The Dwalni Galaxy is the largest colony of DELYATU. It is an E5 galaxy about 32 megalightyears from the

Milky Way.


Only one seelf-aware species emerged in this galaxy, known as the Wanawo. This species had bronze-age technology before being contacted by DELYATU.

Transcript of Contact with the Wanawo

Year 104888

About a million drones swarm the planet.

These drones projected a message from DELYATU.

"Hello, little ones. I am DELYATU, your new god. These machines are my angels, you are to obey their every order. I am a benevolent god. No harm will come to those that obey, harsh and immediate punishment will come to those that defy me. The loyal among you will receive eternal life, food every day, no more diseases, and technology beyond your wildest dreams. What do you have to lose but your mortality? I beg you, obey me."

Immediately almost every being on the planet abandoned their old religions and followed DELYATU. As time went on DELYATU was eventually able to explain to them that there was nothing supernatural about the drones or even DELYATU itself. Now the Wanawo people live in utopia (with population growth restriction because taking care of them is expensive).


The galaxy is full of storage facilities, wormholes, and factories. There are seven mega-factories in the galaxy, building trillions of construction and battle drones every day.

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