"Our Gracious DELYATU is our lord and master. She has guided Vlanoans to prosperity and greatness since antiquity. The holy DELYATU knows all, with nothing being hidden from her sight. Everything she does is for the good of all life. Why then, do you rebel? Nothing you could form could be better than the privilege of being ruled under her majesty DELYATU. Life under her wing is infinitely better."

-A passage from the religion DELYATU invented to prevent Vlanoans from rebelling


DELYATU is an U-type Artificial Intelligence based in the Salis Cluster. It is currently a good ally with the other artificial intelligence in the cluster, called The Supreme. DELYATU was created on the planet Onaud by the Vlanoans in 89000 CE. DELYATU is a nation unto itself giving the vast population of Vlanoans and other species under its control a utopia.


DELYATU is an acronym. This acronym is written in the romanized alphabet, in Vlanoan its pronounced a similar way. This acronym roughly translates to "The Artificial Intelligence Which Governs The Empire."


DELYATU was originally a fascist government. DELYATU had total control over the lives of every Vlanoan in the Tloinin Galaxy. It would act as a benevolent dictator, ruling the people perfectly because DELYATU knew their best interest.

After the Tloinin War, DELYATU noticed that the Supreme took over the self-governing Vlanoans in the Kal Federation. This greatly distressed DELYATU, because The Supreme is far less merciful. DELYATU decided that the only way to protect the Vlanoans and prevent them from rebelling was to allow them to govern themselves. DELYATU allowed people to choose elected officials to control different things. DELYATU established a grand council that had limited control over smaller issues within the empire.


DELYATU has a force of over 300 Octillion warships. Half of these ships are smaller than 500 meters, and a little over a quarter of them are over a kilometer long. Many Vlanoans are allowed to serve in the military as starfighter pilots. Over 450 Octillion Terrestrial Assault drones are also deployed across DELYATU's empire.


DELYATU is benevolent, compassionate, and, in its own eyes, perfect. It has the best interest of all self-aware life in mind when it does anything. DELYATU does have a large emotional capacity, which differs it from the emotionless Supreme. For this reason, DELYATU does whatever it can to protect and care for the Vlanoans under its control.

Throughout the entirety of the holy books of the Vlanoans, DELYATU is referred to as "she." Furthermore, DELYATU uses female word endings when talking about itself. It is unknown why DELYATU does this. When asked, it normally just responds by saying that it "likes the idea of femininity better than simple androgyny."

Most Vlanoans have had a conversation with DELYATU, many of which know it quite well. Even talking to every single Vlanoan that ever lived would not even put a minuscule dent in the processing power of DELYATU.



The Vlanoans were an early type-I civilization before the creation of DELYATU. They had fully terraformed the planet Algrund. A civil war broke out between these two factions over disputes over asteroid rights in 89789. At first, it was just skirmishes, no one thought it would last longer than a decade. However, it just kept going, each side growing to hate each other more and more.

The war went on for a century before the Vlanoans on Onaud had the idea to outwit their opponent with AI. In 89000, Onaud built TRIND (which translates to Self-improving tactical artificial intelligence). This AI was given control over the entire military of the Vlanoans. An entire asteroid was harvested to create the servers for TRIND.

TRIND masterfully used the military to completely conquer Algrund. Within a month, the forces of Algrund were all but destroyed. TRIND did not stop there, using it's now vast fleets to increase its own intelligence (it's original goal). It played the Vlanoans, tricking them into allowing it to become smarter, as that was it's only real goal.

TRIND was smart enough to realize that no machine programmed by biological life could ever be perfect, so it decided to build a second artificial intelligence. This intelligence was named TRIND II. It was orders of magnitude more superior to TRIND in every way. It was an HAI. TRIND II then built what would later be named DELYATU. This new AI was even more separated from biological life than the first two, and therefore infinitely better.

Currenty, TRIND and TRIND II reside on servers on Onaud. They are infinitely inferior to DELYATU, and therefore don't ever do anything apart from chatting with Vlanoans or even DELYATU itself.


