The Egan System is a large binary star system situated inside an irregular galaxy. It is orbited by an orange dwarf and red dwarf, nicknamed Egan A and Egan B respectively. They are orbited by five other planets, the closest being Delgan, the only planet to support life, and the furthest being the ice-covered world Otan.


It was explored through manned and unmanned missions by the Igans, originating on the planet Delgan. Most of the planets and moons were colonised within five centuries and nearly two centuries later, they sent the first interstellar probes beyond the star system.

The closest star system to the Egan System is another binary system but composed of two red dwarves. There is only one rogue planet between these two systems, which is a large, ringed gas giant believed to have once been part of another star system billions of years ago.

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