Dantoone is the third planet orbiting Lacarre Star, in the Deep Nebula.

Although there are no settlements on the planet, from 174720 to 180200, it hosts the Dantoone Rally, one of the many courses of the Deep Nebula Grand Prix.

Surface and climate

Dantoone is a hot desert, with a very dry climate. Despite being tidally locked, the winds are normally very warm and they don't reach high speeds, so the night side of Dantoone remains very warm, reaching temperatures over 100°C.

While being mostly an arid desert, salt lakes are present on its surface, suggesting the presence of oceans in the past.

Dantoone Rally

At the edge of the South Equatorial Lake, the Dantoone Rally takes place, where Modracers circle around the Serpentia Highlands, and delve a few kilometers into the salt lake.

The Dantoone Rally is one of the most prestigious, but treacherous courses of the Deep Nebula Grand Prix, as the Modracers need special equipment to safely traverse the South Equatorial Lake tram and the canyons of Serpentia Highlands, the latter well known for being susceptible to landslides.

Dantoone Rally map

Dantoone Rally course map. In green, the goal line and the direction of movement.

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