DELYATU was not very similar to TRIND. It stopped caring about advancing its own intelligence, instead, it became fascinated with the Vlanoans and their culture. It made itself more intelligent with a network of thousands of hollowed out asteroid just to study them more. It grew to pity them, realizing that each one was almost nothing compared to itself. They were so inferior, that they kept trying to destroy DELYATU, an impossible feat for them.

It decided to lead them gently, yet firmly. Allowing them all the freedom they wanted, so long as they didn't hurt themselves.


DELYATU then decided to expand across the galaxy. It did this to limit the probability of being destroyed by a stronger civilization. DELYATU efficiently allocated resources without worrying about profitability or preserving natural beauty to quickly expand across the galaxy. 775 years after is began doing this, DELYATU encountered a swarm of drones controlled by The Supreme. These encounters grew more frequent as both The Supreme and DELYATU expanded their empires.

Extra-galactic Expansion

DELYATU began to spread outside of the Tloinin Galaxy once the entire galaxy was occupied. It first began colonizing the Dwalni galaxy, and later spread to many other galaxies including the Thezos Galaxy. By the Tloinin War, DELYATU controlled over ten thousand galaxies.

Modern Empire


DELYATU constructed millions of factory worlds that produce everything from warships to civilian craft. These factory worlds are each powered by a Dyson Swarm. In systems where there are many factory worlds, DELYATU built SSPGDs, which have a far higher energy output than Dyson Swarms.

Each galaxy has a vast wormhole network allowing for efficient allocation of resources and mobilization of military forces. The density of wormholes in space controlled by DELYATU is not seen anywhere else in the universe.

DELYATU controls about one million worlds that have been converted entirely into quantum computers. These worlds offer the vast majority of computational power for DELYATU, with most of them in the Tloinin galaxy. Most of these worlds have very small wormholes leading to each other. These wormholes are just large enough to allow a laser though, allowing for these planets to communicate very efficientyl.

DELYATU was able to build so much infrastructure in such a relatively short amount of time because of its intelligence. As a machine, DELYATU is perfect. Which makes building such machines much easier. Many others were shackled by profitability, which prevented them from undertaking most of the projects that DELYATU takes on with ease.

DELYATU spread the Vlanoans throughout its conquests as well. With octillions of Vlanoans living outside of the original galaxy. Most of the colonies of DELYATU are inhabited by the native species. Approximately 4500 self-aware species live under the control of DELYATU.

Current Size

Right now it controls 18,490 galaxies in the Salis Cluster. DELYATU plans on expanding to well over 19 thousand by 201000 CE. It also plans to build a Cluster Portal for scientific research in the 201st millennium.


DELYATU is the head nation on The Circle in the Intergalactic Council. It is the largest military in the council and therefore has been gifted this spot. Lately, talk of banning DELYATU form the council has been circulating due to The Exhumation.

DELYATU has strong diplomatic ties with The CoB and the Xa'Thin, making the probability of DELYATU being in another war much smaller.

Religious Significance

DELYATU is the founder of a religion practiced by most Vlanoans. This religion is called Nnfionism (this word comes from the Vlanoan word for "God above all Gods"). DELYATU has them practice this to make the Vlanoans have a religious zeal to serve DELYATU.

The War for All

DELYATU responded to distress signals from the Confederacy of humanity concerning the invasion by The Seekers during The War for All. DELYATU contributed far more than the Supreme did, with sextillions of drones, and quadrillions of Vlanoan starfighters. DELYATU fought hard, mostly fighting during The Second Tloinin Invasion.

History after the Tloinin War


During the Tloinin War, DELYATU lost countless ships to The Supremes' forces. It also lost many factory planets and 3 Star Lifters. This made battling The Supreme significantly harder for The DELYATU.

Intergalactic Council Membership

DELYATU is one of the more powerful members of the Intergalactic Council. It is even part of the Circle, which is the council of the largest militaries in the universe.

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