Damastus is a cold J-class planet and is the tenth world orbiting Aya.


It is slightly bigger than Jupiter and has a large ring system which could be the remains of an ancient moon or two.

Damastus was named after the mythical Shevin god of destruction, and for good reason too since strong winds whip across the planet at speeds of 1,600mph, along with fierce lightning storms and cyclones.

Despite its size, it only has one moon, an N-class world named Edon that is around 40 Earth masses in size. Both almost orbit each other in a binary planet fashion although Damastus takes more of the orbit due to its bigger size, thus, Edon acts more like a moon.


Damastus was first visited by the Pathram-4 probe that the Shevins launched to explore Xisym and Damastus. The planet's winds were also recorded by small atmospheric probes that were sent to study its weather.

Originally, the Shevins planned to build floating cities in its atmosphere although they decided against it due to the planet's extremely deadly weather.

However, a series of orbital habitats were built around Damastus and still orbit the planet to this day. Many live and work in these habitats and can attract tourism as Damastus can be viewed from them which is considered a very beautiful sight. A few were also built around Edon as well but they do not gain as much attraction as the ones around Damastus.

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