The Delvans are an advanced humanoid race from the planet Delva.


The Delvans seem to be reptilian/amphibian like and have green eyes as well as dark greyish skin. They stand 5ft tall and have rather large craniums due to their brain size.


The Delvans don't have any leaders yet their society seems to function just fine without one. They had leaders in the past but they evolved past the need for one. As a race, the Delvans have always had a fascination for the unknown and have colonized multiple systems near their own and have even begun to explore both of the Magellanic cloud galaxies.

The Delvans have no religions although they used to in the past.


The Delvans have two hearts and have green blood. They have two genders, male and female and are better adapted to humid temperatures. Their diet seems to be omnivorous, consisting of plants and a species of small insectoid lifeforms.


The Delvans evolved from a species of amphibious lifeforms that eventually started to live on land and gain more intelligence.

The Tribal age

The Delvans lived in small tribes scattered across a single small continent and were hunter gatherers. They worshipped their planet's star, Nar'taxis, which translated to “ever watcher”, and believed it was their god who constantly watched over them. The other planets in the sky were thought to be it's children. Delvans would commonly pray to it. They also believed that the darker side of their world was a realm of darkness that was forbidden to go to and further into the daytime side, they believed that there was a holy place where the dead would go.

The Migration Era

For quite some time, the Delvans had wandered if there were other places that existed beyond their homeland. Finally wanting an answer to that question, some Delvans set out on boats they were able to make and sailed the seas in search of another land. A group of individuals also set sail towards the daytime side, unaware of the massive hurricane destructive cyclone at covered the star facing side. It’s safe to say they didn’t return. Eventually however, the Delvans who had sticked to the twilight area, discovered a new continent beyond theirs. When they returned to their homeland, they told others of their discovery and soon enough, Delvans began to settle there. More places were disovered and so the Era of Migration began.

Age of Disbelief

Overtime, the Delvans grew skeptical of Nar'taxis as none of their prayers were ever answered nor did it ever interact with them in anyway shape or form. Many abandoned their religion and began to wonder what Nar'taxis and the other objects in the sky really were. Some Delvans realized that the further you go into the twilight side, the lower, the sun gets on the horizon and concluded that their world may be a sphere.

The Industrial Era

The Delvans eventually built small cities and had technology similar to that of 19th Century Earth. As time progressed, they reached a technological state similar to that of mid 20th Century Earth and launched a rocket with a camera to see what their world looked like from above. When it parachuted down, they got evidence that their world was indeed a sphere and thought that the other objects in the sky might be other worlds beyond theirs. They also sent drones to the dark side and discovered that it was a land of ice and even sent some to the day side to discover the hurricane they were previously unaware of.

The Space Age

After getting more advanced, they sent more satellites into orbit around Delva and were able to photograph their planet as a whole. Soon enough, they sent some of their own to land on Delva's closest moon as well as sending probes to other objects in the system.

It was then that they noticed that there was another star near Nar'taxis and decided to send a probe there. After a year or so trip, the probe eventually arrived there and discovered that it had it's own system of planets, including a potentially habitable oceania which would later be named Deedus. The star was called, Nar'taxis B. Eventually, the nearby planet of Idrania was colonized and soon became a popular destination. Space planes were then invented and other planets in the system were soon colonized.

Nar'taxis B was then visited by Delvans for the first time and a colony was established on Neion, a desert planet orbiting around it. Soon enough, the Nar’taxis B system was colonized but sadly no life was found on Deedus.

The Golden Age

The current era of the Delvans. Having colonized and mapped all of the Nar'taxis binary system as well as nearby systems, the Delvans consider this to be their most proudest era.

Contact with Humans

The Delvans actually visited Earth in 2005 to conduct a survey of Humans and their overall intelligence. At the time, they considered Humanity too undeveloped for contact so they shortly left after gathering information.

Contact was made when the Frontier Probe from Earth, visited Delva in 2253. The Delvans, curious of the probe's origin, studied it and were surprised to find that it came from Earth. Intrigued by how much Humanity must have developed, they sent representatives to the Sol System to find that Humans now have a spacefaring civilisation. Ever since then, they have remained in contact with Humanity, being close allies.

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