Ebriea is an O-Class planet with 1 moon orbitint the star Zus. It is located within the Sagoona Galaxy.


Situated surprisingly close to its host galaxy's central black hole, it was discovered accidentally by intergalactic probes that were taking time lapse photographs of the black hole devouring a rouge planet.

The planet is completely covered by oceans which are a bit more acidic than Earth. Many places are shallow but deeper trenches and abysses do exist, which are much less explored than the trenches of our planet. Seafloors are coated liberally with growths of algae, much of it being fibrous slime and scum, but in areas of higher productivity, branching seaweed-like forms are quite common, some kinds are even calcified like the coralline seaweeds of earth. The oceans here are rich in oxygen, but the atmosphere is much poorer in oxygen than present-day Earth. The planet's wildlife is absolutely rabid, but have a fairly familiar biochemistry. So much so, that many are edible and even quite palatable. Rich earthlings in this day and age can try this for themselves in restaurants, as current aquaculture practices raise them fairly well.

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