Edana is the temperate E-class homeworld of the Shevins.


Located in the Sagittarius dwarf Spheroidal galaxy, this planet is the fourth from its parent star, Aya and is orbited by 11 moons, all being asteroids. The planet has a relatively short day, lasting 15 hours and 52 minutes while a year lasts 331.617 days. Its atmosphere is 98.9% Carbon dioxide and 0.83% Oxygen along with trace amounts of other gases.


Edana is covered by a single supercontinent that virtually spans the planet, with the oceans cutting in and forming small seas. This made migration quite easy for early Shevins due to the sheer amount of land.

Edana is pretty much a paradise, featuring vast countrysides, large canyons, scenic mountain ranges and expansive forests inhabited by all sorts of fascinating wildlife. Huge colorful reefs can be found in the seas, housing all sorts of diverse aquatic life.

The cities on Edana can be described as marvelous, consisting of high golden "spiraling" towers, pointy silvery skyscrapers and glorious yet alien-looking architecture that comes in all shapes and sizes. All Shevin cities have lots of green areas, in order to keep the environment healthy, similar to cities on Earth. A lot of their buildings have fractal shapes in them as well, which adds to their alien and otherworldly look. There are also cities located underwater in massive domes as well as some smaller towns floating in the sky.

Ancient, grand temples dot some of the valleys, left behind from past Shevin civilisations. Other structures include ancient obelisks and eroded sculptures of their previous gods.

The skies of Edana are deep blue, with its asteroid moons appearing as dots slowly moving across it.


The Shevins were discovered by the Confederation of Cerberus in 5483 when an alien Dyson Swarm was discovered surrounding a small star. Because of how peaceful this race seemed, contact was made and the Shevins soon became close allies of Humanity and Xa'Thins.

Overtime, the Shevins have since expanded and control a much larger area of their galaxy, having become a thriving mid type 2 civilization.


The Shevins are a peaceful race, and had already colonised a 60-70 lightyear radius when first discovered. Modern culture on Edana is one that endorses creativity, entertainment and development.

While Edana us currently unified, a few independent cultures still exist on the planet though the keep to themselves.


Edana is older than Earth at around 5.9 billion years, having formed in a stellar disc of gas and dust that surrounded Aya during its infancy. After its formation, it began collecting left over asteroids which still orbit the planet to this day.

Unlike most E-class worlds, life on Edana was brought to the planet by asteroids containing microorganisms, 4.9 billion years ago.

Complex life evolved around 2 billion years ago and the Shevins evolved around 4 to 5 million years ago, starting out as hunter gatherers before migrating and becoming Edana's dominant species.

Early Edana was a hot and misty world with more violent weather, long before multicellular life evolved.

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