D'Nion is a large E-Class world in The Alko Galaxy. The planet orbits a red dwarf that is part of a triple star

system. Currently, the planet is used as a military factory for the Intendancy due to its richness in many valuable resources.


D'Nion has a very small population of 394 due to most of the planet being covered in automated factories. The planet was first colonized in 100,000 CE for the purpose of constructing ships. The large amounts of water on the surface eases the production of these ships for cooling purposes.

The name D'Nion was selected by the Ror Units living on the planet due to it sounding somewhat similar to D'Naevium, the homeworld of all Ror Units.

During The Alko-Werryn War, this planet was a valuable production facility, creating about 5% of the battleships in the Alkan Intendancy.


The moons of D'Nion have all been designated as nature reserves for the purpose of protecting the rare and unique life on them. Three of the dwarf moons orbiting D'Nion have life on them similar to bacteria.

One moon is an entire organism to itself. This organism occupies the entirety of the moon and makes up over 95% of its mass. The moon, named D'Nion A, as well as the others, seemed to gain life via panspermia.

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