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The Deep Nebula Grand Prix is one of the many modracing tournaments organized by the Galactic Modracing Federation, taking part in many worlds located near the eponymous Deep Nebula, and one of the few mixed category tournaments. It was first held in 169960 and it took place every 4 years until 184368, due to The War for All starting. But in 197827, the Modracing Rebirth project started, and the now named Universal Modracing Organization organizes the new events every 4 years from 197832 onward.


Like many other modracing tournaments, the list of courses has changed over time due to climate or terrain changes, as well as some courses getting outdated to be held with more modern modracing technology.

The 14 courses are sorted randomly every edition, but only one track per planet is chosen.

Current courses

These tracks have been used for the most recent editions of the Grand Prix. From these, 14 of the courses are selected randomly.

Course Location Track Introduced in
Holiobast Canyon Sauventres
Holiobast Cannon map
The Ringdome Tisca IV
Ring Dome Track map
Aquiteria City Zafitori
Aquitera Circuit
Frapé Island Entac Star e
Frapé Island
Glacial River (Descent track) Purpentac
Glacial Descent side view
Glacial River (Underwater track) Purpentac
Glacial Underwater map
Titanic Canyon Rally Gnischo
Titanic Rally map

Past courses

These tracks have been once eligible for the Grand Prix, but have been destroyed or become outdated since.

Course Location Track Last used in
Dantoone Rally Dantoone
Dantoone Rally map
Holiobast Facilities Speedway Sauventres
Holiobast Speedway map
Gigantic Canyon Rally Gnischo
Gigantic Rally map
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