The Dals are a humanoid/avian species indigenous to the planet Epora.


The have four eyes, two of which are located on each side of the head. They also have a purple plate on the top of their head which seems to take in sunlight implying that they are also phototrophic which is odd as they have been observed to eat meat and plants. They reproduce by laying eggs.


The Dals are a peaceful species and have had no wars, discrimination or violence. Unlike a lot of other species encountered, the Dals have never had any religions in their past and the concept of religion is unknown to them. Bisexuality seems to be the norm in their society although they prefer to take only one partner for life while others would rather remain single. They are ruled by “Gez’vogster Kryun” which translates to Master Kryun. Master Kryun was described as a kind and noble gentleman by the crew of the Starlight Envoy.


The Dals have fairly advanced technology and have colonized worlds across their system and have even visited nearby star systems however they only have a few extrasolar colonies and mainly use advanced probes to explore the more deeper reaches of space.

They live in very alien looking cities with bulbous architecture as well as small geometric houses in their homeworld’s countrysides. They use solar powered vehicles to get around such as car analogs and extremely fast train analogs that speed across the countrysides to get to each city.

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