The Dzar-Nawi Galactic Entente, (DNE) often referred to as Nik'Sint-Unt (Miniscule One) by Commonwealth citizens, and Little E Confederate citizens, is a relatively small, 115 galaxy-sized fascist state located entirely inside of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations.

The Dzar-Nawi Galactic Entente is quite infamously known throughout the Borealis Cluster as being a tough and annoying nuisance, which is derived by its fascist nature. Its military is also quite large for its size, making a potential invasion from any other similarly-sized nation very difficult. Luckily, the only other notable nations nearby are The Commonwealth, and The Confederacy. There are many Type-0 to Type-2 nations near Dzar-Nawi, but they almost all of them are under protection by The Commonwealth.

Currently, the DNE has countless Type-2 and Type-3 objects, which fuel its slightly increasing energy needs. Dyson swarms and star lifters are commonplace.


The territory of the DNE is largely contested between them and The Commonwealth, with many valuable galaxies being locked away from the DNE. This has made them quite belligerent with The Commonwealth. They have demanded on multiple occasions that they give them the galaxies they want, or face 'purification'. These threats have been received emptily by The Commonwealth.

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