Eater of Planets is very destructive spaceship designed by Xamirians. It has enough power to destroy entire planet.


It was designed after colonisation of Xamir 9 and many other planets, but before designing Wormhole Process. Now Xamirians have over 1000 Eaters of Planets. They were mostly used to destroy homeworlds of races that wants to attack Xamirians.

Destroying a planet

Eater of Planets is like colosal moving space station. It's equiped in Antimatter Laser. It is colosal generator of anti-atoms. Beam of antimatter moves through the planet to it's core. When it will be destroyed, the planet will simply lose gravity. Then the beam makes very strong shockwave that can destroy planet from inside in colosal explosion. But after destruction of planet Eater of Planets will be damaged. Antimatter Laser loads a few hours, so it can be easily destroyed during this time. That's why this weapon is not destructive agains very intelligent races like humans.

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