Dr. Boothe Edway was a prominent scientist on Earth in the 9900s, and was one of the scientists working on the Wormhole Drive.  He was born in 9860, the son of two famous astronomers, Micheal Edway and Paulie Masard.


Edway grew up in what was called the American Midwest, in the shadow of one of the world's greatest telescopes, the 20-mile-wide UltraEye.  Funded by the Confederacy of Humanity, this gargantuan telescope has one mission, to find other alien worlds.  Edway grew fascinated with space at the age of 2 because of this telescope, and always looked up at the stars at night with a holochart, learning their names.  It seemed like he would follow in the footsteps of his famous parents, but life had in store for him a different path.

At the cusp of Edway turning 5 years old, his parents died in a horrible shuttle crash wilst returning from an orbiting Earth station.  This caused him to lapse into a deep depression, because he knew his parents would never see their dream come true.  It was known in astronomy circles that they were trying to think of a way to surpass warp drive to get to far-flung locales, since frankly "warp drives are just too danged slow".  But it seemed their dream died with them.  

Undetered, Edway went to go live with his grandfather until he too died.  He was old enough at this point to go to school.  But he did not choose astronomy as a calling.  Surprising everyone, the son of the two late astronomers chose the Science field.  Asked why he did, he gave a cryptic answer - "We need to go faster."  People thought he meant to design a faster sublight propulsion drive.  What he really meant was to help invent an entirely new method of travel.

Early Adulthood

At the age of 25, Edway graduated from the orbiting College of Sciences, specializing in engineering.  He didn't have to wait long to find a job, as nearly the entire graduating class got drafted almost immediately to a top secret project, codenamed "Speed Demon".  To the graduating class, this project was kept extremely secret, and each person was given a tiny piece of the entire project to prevent the whole thing from being leaked.  This research took place in an orbiting station far beyond the orbit of the moon, and definately beyond the standard orbit for stations.  As it was here that top-secret research was being carried out on the Wormhole Drive, and if it was leaked into the wrong hands, everyone on that station feared what could happen.

Middle Adulthood

Wormhole 3109259a

A somewhat oversimplified diagram of a wormhole. They bridge the gap between folds of space-time.

So, it stayed secret to the graduating class until around the year 9902, when the true magnitude of what they all were working on became revealed.  Edway, at this point was 42 years old, and was leading the charge on cracking the secrets of wormholes, and how to harness them.  In 9024, they finally generated a stable wormhole in a specialized chamber within the station.  It dissipated 2 weeks later when the station batteries, not designed to withstand the load, exploded from the immense electrical fields required to keep it stable.  Thankfully the explosion was extremely localized and repairs took only 2 weeks.  Edway, who was at this point 64 years old and nearing retirement, was chosen to lead the final push to figure out how to get this prototype technology onto a starship, and a computer powerful enough to run it.  Software engineers were tasked to modify an existing software program that had existed for millenia; SCART.

Old Age

The year, 9950.  Edway, who was 90 years old had since retired from working on the Wormhole Drive.  A young 22-year-old intern had taken his place and seemed to be doing as well as he did when he was younger.  SCART had been modified by this point, and a computer was found to run it, as well as a ship was found with an extremely powerful core.  The Wormhole Drive was finished by this point, but it wasn't until 2 years later that it was sucessfully demonstrated in front of billions of people.  Edway, who had seen his parents dream from conception, to completion was understandably proud.  He watched as the ship chosen dissapeared from view.  Around a minute later, the crew came on the view screen, stating they had successfully jumped to somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy, and were heading home.  Another minute later, and the ship re-appeared in front of the cheering crowd.

Finally, something faster than Warp Drive had been invented, and the technology proved very profitable to drive dealers.  As for Edway, he and his team recieved the highest honor a civilian science team could be bestowed - the "Lifetime Achivement Award for the furtherment of Humanity", but at the gathering it was simply renamed to the "Edway Award".  A lifetime of work had paid off hugely, and Edway's parents, wherever they were, could be at peace.


Boothe Edway died in his sleep in 9961, at 101 years of age.  He was found by a small station crew dispatched for a well-being check, and was determined to have suffered a cardiac arrest.  His funeral was attended by so many people, another station was required to handle the overflow and was streamed live to both stations.  In his will which was read, his last request was to be "Buried at Sea, among the Stars.  for I have touched Them."  In keeping with his final wish, a modified torpedo was prepared (it had to be disarmed first), hollowed out to just contain the propulsion system, after which his coffin was placed inside.  Before firing, the station admiral said "Fare thee well, and may you fly amongst these stars for etrernity, the very stars you have helped Humanity reach.  You shall not be forgotten."

He was fired in the general direction of the Pleiades star cluster, and has been estimated to arrive there sometime in the 860,000s.  A fitting end, to a scientist who worked so hard to further Humanity down a path of discovery.  He was never married, some would say "he's married to his work", and never even had a significant other.  All he cared about was Humanitys place among the stars.


  • While editing, I always typed EdWIN, instead of EdWAY. I have no idea why.
  • This was inspired by the name I gave my moon around Kerhb
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