The Draco Dwarf Galaxy is a very small galaxy orbiting the Milky Way. It is home to a large quality of Dark Matter, and as such colonization has been small.


The galaxy is home to very old stars, with the average age around 10 Billion Years. Due to this age, habitable planets are uncommon.

Dark Matter

The galaxy has a very large proportion of dark matter ( It actually does ), which is so far unexplained. ( and, i mean, how do i write about an unexplained material? )


After the discovery of Wormholes, visits were attempted. after extensive exploration, almost no habitable planets were identified. However, a planet in isolation of other habited planets is not very desirable. Due to this, the population of the entire galaxy is less than 1 million, mainly populated by merchants ( as certain wormholes pass through here ) and pirates, due to the wormholes and the lack of much opposition.

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