Dialapse Extraction is a mostly human multi-national mining and extraction corporation that operates several million large scale mining operations, purification facilities, and shipment depots headquartered on the moon Yui in the Milky Way. The company was founded by the human Daryl Hatch in 2075 CE and incorporated shortly thereafter in the same year.

As of this year, it has operations in the majority of states within the CoB as well as significant operations in the Commonwealth and Saka-Lowuks Entente.

Dialapse is the second largest company by revenue, only being beaten out by Tundra Inc. The company is the largest mining company within the Local Universe as of 199975 when it united with Glittering Extraction Corporation. However, it is short of a monopoly in the market by almost 71%.

Dialapse was owned by the Takanashi Family for most of it's history, only becoming an independent entity during the Noble Crisis. It was seized by a minor group in the conflict which supported Yuuta Takanashi IX as the head rather than Ayumi III or Chika I (the two most popular candidates). They were of little importance in the crisis, so they went undetected until, with the help of The State of Tenshi, they managed to break away from the Family.

This group still refers to themselves as "Takanashis," but are not truly members of the organization for obvious reasons. As such, they are usually referred to as the "Dia-Takanashis." The Dia-Takanashis own about fifty percent of the company themselves.

Currently, the Takanashi Family only owns about one percent of the stock in the company. The rest is owned by various prominent individuals. The company has ties to The Furukawa Synergy as well as the Sakagami House, making it a point of contention between the three organizations.

Current Operations

The Confederacy

The company operates mostly within the CoB, and has been investing septillions into expanding into some of the further states and regions within the nation. As for influence in this nation, it has as much influence as would expected for a nation of this size. It usually lobbies for less government relaxation of various mining related regulations. Which is very typical for corporations of it's size.

The Dia-Takanashis themselves also don't have nearly as much influence as their ancestors. They don't have much interest in acting like nobility, seizing power by any means necessary, or really anything besides making money using ethical methods (almost an entirely alien concept to many of the other noble houses and families)

Operating Divisions

  • Dialapse Exotic
    • Harvests naturally occurring Exotic matter as well as purifies it.
  • Dialapse General
    • Harvests various metals, gases, and organic substances that are as of yet impractical to create entirely using synthetic means.
  • Hatch Shipment Services
    • Hatch Shipment Services is a subsidiary of the company named after Daryl Hatch, the founder. It usually ships the various materials mined by the company. It also provides cargo services to various other companies and nations as well.

The Commonwealth

Dialapse has had business within the Commonwealth almost ever since the Commonwealth was discovered by humans during the Fornax War in 15504 CE. The company was able to supply some materials to the Commonwealth, even though the quantity of those materials were very small until after the 30 millennium.

Currently, the company only operates in the closest states to the Confederacy, as competition in the farthest states prevents them from operating there.

The Sakagami House

The relationship with the Saka-Lowuks Entente and the Sakagami House is a bit more contentious than with any other organization. While when the company first became independent, the relationship was based entirely on the two both being opposed to the Takanashis. Their relationship soon soured when the company refused to be bought out by the Sakagami House.

The only reason that Dialapse is permitted to operate within the Entente is because the Sakagami House does not have absolute power there. It is very popular with companies there, so banning them would likely cause economic damages.

The State of Tenshi

Tenshi is the closest ally to the Dia-Takanashis. It has done almost everything in it's power to maintain the independence of the company. The reason for this is to keep both the original Takanashis and the Sakagamis in line so neither one becomes too powerful.


The Corporation was founded in 2075 by Daryl Hatch on Luna. It was one of the first human mining companies, but was soon competing with hundreds of companies and even governments vying for superiority.

Its revenue started high, but gradually diminished as demand for materials fell. It secured a contract to share the moons of Uranus with another mining company in 2121 CE. Although not ideal, this did provide a major source of materials for Kuiper Belt colonization.

It managed to not be bought out or dissolved for millennia until finally being purchased by the Takanashi Family in 10245. Dialapse was not nearly as valuable or powerful as many of the other mining corporations that existed, but it was decently wide spread and proved to be the best option for the Family.

It remained a small and minor part of the family all the way until the Noble Crisis, when a small splinter group from the Takanashi Family became an independent organization taking Dialapse with them.

The Dia-Takanashis

"Dia-Takanashi" is the most common term to describe the group which owns the company. While technically classified as nobility, they don't behave much differently than any other wealthy family. They own about 71% of the company with the rest being owned by various other individuals.

The Dia-Takanashis still identify as a part of the family, often times calling themselves the "rightful fragment" of the family.

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