The Cristallus are a race of silicon-based humanoids that live in The Cristallus Noocracy in the Ginga Galaxy.

Physical Description

Cristallus are bipedal, with two arms and two legs, although this figure can change.

On what can be described as their head, they have 360-degree optical sensors.

They are one of the only multicellular organisms on their planet, with only slime-mold-like organisms of algae also being multicellular.

They have a highly complex nerve bundle in the middle of their "torso" with brains that put humans to shame.

They are mostly transparent which makes them refract light into a shining pattern. This is why they have been named Cristallus a modified version of the Latin for "crystal."


Over 750,000 years ago, only slime molds existed on the planet. These organisms, like on Earth, were originally many small protists that would coalesce when food grew scarce.

Over time, the cooperation of the protists increased, and they spent more and more time together than apart. Eventually, they never dissociated.

These new organisms had to constantly compete with each other to find bacterial and algal growths. The smartest ones would find the growths, while the unintelligent would be fooled by the camouflage of the bacteria.

This simple pressure for the organisms to evolve intelligence eventually made them self-aware. The self-aware ones learned how to cooperate and use tools, giving them a huge advantage. They even learned to farm the simpler, yet hardier, organisms.

As slime molds, they have almost complete control of their shape, yet they began to form into exclusively bipedal shapes so they could throw spears and hunt more efficiently.

Social Structure

Like the cells they are composed of, they tend to assign roles to those that are most fit for those roles. The wisest Cristallus would always be chief of the settlement, while the strongest would be the hunters. The smartest would be the architects, and later, engineers.

Their biology makes them conducive to Technocratic Noocracy, which is the default government form they have.


All across Ginga, the Cristallus have a very uniform culture. It is one that has slowly been optimized over the millennia, to be the most efficient culture possible.

They frown upon waste in any form, which is why machines usually play a huge role in their society, as they are incapable of mistakes.

Emotional expression is also highly frowned upon, as logic is praised above all else. This lead to over ten percent of Cristallus to implant emotional inhibitors.

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