The Cruzaeik Authority is a loose government governing three species. It is much like the Confederacy of Humanity.

Physical Description

The first species are the Crunati. Their homeworld is 200 lightyears from an oblate O5 star named Centripol. It is estimated that in 530 Milion years Centripol will go Supernova. They are a squat humanoid race as their homeworld has slightly higher gravity than Earth. They have "both" sets of genitals and have no concept of gender. They are less warlike than most races found, and actually unified long before the Cruzaeik Authority was formed.

The second species, known as the Zaeqer, emerged 79 ly from the Crunati and are actually quite similar. Their homeworld has lower gravity and thus they are quite tall, with an average height of 3 metres. They joined the Authority in their year 1596, several years after their first interstellar mission departed. They are renowned for their engineering skills.

The third species is the Ikunstas. Their home-system is 355 ly from Centripol and 499 ly from the Zaeqer homeworld. They are spiderlike, living on a world with even lower gravity than the Zaeqer homeworld. They are able to switch biological gender at will, and change their features often within their lifespans. They joined the Authority in their year of 2317, after a Zaeqer explorer saw a ramscoop trace. They are the main genetic engineers of the Cruzaeik Authority.


The Cruzaeik Authority is very decentralized, even more so than the Confederacy. They are a loose organization to govern trading and exploration policies. Their ~490 ly area of space has a kink in the 7th dimension which makes altering the space-time field very difficult if not impossible. This means that Warp Drives, Wormhole Drives, and all but the simplest AI are impractical or impossible. They must rely on subliminal speeds, and have developed a technology known as the Ramscoop. The Ramscoop is capable of quickly reaching speeds near that of light. The species of the Cruzaeik Authority have become masters of subluminal technologies when compared with humanity. This "envelope" of kinked space extends out roughly 5 kly from Centripol. It's possible that this was created by a civilization similar to the First Civilization, as several blocks of pure Exotic Matter have been found and studied here. Their main races are remarkably resilient- capable of living and reproducing in 0.2-2 g, 0.7-6 atm, -20 to 70 c, and areas without seasons. They can also handle long days and with their genetic engineering, which for them is easier than terraforming and allows them to handle vast variations of atmosphere and gravity. The three main worlds operate together, with each world having its own government- it's hard to have one complete government when the closest two of your worlds are 79 light-years apart.


The anchoryear is the point of time where this article is set.

Humanity as of the Anchoryear had just sent out an extremely long-range starship- one that was quite literally a FTL-drive powered Dyson Sphere. It may hit the Envelope around 4021. Luckily, it has powerful ramscoop-like engines and lots of cryopods. Most likely it will head in towards Centripol, and arrive in 6523. As of the Anchoryear, the Cruzaeik Authority had sent out five colony ships beyond their 490 ly area. They will arrive from 3930-4070.

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