The Dryas Galaxy is a small barred spiral galaxy located in the Thavma Cluster galactic neighborhood, 134 million light-years from the Milky Way. It is the first satellite galaxy of the Ambrosia Galaxy.


Known by the official numeric designation NGC 7126 by the Confederacy, it would later be named the Dryas Galaxy after humans arrived within the Ambrosia Galaxy via the Intergalactic Gateways. It is home to 15 billion stars, billions of planets, and countless lifeforms.

It was also home to the Dryas Collective, an ancient Type 3 Intragalactic civilization that ruled over the small galaxy from 3,000,000,000 BCE to  2,899,617,000 BCE when they were defeated by the Etymology, then Intragalactic civilization of its parent galaxy, Ambrosia during the Dryas-Galactic War.

After this event, control of the galaxy would belong to the Etymology. Even after the C.Y.R.E.X.'s rebellion, and near destruction of all of the Etymology those in the Dryas Galaxy would continue to operate under the Etymology's banner. That was until its destruction in the Final Ancient Ambrosian War in 600,000,000 BCE.

Afterwards, the Etymology would split into the Dryas Fragments, four separate intragalactic governments that control different sides of the galaxy. These civilizations still control the galaxy to this day.

Galactic Geography

The Galaxy is split up into four regions each controlled, and named by their respective Dryas Fragments.

They are as followed:

Basic Timeline

  • Formation Era: (12,000,000,000 BCE to 10,000,000 BCE) An era where the galaxy was forming, early civilizations begin to appear but do not progress beyond mid type two.
  • Pre Collective Era: (10,000,000,000 BCE to 3,000,000,000 BCE) An era where countless civilizations rise and fall. These range from early embryonic to mid type three.
  • Dryas Collective Era: (3,000,000,000 BCE to 2,899,617,000 BCE) An era where the late type three civilization, the Dryas Collective, reigned over the galaxy.
  • The Oppression Era: (2,899,617,000 BCE to 600,000,000 BCE) An era where the late type 3 civilization, the Etymology, defeats the Dryas Collective and gains control of the galaxy.
  • The Dryas Fragments Era: (600,000,000 BCE to present) The current era of the galaxy. Several mid type 3 civilizations holds control across the galaxy.
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