Di'hwaj (1)

Homeworld of the Sood Keueitt and candidate for the First Civilization homeworld.

With a diameter of only 8132.1 km, the gravity on this temperate E-Class world is low, only 0.6 G. Because of its low gravity, the atmospheric pressure is also low at 0.4. despite its semimajor axis nearly identical to earth at 0.997 AU, its year length is only 291.9 days and it has a day length of 20 hours and 51 minutes. Its mean temperature is -17.98 °C.

Di'hwaj (2)

Di'hwaj with the Carina Nebula in the background.

As the planet and the system are over 9.5 billion years old it has gathered a large number of moons, a total of seven captured asteroids and one selena. It is located a mere 230 light years from the Carina Nebula. It is part of a binary star system (RS 8412-1357-6-112238-1018 in 9.7.3). The stars are so close that they eclipse each other regularly, causing the days to dim and brighten occasionally.

Di'hwaj (3)

Di'hwaj Map

Most animals on the planet are avians due to the lower gravity. The planet has more land than ocean and has large polar ice caps. The planet has a supervolcano near its equator that has erupted 13,000 years ago, while still warm, has since filled with water and hosts a unique biology.

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