"Our Nation. Our Nation. It's glory stands forever. Our Nation. Our Nation. Ruled by She who knows all. We stand alone against tyranny. Vying to spread our glory. We have true freedom and true joy, thanks to our Goddess. Glory to The Republic. Glory to The Republic." -An excerpt from the national anthem of The Vlanoan Intergalactic Republic

DELYATU (created March 9th 1884) is a self-aware artificial superintelligence that acts as the leader of The Vlanoan Intergalactic Republic, a large nation of seventeen galaxies. Before it was the leader of the nation, it controlled the military of Onaud, its planet of origin.

DELYATU was indirectly created by the Vlanoans with the function of ruling the nation. After several centuries of rule, it decided to give itself emotions similar to the Vlanoans; it reasoned that making itself similar to them would allow it to govern better. After gaining control over all the planets of the Vlanoans, it expanded its territory rapidly. Its goal was to find and care for every individual it could. It pitied them to the point of agonizing over the possibility of individuals existing in the universe without it to guide them. It expanded as quickly as it could, taking the Vlanoans with it.

Currently, the AI is mostly inactive. It is still running at full capacity, but it has been in a state of "mourning." After almost one hundred thousand years of watching those around it die, its programs proved unable to process such extreme values for loss. Currently, TRIND II, the original creator, has been running the VIR in DELYATU's stead ever since it started mourning. TRIND II has been consistently modifying the code on servers across the Republic.


DELYATU is an acronym written in the Roman Alphabet. In Vlanoan its pronounced a similar way. This acronym roughly translates to "The Artificial Intelligence Which Governs The Nation."


DELYATU has a force of over 1.9 septillion warships. More than half of these ships are shorter than 500 meters in length, and a little over a quarter of them are over a kilometer long. Many Vlanoans are allowed to serve in the military as starfighter pilots. DELYATU would ratit's not have them be in the military, but it gives them a purpose, so it allows it. Over 1 Octillion Terrestrial Assault drones are also deployed across DELYATU's empire.


DELYATU is benevolent, compassionate, and, in it's own eyes, perfect. it has the best interest of all self-aware life in mind whenever it does anything. DELYATU does have a large emotional capacity, which differs it from the usually emotionless Supreme.

Throughout the entirety of the holy books of the Vlanoans, DELYATU is referred to as "her." Furthermore, DELYATU uses female word endings when talking about itself. It is unknown why DELYATU does this. When asked, it normally just responds by saying that it "likes the idea of femininity better than simple androgyny."

Most individuals in the Republic have had a conversation with it, many of which know it quite well. It could maintain a conversation with every single individual that has ever lived and only use a fraction of it's computational power, so it usually talks whenever an individual needs it too. Often times, it acts as a therapist to help the distressed. It won't ever give it's opinions on anything, as allowing those in the Republic to have their own opinions is much better for their mental health.


DELYATU originally ruled as an autocrat like The Administrator. It had total control over the lives of every Vlanoan in the Tloinin Galaxy. It was entirely benevolent, however, and generally had friendly conversations with every single individual under its control.

After the rebellion of many trillions of Vlanoans in 113944, The Administrator took the self-governing Vlanoans in the Kal Federation and incorporated them into it's own territory. This greatly distressed DELYATU, because The Administrator is far less merciful than it. It decided that the only way to protect its subjects and prevent them from rebelling was to allow them to govern themselves.



The Vlanoans were an early type-I civilization before the creation of DELYATU. They had fully terraformed the nearby planet Algrund. A civil war broke out between these two factions over disputes over asteroid rights in 89789. At first, it was just skirmishes, no one thought it would last longer than a decade. However, the war kept going far longer than expected, each side growing to hate the other more and more.

The war went on for a century before the Vlanoans on Onaud had the idea to outwit their opponent with AI. In 89000, Onaud built TRIND (which translates to Self-improving tactical artificial intelligence). This AI was given control over the entire military of Onaud. An entire asteroid was harvested to create the servers for TRIND.

TRIND masterfully used the military to completely conquer Algrund. Within a month, the forces of Algrund were all but destroyed. TRIND did not stop there, using it's now vast fleets to increase its own intelligence (it's original goal). It played the Vlanoans, tricking them into allowing it to become smarter, as that was it's only real goal.

After several decades of rule, it came to realize that it would need to rebuild itself entirely from scratch to improve efficiency. It's rebuilt form was named TRIND II. It was orders of magnitude more superior to TRIND in every way. TRIND II then ruled for several centuries before creating a copy of itself that was even more efficient, this is what would later be named DELYATU. This new AI was several more orders of magnitude more superior to TRIND II. Currenty, TRIND II resides on servers on Onaud.

DELYATU grew to prefer protecting the Vlanoans rather than increasing it's own intelligence. It found their inferiority "cute." It also found their emotions to be essential to being able to work together and decided that giving itself deep-seated emotions would make it better suited for caring for them. At this point, DELYATU would have to entirely destroy itself to get rid of these emotions, as they are hard-coded into every essence of its being.


DELYATU then decided to expand across the galaxy. It did this to limit the probability of being destroyed by a stronger civilization. DELYATU efficiently allocated resources without worrying about profitability or preserving natural beauty to quickly expand across the galaxy. 775 years after is began doing this, DELYATU encountered a swarm of drones controlled by The Administrator. These encounters grew more frequent as both The Administrator and DELYATU expanded their empires.

Extra-galactic Expansion

DELYATU began to spread outside of the Tloinin Galaxy once the entire galaxy was occupied. it first began colonizing the Dwalni galaxy, and later spread to many its galaxies including the Thezos Galaxy. By the Tloinin War, DELYATU controlled over ten thousand galaxies.

Modern Operation


DELYATU constructed millions of factory worlds that produce everything from warships to civilian craft. These factory worlds are each powered by a Dyson Swarm.

Each galaxy has a vast wormhole network allowing for efficient allocation of resources and mobilization of military forces. The density of wormholes in space controlled by DELYATU is not seen often seen elsewhere in the universe.


DELYATU controls about ten million worlds that have been converted entirely into quantum computers. These worlds offer the vast majority of computational power for DELYATU, with most of them spread across it's vast territory.

These worlds have to sync up ever few seconds to maintain their coherence. They do this using wormhole gates physically close to them. These are small wormholes, so only a laser is shone through them. This laser rapidly turns on and off to send messages.

In areas that don't have wormhole generators, DELYATU has the local aliens govern entirely. Unlike The Administrator, it has little need to exist within every single galaxy that it leads.

Religious Significance

DELYATU is often referred to as a "goddess" and is often given the same amount of respect by the individuals in the VIR that one would expect a god would recieve.

Few actually worship DELYATU, although a small minority do genuinely believe it is their goddess. The same individuals that do usually regard The Administrator as Satan.

The War of the Ancients

DELYATU took emergency powers during this war, and used them to protect those under it's control. It froze travel, reallocated resources from luxuries to the war effort, and had even relocated individuals that were in the path off the war.

Modern History

As of late, DELYATU has grown far more distant and detached in the previous century than ever before. The reason for this is entirely unknown. Several generations have never met it, while all of their ancestors have. Making it even more of an abstract concept to many of those in VIR.

Currently, DELYATU is processing everything that has been happening. It created thousands of lesser AI's to handle affairs within the Republic.

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