Inhabitants of planet Oonik’uuwo.

Physical Description

About the size of a baby dolphin, these creatures resemble terrestrial lizards of all things.  They breath underwater much like fish do and eve had three pairs of fins which they use for swimming. Their front feet have four digits and the back feet have three toe-like appendages. They have large tails much like a beaver.

They have eyes on the sides of their head and a large mouth. They have no noses as they “smell” with their front fins. They peak by song and possibly some form of telepathy. They are a very intelligent race.


The Eeruu, as they have no land, have a somewhat united world government at this point in time. They are just now beginning to explore what is beyond their planet, having just launched their first artificial satellite. They’ve had to build floating surface launch sites. They have not been able to make a telescope big enough to be able to see the planets orbiting their nearest star but they are almost positive that there are planets.

They are a largely ideal Communistic society, working to benefit everyone. Everyone is equal in their eyes.

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