The Cosmic Alien Database, abbreviated as CAD, is a database of information on all known alien lifeforms. It is an on-going project by Humans that began on New Year's Day 9800 led by Martian senator Ida Felle, a senator of Venus.

Brief History

The idea for the Cosmic Alien Database was put forward in 9790 by senator Ida Felle who represented her home planet of Mars. She suggested to not only catalogue all aliens in the Milky Way but any alien world that Humans can reach, even beyond the Milky Way but so far aliens discovered by Humans are as far away from the Milky Way as Barnard's Galaxy.

So far, in the year 10,000 CE, the Cosmic Alien Database has catalogued every single alien civilisation and all the lifeforms on those alien homeworlds that Humans have reached with the current level of technology.


Although the construction began about 200 years ago, it is still being updated with new information on lifeforms. Many estimate the construction will be complete once Humanity reaches all galaxies in the Universe, though some believe this impossible due to the speed galaxies are currently moving away from us.

Once Senator (of the Confederacy of Humanity) Ida Felle had put forward her idea to assemble one of the greatest databases in history, many other senators joined in with her and soon the public was aware of the idea and formed an entire organisation devoted to constructing the database. Ida was bombarded with messages from various companies across the Milky Way aiming to help with the assembling but none of them were accepted. Instead, she decided to ask the Confederacy to build it instead.


The location of the Cosmic Alien Database, underneath the complex mountain range with a strange crater carved into the uplifting of land.

However, before the assembling could begin, a planet or a moon had to be chosen in order to build the database. A senator of Venus, known as Kila Orinia - a childhood and adult-hood friend of Ida - had recently colonised an oceanic planet around a B-type star and offered to use the planet's moon to build the database on. 

It took a few years in order to aquire the resources needed for the database. Soon after those resources were mined and extracted into their proper forms, construction can begin. 

On New Year's Day of 9800, Ida Felle and her fleet of construction workers arrived at the planet and moon and began construction on what will become the Cosmic Alien Database. A total of 41 years was taken to complete the database.


The database has, so far, archived almost one quintillion lifeforms, ranging from microbes to complex creatures and plants. After it was available for use in 9841, the amount of data flooding the database was overloading the system and, within the first week, had to shutdown in an emergency. It soon became operational again two weeks later and the amount of data being allowed in at a time was limited to avoid future emergency shutdowns.

Ida Felle, who then became the boss, had reassured the public that a future shutdown was unlikely due to the new rules, including a limit to the data that can be archived at a time.

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