The Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction, (Often shortened to DNF) was a relatively small, 115 galaxy-sized fascist state located entirely inside of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations.

The Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction was quite infamously known throughout the Centaurus Supercluster as being a fascist nation, who committed many atrocities in the past. Its military was also quite large for its size, making a potential invasion from any other similarly-sized nation very difficult. Rather unfortunately for them, their greed for a better military caused their downfall.

There used to be many sub-galactic nations inside the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction, most of which were sterilized by the desperate genocides that they have committed against them. These happened in order to keep a false sense of superiority in the DNF.

The DNF had countless megastructures around many stars, as a result of its limited space. Star lifting across many systems directly resulted in many species going extinct, which the DNF didn't care for. The DNF also violated First Contact Protocol, as well as the Species Protection Act, carelessly constructing megastructures anywhere they wanted. The Nawians also colonized worlds with pre-existing civilizations on them, with little hospitality for the natives.


Ever since the Nisrine War, knowledge about the nawian homeworld of Mor-Tibv has been slowly leaked to the public. Talks and rumors about mass prisons, 're-education camps', and a crude 'credit system' are known about Nawian planets as of 200000 CE. Many low-quality pictures of the planet-wide cities are also shown, with many 'sectors' containing very tall and structurally unsound complexes. Images of the ground show a very broad diversity, primarily with Nawian citizens in a select citizen uniform. Some Nawians in the pictures had their own clothing on, which likely signified a status of wealth.

Cities on Nawian planets were quite unusual compared to other major empires. There were many tall and haphazardly placed buildings, likely constructed only for the purpose of housing citizens. Food bays with 100% artificial 'food cream', as well as some freeze-dried foods were present, dispensed one at a time as a way to provide sustenance.


On the planet of Mor-Tibv, however, the cities were described as very elegant. All people on Mor-Tibv were Nawian, and also of a very high monetary class. Many places of luxury were present, with no jobs existing other than high governmental jobs. This is likely because of the mass slave labor that they employed in order to punish 'undesirable' species.


The territory of the DNF was largely contested between them and The Commonwealth, with many valuable galaxies being locked away from the DNF. This event usually made them belligerent with The Commonwealth, to an extent of attempted wars. They used to demanded on multiple occasions that they give them the galaxies they want, or face 'purification'. These threats were received emptily by The Commonwealth, often times being mocked at.

The DNF, however, was shown that they were quite serious about these statements. Many attempts to invade Commonwealth Space was shown in the past, some of them being minor victories. Most of them, however, led to them being pushed back to their borders, with many surrenders being issued.


In the past, the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction has committed countless cleansing events on many worlds. Many of these were indirect, simply as a result of the construction of Dyson Spheres or Star Lifters. Most others were carried out manually by Nawian ships, where bombardments of planets were commonplace in order to keep citizen hopes and morale high.

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