Drodon's Star (formerly, RS 8474-1353-6-170491-533) discovered in the year 2,223 CE in the Milky Way.


Drodon's Star

This star is approximately 1249.77 lightyears from Sol and has 7 planets, none of which have life.

Sonj is the first of these planets. It is a burning hot selena with 4 asteroid moons going around. It is tidally locked, therefore one side is scorching hot, while the other is much colder.


Sonj, 1st planet from Drodon's Star

The second closest planet, Krogga, recognized for its incredible and unusual yellow-green color. It with 7 asteroid moons, Is also close to Drodon's Star, and is a scorched planet.


Krogga, second planet from Drodon's Star

Bazz, the third planet from Drodon's Star, is a warm desert, known for its mysterious purple spots. It has no moons and not else much is known about it.


Bazz's beautiful terrain featuring one of its purple spots.

Croosch, The next planet is a beautiful but lifeless oceania. It has 19 moons, most of which are asteroids, but three are massive enough to be a spherical shape.


Croosch during a rare phenomenon. Two of its large moons are aligned.

The fifth planet from Drodon is Plick and has a relatively large moon called Cucho. Plick is a selena and is dense enough so that it doesn't form a binary system with its giant moon. Plick is a scientific wonder and must have a high metal composition.


Harx is the second to last planet, with 25 moons it is a cold ice giant. The only one in the system


Harx with its first dwarf moon.

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