The apparent symbol of the Cult

"How many? How many people don't want to be their own species? Ideally, none, but in reality... It's impossible to count how many people claim to be born as 'the wrong species'. Such a mindset is absolutely disgusting. I've been here a long time, and our efforts have not gone far enough. I speak for Silver, and He says that your time has come. -"Moonmoon "

Basic information

Not much is known about this odd Cult, but their intentions are clear: Purify the universe, one sin at a time. Their broadcasts have had the same voice, one who calls himself Moonmoon . He claims to lead them, although he never shows any other Cult members with him. What is more disturbing is that this Moonmoon has been broadcasting since 2036 up until the current year. His famed immortality has been skepticised by scientists since the idea's conception. They appear to mostly make their moves on the Internet. They originated on Earth on the Pacific coast.


The Cult of Silverstar can barely be called a Cult. The Cult themselves say that while technically not malicious enoug to be a true cult, they prefer to call themselves as such. Ancient searches for the origin trace it back to early 2018 in a game called Roblox. This has baffled all who look, for it seems to be a joke or red herring. The Cult worships an omnipotent deity with no moral compass. They follow their god's will almost erraticaly, like the deity has mood swings. They are open to conversation, but have no way to contact them. 


The Cult of Siverstar has firm beliefs in an energy that can be harnessed similarly to magic in stories. They call it "Essenchor". They believe in their deity Silverstar, who has ichor instead of blood. According to their book, "Ichor and its functions," Essenchor is the splattered hypergaseous phenomena caused by a time-space rupture. It is a weaker version of ichor, god blood, and is barely observable, by their definition. Ichor, from their pages, is a powerful liquid that can bend reality to the user's will. Finally, they say that if ichor is willfully given to a person by Silverstar, their blood will be converted into ichorblood, making them a demigod. 

Significant Broadcasts by Moonmoon 

Jan. 12, 2838

"We are proud to announce that we have made a breakthrough. If lust, hunger, and rest drive people, then we have all we need to fix this universe. Finding other worlds and assimilating them into our ranks has been quite a success. In addition, I'm writing a few books, so stay tuned for their release. HA! Just kidding, we're going to announce that EVERYWHERE. Remember, we're watching forever."

May 6, 2839

"We interrupt your program to bring you delightful news. Our book, 'Ichor and its functions' has been released, with 420 copies placed inside each bookstore. They are totally free, so if you ever need something new to read, go buy a copy. Alright, I think that's it for this broadcast.

Jun. 23, 3455

"It has come to my attention that some governments wish to eradicate us. Remember, government officials, we are much more numerous than we appear. If you try to combat us, you will find yourselves at the mercy of a god and myself. Join us, and we'll be happy to have you. Ignore us, and we will avoid doing harm to you. Act against us, and you're written in the hit book. Yes, it's a hit list so long that it's a book. Bye!"

Aug. 9, 9773

"Yo, Confederacy of Humanity. I just wanted to say that the Cult now owns an entire galaxy. We worked it out peacefully with the natives, and we're gonna live there primarily from now on. I've even found a place to build my home. Consider us a government now, the Federation of Lunen Tsuki. We have anomolous tech for sale if you want, but we aree independant. Silver be with you."

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