Cupam is the fourth planet of the Vinum System located in the Vocatus Nebulae in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a temperate J-Class world.


Cupam is a fairly large gas giant planet with distinctive bands of brown, purple, white, and grey cloud patterns. It's primarily made up of hydrogen and helium.

It has a large core made up piratically of entirely platinum. Due to this, robotic probes are sent from the colony Cupamanara to mine this precious metals for various purposes

Strangely, the gas giant lacks any major moons. Their isn't an exact reason why this is the case, in fact there really should be. However no debris would become a major moon, rather all of it would collect into the main gas giant planet.

It is by far the most massive planet in the Vinum System. It is so large in fact that it accounts for 10% of all mass in the star system.

The planet his home to one large city-like floating colony named Cupamanara. This is because of the gas giant's relativity temperate weather and climate. This colony mines the nigh endless hydrogen and helium in the planet's massive atmosphere.


Cupam formed from the majority of the debris created with the formation of its parent star Vinum in 7,128,370,000 BCE. During its formation its massive gravity would eject several planets from the star system.

Its immense gravity would capture any comets and inter-stellar asteroids entering the star system throughout the billions of years of the planet's existence, this has lead to a mass of over one hundred and twenty dwarf moons in orbit around Cupam.

When the Human Alliance of Ambrosia entered the Ambrosia Galaxy, colonies would be built on the planets Cervisiam and Aqua-Inferni. However once it was discovered that floating colonies could be built in the upper atmosphere of Cupam with relative comfort and ease, the colony Cupmanara would be built on 10341 CE.

After the True Alliance of Man was formed, Cupam, as well as the rest of the Vinum System would join this new government. And after it was disbanded, and the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems was formed, Cupam would follow suit with the rest of the Virum System a join the group.

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