The Di'Vaornians are an aerial species native to the ice giant planet Di'Vaorna, located in the Silver Halo Galaxy. They are one of the founding members of the Silver League.

Physical Body

Resembling the Humans from the planet Earth, they have four limbs, two arms and two legs. As their home world doesn't have landmasses, they evolved a set of wings, spanning four meters from each end. Claws on their feet and hands help them hang on to other species, particularly ones that grew to several miles wide.

Protruding from their chin is a short but lethal horn, which is used to kill their prey. When they seek a mating partner, they will reveal the underpart of the chin, which reveals a distinct pattern on their skin. Depending on how strongly the colours have come through is a rough sign of their age, and so fourth, the mating partner will respond.

Di'Vaornians have no gender. Therefore, when a potential partner has been found, they perform a dance to trigger a chemical reaction.


Having no concept of gender, they always promoted equal treatment of each individual for millennia, no matter what the differences were. For a couple hundred years, Di'Vaornians from the lower parts of the atmosphere were discriminated, primarily because of their lack of access to outer space. Laws were eventually enforced that criminalised all forms of discrimination, and the true growth of the species into outer space began.

Racing is a popular sport among the Di'Vaornians. As they can travel at incredible speeds, they hold annual race events from the core of the planet to the upper part of the atmosphere. Whoever reaches the finishing line first, wins a prize of their choosing.

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