Daylie is the warm E-Class tidally locked world and is the fifth planet of Nortesx B, located roughly 611 light-years in distance from Earth. It is also the home of the Carens, a curious, peaceful, late Type-I civilization in alliance with human exploration programs. Daylie holds eight moons, all of which are captured asteroids.

Daylie is significantly larger than Earth, with a diameter of 16951.2 kilometers (132.89 percent of Earth's diameter). Gravity across the entire planet's surface is approximately 1.7 g's, and the atmosphere at sea level is 356.11 percent thicker than Earth's atmosphere. Due to tidal locking, a day and year are the same lengths: around 88.2 Earth days. The average temperature on Daylie is 182.7 °F, or 83.7 °C. The planet has no axial tilt worth noting. Daylie orbits its parent star at a distance of around 0.3 AU, and its ESI is 0.740.


Daylie was discovered in 4321 along with Pyreen for the same reason: radio signals could be traced back to the planet. After only a small colony and a space habitat were discovered, scientists knew there had to be more to the Carens elsewhere. Naturally, Daylie was deduced to be the homeworld of the civilization.


Despite orbiting an orange dwarf, evolutionary conditions are very similar to those on Earth. This is why the Carens are so similar to humans in intelligence, behavior, and culture.

The majority of the population resides near the day-night terminator of Daylie.

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