Divaukta ( RC1) is a cold titan moon in the Prinimius system, located along the outer edge of the Omega Centauri globular cluster. Divaukta is the homeworld to the Gyaeti, a diverse and advanced civilization. While having a negative initial interaction, Divaukta is now a close ally of the Centauri Confederacy.


Divaukta was discovered by human colonists in 9188 CE. The colonists, dispatched by the rapidly-growing Centauri Confederacy, were seeking new worlds to spread the Confederacy too. The Prinimius system came into attention almost immediately upon the 9188 discovery of Aihute, an Earth-sized desert planet suitable for terraforming and settling. Prinimius quickly gained popularity as small asteroid outposts and an Aiuhut space station attracted a significant amount of government and private individuals.

In the earliest weeks of 9189, the Centauri Confederacy commissioned a small exploratory fleet to survey the entire system. It was during this survey Divaukta, a moon of the gas giant Aponivi, was hinted to be the host of an alien civilization. While a probe was conducting radio scans of Divaukta's surface, it detected a very brief but powerful interference originating from both the north and south poles of the moon.

The find came as a surprise, since no signals were at all detected to be emitted from the moon prior. It became a widespread idea that the interference was simply a hardware malfunction, but many believed a civilization existed. After a series of debates between government legislature and private parties, it was decided an alien civilization was present; however, the lack of any signals detected afterward meant was either a Type-0 civilization or it was unwilling to communicate with humanity. Thus, contact was immediately forbidden. This caused controversy among the Centauri population. Many spoke out how, since they were not the Confederacy of Humanity, the Centauri Confederacy did not need to follow the rule of the Contact Directive. Furthermore, many individuals believed that becoming allies with the civilization and sharing knowledge with them could only be mutually beneficial. More debates were arranged, and it was ruled that the Contact Directive would be discontinued and that contact with the Gyaeti would be made promptly.

The first attempt was planned to replicate the prior radio signals. In June 9189, colonists sent an unmanned probe into low orbit of Divaukta. A steady "hello" message was transmitted towards the surface. However, even after days of continuous operation, no response was detected.

Steadfast in their journey discover a civilization, colonists touched down two shuttles on the north and south poles of Divaukta. The landing parties noticed absolute desolation, and the regions of the poles thought to be the approximate sources of the initial signal were found to be completely barren. Nevertheless, the shuttles relaunched and flew in separate directions, one traveling further north and the other south. Hours later, the southern shuttle reported sigthings of faint lights along the horizon. What was soon seen was a large city half-buried into the surface. The shuttle landed along the rim of the city and was quickly approached by dozens of alien figures. A variation of Xeno was developed, and contact was finally made.

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