The home planet of the Forests of Denil and the Egot-krlla.

Located in the galaxy NGC 4233 orbiting the larger star of a binary system (RS 6870-338-7-1781486-246 in 9.7.3), this temperate E-Class world is incredibly earthlike. It has a diameter of 11329.2 km, giving it a gravity of 0.95 G. It has a semimajor axis of 0.9 AU with a year length of 339.4 days and a day length of 16 hours and 5 minutes. It has an atmospheric pressure of 1.03 and a mean temperature of 18.5 °C. The planet, along with the system is 6.3 billion years old.

The planet has an equatorial mountain range as most planets with faster rotations seem to have as well as more land than ocean. It has no polar ice caps as they melted only recently (in geological terms that is). The largest water mass is located in the north, with the entire polar region being a cold ocean. There are few deserts around the world thanks to the local lifeforms and their rapid decomposing abilities.

Denil Map

Map of Denil

Life on Denil’s surface is mostly plant-based with a few mammalian analogs living in the massive forests of the world. The planet’s sea life is mostly mammalian. When the life on Denil dies, it decomposes incredibly fast. Within minutes of death, the corpse is laid on the land or the shallow seafloor “…to be given back to Denil,” as the denizens of the planet say. Their bodies are an incredible source of fertilizer for both land and sea.

Despite millennia of searching, Denil is the first world to host two species of human-like intelligence. It was thought to be impossible, but the discovery of the planet proved them wrong.

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