inside a galaxy about 250 million light years away from Earth. It once supported microbial life in its oceans, but until around 163100 CE, it was terraformed to match Earth-like conditions. It is one of the farthest Human colonies to date, being isolated deep in the CoB. 

At a mere 216 million years old, Corphius has managed to develop organic life in its oceans.


It currently serves as a colony world for the Confederacy of Borealis. Much like the Earth, it has water oceans and life with a similar DNA structure. At 216 million years old, Corphius is still young and geologically active. The planet is tidally locked to its sun, with one side facing the star and the other side in perpetual night. 

The two main cities are located in the terminator zone and each house up to 20 million people. The planet's economy is dependent on tourism. Each city has large green parks, monuments and musuems that attract millions of humans every year. A popular sport is gliding which is easier due to the weaker gravity. The distant two suns are a popular sight on Corphius.

Despite being terraformed, it still has a huge ice sheet on the night side, which remains a danger zone for human life. The strong winds on the day side, although they are potentially lethal, remain a hot spot for higher altitude gliding.


The surface map of Corphius.


It formed with its star system about 216 million years ago from a cloud of dust and gas, the same process every planet and star goes through. Over time, comets and metal-rich asteroids collided with Corohius, creating the planet as it is seen today. Its gravitational interactions with its sun forced it to be tidally locked, rotating and orbiting every 23 days. 

Life only existed in the oceans as microbes. Around 163100 CE, the Confederacy of Humanity discovered and terraformed the planet. Its air pressure was reduced to 1 ATM and oxygen and nitrogen levels were increased. The first settlements arrived and eventually became the two largest cities. Today, they have a combined population of 40 million people.

The people of Corphius typically avoid any conflict and prefer a green approach to politics. In 177842 CE, they opened up a wormhole to Janazim and began trading on an intergalactic scale. 


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