Desalpine is a cool ice moon of the cold gas giant Tremarble which, in turn, is orbiting the Singinwish star that is located in Dynamire Galaxy galaxy. The moon contains unicellular lifeforms and it's name etymology comes from a combination of words "desolate" and "alpine".


As a moon, Desalpine is typically small and light, about two times than the Earth (even though Earth-sized object would make a decent moon for Saturn-like planet). It's got little to no axial tilt and is very cold. The atmosphere is largely carbon dioxide which allows for little warmth is secluded areas. Desalpine is tidally locked to Tremarble.


Desalpine is not inhabited by any civilization and due to it's life potential is essentially a wildlife preserve, even if it's for unicellular organisms. The observation is carried out by small drones which visit most life-inhabited planets in the Dynamire galaxy.


Desalpine's microorganisms are located in various parts on the planet but always under the glacier. Their size varies wildly even among the same species. The cavities which certain microorganism groups inhabit develop unique coloring.

Further elaboration on the organisms will be added later.


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