The Ealigs are a cyborg species that originated in a distant galaxy until a galactic merger forced them to escape and occupy Oltrana. Most of their lives are spent using virtual reality, where they experience serenity and explore the Universe freely.

They do not claim any particular planet to be their home, although their colonies in Oltrana congregate towards the galactic center. Their current galactic population is around 6 quintillion, with about 3 billion citizens inhabiting major colonies.

Physical Description

The Ealigs appear as strong and tall humanoids with pale-yellow skin. Their cybernetics allow them to live forever, detecting and eliminating any diseases. Offspring are fitted with a life support machine at a few years old, after they essentially seperate from their parents. In case of injuries, the injured part of the body is replaced with a cybernetic limb. Their voices are not altered and remain as high pitched as usual. 

Without their life support, they can live up to a maximum of 50 years.

As they transitioned into cyborgs, reproduction became an issue. They now use ectogenesis - growing offspring inside an artificial womb. Due to strict laws, every Ealig is allowed only one child in their lifetime. 


When the galactic merger occured around 10 billion years ago, they sprung into action and tried to keep their colonies together. As they drifted into intergalactic space with a rogue group of stars, they put themselves into deep hibernation on large starships. The ships were installed with artifical intelligence, programmed to navigate the small galaxy and wake up the hibernating citizens after 10 billion years. They awoke to find the galaxy buzzing with civilisations and began to colonise as many planets as they could. They strayed into numerous conflicts but remained intact nonetheless. They established the Collective Ealig Systems, a network of colonies across the galaxy. 

The Intergalactic Confederacy are aware of the Ealigs, however, they choose not to interfere in case they accidentally blunder into war, the same fear that leads the Ealigs to avoid alien contact.

As of present day, Ealig society is classless and they all work towards keeping their existence as peaceful and serene as possible. They elect a new leader every 50 years. 

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