The Danuil are descendants of the Isan race of Isadanh and a member race in the Thulcandran Federation.


The Danuil, being descendants of the Isan, are one of the most remarkably humanoid species to date. Danuil have more body hair than baseline humans did at the time of their creation but are also taller and possess less body mass due to the lower gravity.


The first recorded evidence of early Danuil emerging is between 10091 and 21506,

The early Danuil were hunter-gatherers, their first attempt at civilization being the creation of a small city near a large river. With the generations their intelligence grew and they began to spread across their world, slowly forming kingdoms and empires and other civilizations across the continents of their world.

The Danuil established contact with their genetic cousins the Roknoir in the year 110578 when a tribe of Roknoir encountered a team of Danuil cave explorers. The two species had a rocky reunion before eventually creating a tentative alliance. The tentative peace slowly became a deep friendship as the two races began to delve deeper into their world's history to attempt to explain their presence on their world.

By 110820 they reached the technological level of early 20th century humanity when a fierce plague swept across the planet. killing millions in months. It was later discovered that the source of the plague was a broken vial of self-reproducing nanites which had been programmed by the geneticists as a warning to their subjects. The nanites were stored in a secret location which, unfortunately, some Roknoir had discovered that year. The planetary inhabitants went on virtual lockdown until a cure for the plague could be found.

It took nearly a thousand years for the Danuil to recover after the disease ended but the Danuil, together with the Roknoir, eventually unlocked the secrets of Warp technology in 129008 and were promptly contacted by the Thulcandran Federation, upon which the truth of their origins was revealed. They are currently full fledged member species of the Federation.

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