Daraline is a warm terra orbiting around the white Daral star that's located in Dynamire Galaxy. It's name is a compound of it's star's name and english word "marine".


Most important fact, so far, about Daraline is it's tidal lock aspect, which causes one side of the planet to be constantly exposed to the sun Daral, which causes the life to adapt to this aspect. Daraline is about two times smaller than Earth and also three times lighter than Earth. It has slightly lower gravity than Earth, it's orbital period is very long and it's atmosphere is heavily CO2 dominated. The temperature stays about 34 degrees above celsium, optimal for most life. Also the planet has one moon, Rathorn, but so far it has no success in getting life outside the water.


Daraline is not inhabited by any civilization and due to it's life potential is essentially a wildlife preserve, even if it's for unicellular organisms. The observation is carried out by small drones which visit most life-inhabited planets in the galaxy.


Even though it isn't shown Daraline has both multicellular and unicellular organisms, since the former existance hasn't yet been envisioned without the latter. The unicellular organisms are pulsating, mostly periodically moving things that lifestyle is very dependant on the temperature. The multicellular organisms are vaguely insectoid-like with adaptation used for all kinds of filter feeding and mostly two appendages, prefering rocky bottoms. These, of course, are only the first impressions and aren't exactly the representation of the true life diversity which will be added later.


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