Once known to be one of the gems of life by the eyes of confederacy, this Warm E-class superterra (RS 8496-2265-8-11401183-638 6 in 0.990) was examined thoroughly when discovered in 4988 CE.

There are two intelligent species on this planet:

Toruth, a mid type II civilization that didn't know how to farm just 20,000 years ago. They resemble giant flying insects, and inhabit the upper portions of the atmosphere.

Medit, the older species that's been around for 80 million years, yet suprisingly haven't discovered the warp drive, this may be due to the extremely thick atmosphere on the planet, which prevents them to ever leave their planet.

A few curious Toruth and Medit have left their home planet, unfortanely they only have ever visited around 100 systems in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The system is currently ruled by the Confederacy of Humanity


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